Zanther vs. ROM 4 Shauni
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Author:  shauni [ Fri Jun 01, 2007 4:17 am ]
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Shauni deflected the monster attack with her incoming Holy Draw attack, sending the energy produced towards the ground. The impact was immense. Shauni then leapt away from the two, and began to power up her daggers for one extreme ‘Holy Draw’ attack. Mirage leapt back also, after her attack had shown to be a failure. She recreated the shield to protect Shauni as she was currently vulnerable. The daggers meanwhile, continued there relentless barrage.

”Steel doesn’t get tired!” she yelled at Zanthor

Author:  Neo Zanther [ Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:49 pm ]
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"Yes but it can't attack what I can't see." Zanther begain to fade into the shadows again. Neocromancer still was just standing there. Moving was one thing it didn't do often.

"Now use Instakill on Shauni!" Zanther said from allover. Necromancer charged up a beam of energy and sent it at Shauni with Mirage protecting her. Shauni wouldn't be harmed by the attack but the effect can still affect her monster.

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