PVF RP Battles: Character Select Screen

If you want to fight with someone else RP style you can do it here.

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Re: PVF RP Battles: Character Select Screen

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I never really paid attention to this 'cause all I ever did was post in the Mega Battle Arena, and then after a while I stopped even that. So anyway, for future reference, here I am.

Name: Mandi
Age: 18
Race: Human
Weapon: ...a staff?
Abilities: As a Ragnarok Online Scholar, she has control over the four elements of fire, water, wind, and earth, plus ghost. She can also create Safety Walls that negate all physical damage.
Other: Has great resistance to magical attacks and can turn a magic-users own strength against him/her with Soul Burn. Can also render a magic user useless with Soul Exchange, or trap someone in place with Spider Web. Main form of offense is in raining bolts of the five elements she can control.

I have a ton of other characters listed on my siggy site, but I most likely won't be using them in the Mega Battle Arena. Consult my siggy site if you're interested in battling one of them, I suppose. Characters in 'dead' roleplays are still available.
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