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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:01 am 
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This is an alternate universe from the original Bleach manga/anime. Therefore, none of the original characters will exist here. The same goes for the main storyline and all the plots. We will merely make something new up as we go along. First come, first serve, as far as positions are concerned. Nameless NPCs will fill in whatever we need them to.

Residents of the Soul Society/Seiretei -

1st Division:

2nd Division:
Captain: Shikishi Valinni

3rd Division:
5th Seat - Rem De Saverem

4th Division:
13th Seat - Kiku Suzume

5th Division:

6th Division:

7th Division:

8th Division:
Captain - Yume Mizuaki
Vice Captain - Tabora Roina

9th Division:

10th Division:
Captain - Capperroff

11th Division:
Captain - Kaoru Miyazaki

12th Division:

13th Division:



Residents of Hueco Mundo -

The Espada:

The Privaron Espada:


Residents of the Living World -

Here are my profiles to use as examples.

Name: Kaoru Miyazaki
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 21
Division: 11th
Rank: Captain
Former: Adjutant

Character Description:
Kaoru is around five feet and eight inches tall, and weighs only around one-hundred and thirty pounds. He has vibrant purple eyes and a long straight wave of purple hair that falls past his hips to match. His skin is almost translucently pale with no disfiguring marks to speak of. Aside from the usual shihakushou, he wears a white captains' haori with the emblem of the Eleventh division on the back. During missions, he ties his hair up in a ponytail so that the emblem is visible to all.

Bakkudou 61: Six Prison Rods of Light (Rikujyoukourou) - Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place.
Incantation: Carriage of thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six. (Raimei no basha, itoguruma no kangeki, hikari mote kore o mutsu ni wakatsu.)

Hadou 58: Orchid Sky (Tenran) — A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.

Special Abilities:
Complete mastery of Shunpou and a little of the Medical Arts.

Zanpakutou: Hanamaru [Ring of Petals]

Sealed Appearance:
In its sealed state, Hanamaru is basically a normal katana with a long silver blade that extends to over four feet long. The guard is fairly simple and the hilt is wrapped in a purple cloth.

Kaoru unleashes his Shikai with the command, “Blossom, Hanamaru.” His single katana multiplies into a set of twin black katanas that have slightly curved blades. Light wind currents seem to be generated from the swords and surround the blades.

Wind Blades:
When Kaoru swings his katanas, he can use the wind coming off of them to create serrated wind blades in the shape of purple crescent moons that are capable of cutting through solid matter and flesh. Using his reiatsu, he can increase the length and/or width of the wind blades.

Wind Current:
This allows the creation of a bow-like weapon from the two blades. By using his own reiatsu and psionics, he can create a purple drawstring that connects between the tip of each blade, essentially turning the weapons into a bow. While is this form, purple arrows of his own reiatsu are created and fired at an opponent, aided by his mastery of the wind. Kaoru can fire as many reiatsu arrows as he likes and make them as small or as big as he wants them to be.

Name: Shurotsuki Hanamaru [White Moon Ring of Petals]
Release Command: "Shine in the Heavens"
Kaoru's Bankai consists of his katanas transforming into twenty seperate blades, each in a different shape. Each blade is then enveloped in his spirit energy, which allows them to grow and expand until they have become much larger than before, about the height and width of a normal shinigami. When he sends them at an opponent, whether by his hand or mental command, if the blades sink into the target's body, he can increase their size, which can result in the victim losing a limb or even being cut totally in half.

Tornado of Swords:
Kaoru can create a massive tornado from the wind and his own reiatsu. Once the tornado forms, he throws as many of his blades into it as he wants and lets the storm of fast spinning swords ravage his target until he calls it off or the tornado is disrupted. Essentially, the attack is like a massive untamed blender.

Text Color: Indigo

Name: Rem De Saverem
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 15
Division: 3rd
Rank: 5th Seat

Character Description:
Rem is around five feet, four inches tall; fairly short for a shinigami. He is practically emaciated under his uniform, but never lets anyone see this. His hair is a dark raven black and doesn't get much longer than his ear lobes. Eyes of emerald are framed by the raven bangs. His skin is a sickly pale color, which has plenty of scars visible along his arms. The only noticable change that can be seen on his shihakushou is an emerald green obi that ties around his thin waist and hips.

