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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:31 pm 
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As the title alludes to this is a Christmas story. So I'm pretending it gets cold, snows, and people celebate Christmas in Konoha. There will be twelve short stories about various characters in Konoha, and the time frame is set about the time of the fillers in the Naruto anime. I have tried to my best ability to keep the all characters in characters as possible and I don't severly deviate their personalities.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my stories. If you like them PLEASE either post what you thought of them or PM me. It would be much appriciated and would motavate me to make more and make them faster. Anyways thank you again and if you like them tell your friends.


Current Updates: 11/29/06

1. Shikamaru/How Troublesome
Part 1: 1st Page 2nd post
Part 2: Not done yet

2. Ino/Something Else: Not out yet
3. Sakura/Without you: Not out yet
4. Naruto/Hello and Goodbye: Not out yet
5. Jiraya/The babes of the season: Not out yet
6. Hinata/Hope: Not out yet
7. Kiba/Puppy Love: Not out yet
8. The Fifth/A Gamble: Not out yet
9. Not out yet
10. Not out yet
11. Not out yet
12. Naruto and Sakura/Reflection: Not out yet

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:32 pm 
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"Merry Christmas, I could care less." Yule Poke Your Eye Out by Fallout Boy


The First Day of Christmas

How Troublesome

A Shikamaru Tale

Part 1

It had just started to snow in the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha. It fell lightly and calmly on the now peaceful village, leaving a light blanket on rooftops. A chilly wind blew across the powdery snow and made it dance about the air, and swirl around those walking the streets.

Shikamaru walked along the street as the wind blew against his light red sweater under his green Chuunin vest. His usual face was in it’s usual half scowl as he was thinking about how his mother had made him wear the sweater. “It’s cold out now,” she had said, “And besides, green and red are Christmas colors.” She had said with her evil grin.

Shikamaru looked about at the various houses on the road to the Hokage’s place. Many houses had blinking lights of various colors strewn about almost randomly. Green wreaths of foliage adorned the houses and buildings. Ornaments were placed here and there as small children ran around with candy in their mouths. “How troublesome,” Shikamaru muttered to himself.

Shikamaru never liked this season. The snow was annoying and left footprints for people to easily find, and running on the houses made for treacherous footing. The lights and ornaments were annoying and troublesome to put up in his own home, and his Mother’s incessant baking just made the house smell. The holiday didn’t even make sense to him. Why were they even celebrating it anyway?

Eventually he wound up at his destination at the Fifth Hokage’s building. He climbed the long steps up into the main part of the structure. He looked around and saw the same lights and ornaments around the place, blinking and bringing in a false sense of cheer. Farther off in the sky dark clouds gathered together creating an odd forboding to the season. “Troublesome,” he again muttered in his mind.

Shikamaru entered and knocked on the large doors to the Fifth’s office. After here a ‘come in’ he opened the doors and proceeded through. Inside he saw the Fifth sitting at her desk with her assistant and pig to her right. At her left and woman in a heavy sweater leaned against the wall. “You called?” he stated blatantly. The cold somewhat affecting his mood.

The Fifth looked up from the paperwork on her desk and stared towards him. “Yes well, our ally from the Sand village Temari.” The Fifth pointed toward the girl and she stood up straight from her leaning and gave him a wry smile. The Fifth continued on, “Came here to deliver something but is unable to return at the moment because of the upcoming snowstorm.

Shikamaru’s patience was thinning, “Yeah, so what’s that got to do with me?”

The Fifth cleared her thought and began talking again, this time in a slightly irritated voice. “I was just getting to that. Because of this she will be staying in Konoha. But sense we figured it was the Christmas season and all that someone should show her around.”

Shikamaru was flabbergasted, “What!? You want me to take her out?” Only after he said those words had he wished he would’ve revised his sentence.

The Fifth grinned at him. “Precisely, now out you go I have work to do.” With that Temari grabbed Shikamaru around the neck and almost pushed him out of the office. The Fifth’s assistant Shizune turned to her and gave a baffled expression. “Tsunade-sama, you can be a bit evil at times.”

Tsunade took a swig of saki and went back to her work. “Nah, It’ll be good for them.”

A few moments later Shikamaru and Temari were walking down the street as the snow began to pick up slightly in anticipation of the upcoming storm. Shikamaru had his head flopped over in mock depression as Temari’s cool demener just took in the sights around her. After a while of muttering ‘how troublesome’ and ‘why me’ Shikamaru stood up straight and finally looked over to his companion.

Only now did he notice her heavy white fur coat that seemed little to keep her warm, as one woul expect of a desert dweller walking around in snow. Her short blond hair usually put up in four ponytails was draped about her head and blew about in the wind. Her face was slightly pale but held a good color of warmth beeath them. After a while Shikamaru realized he was staring and looked away as Temari turned to him.

“So where are we going?” she asked of her forced guide.

