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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:28 pm 
Blaziken Level 100
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Maybe I should have posted here earlier.

There seems to be a third-person speech theme here too...
Then I'll try too!

Puyon is a level 13 female. Puyon will be called Puyon. Puyon should post in other places. Puyon says hello, Puyon has ran out of things to say. So Puyon will end this post.


That awkward moment when all your attachments just die.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:43 pm 
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Kaida has already posted here. Kaida explains to Puyon that this thread was made durning the Week of Randomness, and most members posted on "Talk in 3rd person day".

However Kaida talks in 3rd person all the time because she finds it fun. ^_^

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:40 pm 
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Pikachu127 is an idiot. Pikachu127 will take a hiatus. Pikachu127 will try to return as a better person.

Mostly on Steam nowadays.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:36 am 

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We are best known as Woolim_Lewis, although we tend to use the nickname Will (Woolim is Lewis Lee) frequently. Yes, we have told many that we were born in Korea but we are not korean citizens. We like to use a mix of second-pov and first-pov.
We are 18-20 years old. Our real name is just Woolim Lewis Lee.

Translation of above into third tense:

Woolim and Lewis are best known as Woolim_Lewis, although Woolim and Lewis tend to use the nickname Will(Woolim is Lewis Lee) frequently. Yes, Woolim and Lewis has told many people that they were born in Korea but that they are not korean citizens anymore. They like to use a mixture of the second and first tense and rarely the third tense.
Woolim is 18 as of April 1. Lewis will be turning 20 on Dec27. Woolim's full name is Woolim Lewis Lee. Lewis's full name is Jaerim Louis Lee.

Translation of above into first tense:

Woolim: I am best known as Woolim_Lewis, or just Lewis, although my pen name is WiLL. I like to write a lot and have already published two books (not telling what they are though, hehe). Although I was born in Korea, I am not a korean citizen. I am, however a Canadian and reside in dormitory at University of Toronto. Jaerim is my older brother, but for some strange genetical reason, we have the exact same facial features so we are frequently mistaken for twins. He didn't want to make his own account and so I decided to create this one for the both of us. His english name is actually spelled Louis while mine is Lewis. Confusing?

Jaerim: I am Jaerim L. Lee. I hope my little brother didn't cause a lot of trouble by writing too much. I wrote this short bio of me from my dorm which is 30 min. drive away from my little bro's dorm. It's on notepad by the way. I will send this file on attachment to my bro so that he can put it on the pebbleversion forum. We both thoroughly enjoyed the comic and hope to keep reading more. I am 19. I am male and so is my bro. Thank you for generously giving up some of your precious time to read my bio. P.S. If you could not read mine due to my bro's exaggerated humour then please forgive him. He has much to learn from all of you.

Woolim: And that's it. I didn't really read my bro's part yet. Just copy and paste and done.

Lewis's favourite games: Pokemon Black (Korean Version.), Pokemon White(Korean version.), Pokemon HG, Pokemon SS, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon RBYG, Pokemon FR/LG/LY/HB, and all hacked versions of pokemon, zelda games, Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts games, Mario games, and most nintendo games...
Louis's favourite games: Chess, Backgammon, Poker, Mahjong, Baduk/Go, Shogi/Japanese Chess, Omok, Othello/Apple, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Monopoly, Operation, Pokemon The board game (haha, this is so 10 years ago), Trading Card games, Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, Sudden Attack, Counter Strike, All RTS and All FPS games.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:25 pm 

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I'm Tyrunt22, or MoogleGunner.
I am male.
I don't reveal my age.
Anyway, super nice to be here on the forums, excited to maybe win a contest!
See ya!

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