Bakkudou 9: Geki (Hit!) - Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them for some time.
Incantation: Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! (Jikai seyo, rondanini no kuro inu! Ichidoku shi, yaki harai. Mizukara nodo o kaki kiru ga ii!!)

Hadou 31: Shakkahou (Shot of Red Fire) - Fires a ball of red energy at a target equal to Reiatsu used. Double damage if target is water based.
Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, The sea barrier surges, March on to the south! (Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshō, habataki, HITO no na o kansu mono yo! Shounetsu to sōran, umihedate sakamaki minami e to ho o susume yo!)

Hadou 33: Sokatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down) - Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to Hado 31, but over a wider area and with more power.
Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws! (Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshō, habataki, HITO no na o kansu! Shinri to sessei, tsumi shirame yume no kabe ni wazuka ni tsume o tate yo!)

Special Abilities:
Mid-level Shunpou and excellent skill in Kidou casting.

Zanpakutou: Sangure [Night Blood Beast]

Sealed Appearance:
A long thin black katana that appears to bleed continuously when it is drawn from its sheath. The hilt is wrapped in a vibrant red clothe. Its guard is somewhat larger than most and appears to be a pair of outstretched black bat wings.

The release command is, “Scream, Sangure.” Sangure morphs into a scythe that has a handle taller than Rem himself. The handle is pure black, and the curved blade itself, which measures over three feet long, is a deep blood red. Surrounding the blade is a red bloody mist.

Chinoumi [Sea of Blood]:
This ability causes the cloud of blood that surronds the opponent to suddenly start to condense, forming sharp blades which will then begin to skewer the opponent. Due to the mist, visibility and sight are obscured, lending to the chances that they will be impaled at least once, if not more.

Text Color: Red


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:02 pm 
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Name: Shikishi Valinni
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 18
Division: 2nd Division
Rank: Captain

Shikishi is small for her size, 5'2" tall, she makes it up with her strength. She weights 104 lbs. Her green eyes are the same color of her hair that has red highlights going straight down to the ground. She usually wraps it up in a cloth, that will not let it get in her way, unless she is fighting, she lets it all hang loose. She wears mostly red and has the seal of the 2nd division on the back for all to see if they are able to get past the hair. Her skin is smooth, but she has a few scars on her stomach from fights, and one on her check. She also has 4 tattoos on her back, all of them the same gold dragon, but they are running after each other in a clockwise direction.


Hadō 63 "Raikōhō" (Thunder Roar Cannon): Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.
Incantation: "Bone of a straggling beast, spire, crimson crystal, disc of steel, when the wind shifts, and the emptiness ceases, let the clash of lances resonate through the relinquished castle."

Hadō 90 "Kurohitsugi" (Black Coffin): Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition.
Incantation: None Listed, However this Kidō requires enormous amounts of reitsu power and skill. Only those at a Taichō/Fukutaichō level would be able to produce it with any success.

Special Abilities:
Complete mastery of Shunpou

Zanpakutou: Zangetsu [Cunning Moon]

In its seal state, unless its out most of the time, Zangetsu is a curved sword that has gold all around it. The hilt is a silver color and it reaches out to 5 feet. The hilt also has red gems all over it.

Shikishi unleashes her Shikai with the command, "Blood of Zangetsu." The single sword grows another 2 feet and the hilt makes it to where need both hands to hold onto. The gold dragons on her back come alive and are going everywhere the blade moves.

Golden Dragons:
When Shikishi moves the sword, the dragons will move. When close to someone they leash out with their claws.

Dragons Wrath Under the Moon:
(Just when the moon is out.) The dragons will turn a white color. With this, they move faster, causing more damage to their target.

Name: Zangetsu Shirotsuki [White Moon]
Release Command: "The moon will raise up to take the last deeds."
Shikishi's Bankai makes it where her hair and eyes glow a golden white color that makes her speed and attack increased to higher heights. Her blade now is 8 inches long and it glows with hot reds, white, and gold. When she slashes at an opponent, the dragons will slash and destroy anything in their paths.

