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Basic stuff you should read before posting anything.

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Basic Rules

Post by Josiah »

Ok, I'd like to welcome everybody to the Pebble Version forums. Basically talk, have fun, and all that stuff. Just some quick things first.
1: Please keep the forums PG rated. No swearing. Mild language is ok but only if it's not overused. If you want to talk about non PG subjects (within reason) there is a special section for that. PM me to request access.
2: No flame wars. If you disagree with someone do it in an intelligent and polite manner.
3: If you feel like critizing my (or any other) comic, don't just post something like "OMG this comic sux!!!" Give some decent reasons for the way you feel.
4: You can upload images to the forums if they're not too big. If they are, get an account with some place like ImageShack or PhotoBucket, upload them there, and use the Img button to add a link.
5: Don't bump threads older than two week unless you have something significant to contribute. For example, don't revive a thread just to say something like "That's cool!" or "I agree.".
6: When you're new to the forums please refrain from creating lots of new threads. There's a good chance that a thread already exists for whatever you'd like to talk about.
7: Please keep your messages easily readable. Correct spelling, grammer, and punctuation are always a good thing.
8: Anyone who joins the forums to advertise (this includes placing or hiding ads in intro posts) will be banned.

I don't want to ban anyone from the forums but it might happen. If someone behaves in a way that violates the forum rules (excessive swearing, flaming, sexual harrassment, etc) or anything else I deem inappropriate I will give that person a warning. If you if recieve two warnings and still persist with the offending action you will be banned so please heed any warnings you may recieve.

I think that covers it for now. Enjoy!

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