“How should I know.” He dragged his head, “I’m not exactly one for the season.” He put his head down again as they walked along. “What a drag. Why’d I have to get stuck with a girl?”

Temari half grinned at him because she knew the reason. She hit him on the head and asked him again, “So where are we going Mr. Troublesome?”

Shikamaru nursed his hurting head with his hand and looked around. “Well the only really speacial things happening now would be the Christmas display, the Theatures movie speacials, and I guess shopping.”

Temari perked up a little. “Then shopping it is. Lead the way.” Though she was a Sand Ninja, she was still a girl.

Shikamaru dreaded ever opeing his mouth. “What? How troublesome. Shopping with a girl. That’s the pits.”

Temari shoved him, “I said lead.”

Shikamaru said agitated,” Alright,alright.”

After a short walk they finally arrived at the main shopping street for Konoha, all decorated in it’s Christmas glory. To Shikimaru’s dismay Temari insisted on window shopping and going into several of the stores. After that Temari decided she was hungry and insisted that Shikamaru take her somewhere interesting. Shikamaru dragged along until he heard a familiar laugh.

Coming out of one of the stores with Choji in tow was Ino, Shikamaru’s teammate. Shikamaru attmpted to duck in to an ally to avoid her but Temari had earlier insisted on grabbing his arm to ‘make sure he didn’t run off on her.’ Ino swirled around in her dlue sweater and spotted them immediately. After a few seconds of surprise on her face it then changed into a sly grin and she quickly walked over to them dragging Choji along with her.

“Shikamaru! What are you doing here?” she had said with an odd tone in her voice. Choji just opened up a bag of chips and munched on them while watching the situation.

Shikamaru lazily spoke up, “A mission from the Fifth,” he enthesized, “I’m to show our ally her Christmas in Konoha.”

Temari gave another whry smile and giggled to herself. “Well you two have fun on your date.” And she walked quickly away with an amused Choji in tow.

Shikamaru hadn’t thought of it that way till now. Shock was on his face as he wondered if that was what the Fifth had had in mind. He pushed himself off of Temari, “Hey no. I am not on a date.”

Teamari his him again, “Of course not stupid. Just show me the next thing before I give you a reason to be worried.”

Shikamaru turned to face the way towards the Theater. A good movie he could sleep in would give him some time to think. As he turned away from Temari he missed the small frown she held there for a second.

The walk to the Theater was a quite one with the wind and snow picking up in ferosity as the sun began to set. Shikamaru randomly picked a movie and led them into it. Temari insisted on a place in the back corner away from the few people in there and Shikamaru thought nothing of it. The movie was some kind of tragic Christmas love story but neither of them were really paying attention to it as Shikamaru dozed off. Temari had come a long way to Konoha and though she would never admit it she herself was tired from the long day and found herself nodding off. The characters on the screen went on and on about nothing interesting and soon Temari had leaned her head over and fell asleep on Shikamaru. Neither of them flinched till the movie was about over.

Shikamaru was the first of the two up as the start of the credits rolled by. He was surprised when he found Temari leaning against his chest in a light sleep, and he thought to himself what a waste of money the movie had been. But as he looked at her for a little while he warmth on his chest gave him an odd feeling and he blushed slightly.

His sudden movement woke up Temari and she got up in a start as she realized where she had dozed off at. She got up quickly and walked out of the theater with Shikamaru lagging behind. When they were again outside she turned to look at Shikamaru. “So I guess the last thing is the Christmas display?”

Shikamaru looked to the sky and saw that it had gotten quite dark. But even with the darkness with all the colored lights on it was easy enough to see, besides they were ninja. Without saying anything he started in the direction of the display with Temari behind him.

Even though Temari had somewhat coxed this day into being, now, staring at Shikamaru’s back had her dismayed. What really had she thought would happened today, and why did she feel so disapointed at it. After all he was a Hidden Leaf Ninja and she was from the Sand village. Even if they were allies, even if. Her mind realed at the thoughts withing her as the snow picked up in it’s force.

Temari walked along in her thought not really noticeing the things around her. Shikamaru was wondering why she had been so quite right now compared to the rest of the day. A suddden gust blew by as Temari’s foot stuck a rock that had been hidden by the snow. She fell forwards right into Shikamaru’s arms.

They just stood that way for a time looking at one another. A slight blush across their faces at they stared into one anothers eyes. A feeling of warmth deep inside them as the chill in the air lightened a little. After a second they realized they had been standing there for to long and quickly backed away from one another in a slight gesture. Shikamaru turned away from here hiding his blush. “Um, it’s just a little farther this way.”

Teamari blushed as well and followed his lead, fealing a bit better about the day.

Thanks for reading, and please post or PM me what you thought if you want the next part sooner.

See you in heaven, one day.<br><br>*singing* Coke, Coke, Coke, Cherry Coke Coke Coke.<br><br>Read my comic Blues Rhapsody: Redux <a href='' target='_blank'></a><br><br>"Did I just kill a gay clown?" Yugioh: The Abridged version

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