Not only is there a Time Warp, there's also a Time Paradox!

The Great PV Time Warp Project is closed, hopefully forever. But you can still look at the threads for it here.
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Not only is there a Time Warp, there's also a Time Paradox!

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On my other forum, causing a paradox like that leads to winning The Game.
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Noooo not a paradox! Where's the Tardis?!
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Simsmagic wrote:On my other forum, causing a paradox like that leads to winning The Game.
...I just lost the game.

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Kaida wrote:Noooo not a paradox! Where's the Tardis?!

perhaps it has been used to cause the paradox! Like that one time the master used it to make a paradox machine!

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The Master didn't USE it. He butchered it.

Kinda like McFly butchered Don't Stop me now.
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...I just lost the game.

what game?

as for when the master butchered the tardis, when ever that comes on, My twin brother wants to rewatch it. As well as the episodes with the re-nirth of the cybermen, which he's seen like thirty times already.
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Ooh...I lost the game.

Aand, since auragongal asked, I have to answer.
You are always playing the game.
When you think about the game, you lose and you must tell someone that you have lost.
You cannot win the game (unless you're in a time paradox), only lose.

At least, that's how I play.
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I lost the game, thanks, Saber.

Ahem, back to buisness...
OH NO! Not a time paradox! X-(
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