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These cards follow the Ban/limited list of the Advance Format

1 Phoenix Wing: Wind Blast- This card is a great trap because of what it does, effect: discard 1 card to send 1 monster your opponent controls back to the top of his deck. - Now with that you could get rid of annoying facedown cards like grave squirmer or old vindictive magician.

2 Compulsary Evacuation Device- Similar to Phoenix wing but a little bit quicker, effect: return 1 monster on the field to the owners hand- now with this you can return your own monsters aswell good for using in the battle phase so that your opponent already selected an attack target and after it leaves the field the replay action doesn't occur.

3 Solemn Judgement- If you don't have 3 of these in your deck.. YOU'RE CRAZY this is the #1 form of negation sure the price is pretty steep but it's always worth it, effect: pay half your life points negate the normal/special/ flip summon of a monster and destroy it or negate a spell/trap from activation and destroy that card- Also sense this card is a counter and spell speed 3 it can stop anything. It can also stop the Summoning of stardust dragon and Jinzo.

4 Dark Bribe- Another good form of negation although it lets your opponent draw a card its also speed spell 3 so it can STOP solemn judgement, effect: negate the activation of a spell/trap card and destroy it, then your opponent draws 1 card.- very good against solemn and heavy storm, i wouldn't recommend running more than 2 though

5 Heavy Storm- Now we all know why this card is important even if it is limited, field reset is a key element in YGO, effect: destroy all spells and traps on the field- even though it destroys your spells and traps as well, it still wipes out your opponents spell/trap zone as well

6 Royal Oppression- Now this is a great card to run over special summons of things like stardust, although it's a double edge sword it can still be effective against everyone's favorite revival, monster reborn, effect: pay 800 life points to negate the special summon of a monster, either player can use this effect - now although both players can use it, it still has a cost, and being continuous, your opponent may over use it and end up winning the game for you.

7 Lightning Vortex- A deck without at least 1 copy of this is no deck at all, like what i said about heavy, field reset is important, effect: discard 1 card, destroy all face up monsters on your opponent's side of the field. this can kill annoying things like spirit reaper and marshmellon, its a solid spell to have.

8 Threatening Roar- now this is a good trap, prevents your opponent from conducting one of the most crucial phases, the battle phase, effect: Your opponent can not declare and attack this turn - this card locks down your opponent, especially if there using a beatdown deck, its probably one of the only solid normal traps

9 Mirror Force- Now we all know what this does and we all use it, if you don't, you probably have never won a game, effect: when your opponent declares an attack destroy all face up attack position monsters on the field, and negate the attack that the opponent declared. - Good prevention against most beatdown decks even though it is a limited card (you can only have 1 copy in the deck or side deck) it's totally worth it.

10 Mystical Space Typhoon- Although it isn't as powerful as heavy storm and that it is also limited, it still can be used on your opponent's turn and on your turn, and can still be activated when things like Jinzo and Royal Decree are on the field, effect: Destroy 1 spell or trap on the field - being spell speed 2 it can destroy annoying things like mirror force early if it's face down.

Now the last one isn't as good as the others but it should be at least sidedecked

11 Dust tornado- like mystical space typhoon it destroys spells and traps, but its secondary effect also lets you put down more spells and traps down and use them earlier, effect: destroy one spell and trap on the field, in addition you can set one spell and trap from your hand if there is any - Now that is a great way of getting other traps down to use on your turn such as jar of greed and other effects that activate on your turn. It's well worth putting in the side deck.

Notice that there are only set spells and traps because the monster build depends on the deck, For questions and opinions on cards post an argument or topic in a seperate post and i will answer you ASAP.

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