Flames of Internal Destruction:
Shikishi releases a hot flame that will heal any other Soul Reaper, and will bring them back to life if killed. On an opponent, it consumes them in fire and the gold dragons will leach out to burn them up more.

Text color: Blue

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:53 am 
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(Previous participants in the last Bleach roleplay would recognize these two.)

Name: Mizuaki Yume
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 19
Division: 8th
Rank: Captain
Character Description: Yume wears the standard shihakushou, though the sleeves of the kimono are abnormally long (instead of ending halfway down the forearm, it ends past her wrists so that only her fingers show). Her captain's coat goes on over the uniform, and over that she wears a pale blue shawl with a fringed edge, fastened slightly below her collarbones and long enough to fall to her elbows (this usually obscures her Division number). Her hair is pulled behind her and tied near the ends, though two locks frequently make their way in front of her shoulders. Her Zanpakutou is sheathed blade-down in the left side of her sash, as with most other Shinigami. She stands at approximately 5'5".
Special Abilities: Yume is most skilled in swordsmanship, although she also displays proficiency in both shunpou and kidou.

Zanpakutou: Yukitori ("Snowbird")
Sealed Appearance: Looks like any other sealed zanpakutou, about 85 cm (almost 3 ft). The hilt is white with light blue squares showing through, and the guard is shaped like a diamond, with two three-feathered wings on opposite sides. The sheath is also white.

Shikai: Released with the command "Ichimu ga aru demo ii (It's okay to dream)." The blade becomes longer (100 cm, around 3'3") and thinner. At the opposite end of the hilt, a clear blue pyramid is connected to two things: a light blue tassel slightly longer than the hilt and a ridiculously long white braid. The end of the braid (which is as long as Yume wants it to be and is adjustable) is attached to a transparent crystal. Water trickles down the cutting edge of the blade; when it reaches the tip, it travels back up on the back. Essentially, water is running at all times on both edges of the sword.
- When a slash or stab wound is inflicted, water is left behind and freezes, causing frostbite; Yume controls the severity. (This technique has no name due to being an automatic effect.)
- Tenkahane (snow feather): When Yukitori is slashed through the air, water droplets that leave the blade transform into tiny sparrow-like birds made of ice that home in on opponents. To the casual observer, it looks like a flurry of snow.
- Mizoreheki (sleet wall): The crystal on the end of the braid can generate a spherical ice shield completely surrounding the wielder. The shield extends in all directions, and it can withstand any physical attack (up to a point, of course; there's a limit on how much of a beating it can take). When used repeatedly or for a long time, the shield weakens.

Bankai: Aojiroi Yukitori ("Pale Snowbird"). The sword retains its shikai appearance but looses the braid and crystal. A giant phoenix-like bird made completely of transparent ice materializes. Snow drifts down from her as the water vapor around her freezes. The bird is mentally linked to Yume and can attack physically (by pecking or scratching) or with a special attack. Touching or being touched by the ice that makes the bird results in frostbite. Only Yume is unaffected by the intense cold that radiates from her. If Aojiroi Yukitori is damaged (say, a wing gets shattered), Yume can will the damaged area to regenerate, but it drains her reiatsu quickly.
- Aojiroi Yukitori retains her shikai abilities, but can no longer make a shield (since the crystal required is missing).
- Kourikawa (Ice River): the bird fires a jet of water from her beak that freezes on contact. After using it, Aojiroi Yukitori needs to recharge for at least five minutes. If used again before the five minutes are up, it is weaker and requires ten minutes to use at full power. If used before the ten minutes, it is even weaker and requires fifteen minutes to recharge, and so on (at 30 minutes, it is completely unusable and must be allowed to charge fully before any further use). The counter is reset if bankai is canceled, then used again (although this is impractical because the reiatsu consumption is huge).
Text Color: Steel Blue

Name: Suzume Kiku
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 16
Division: 4th (I assume it's still the medical division, though I can edit this later)
Rank: 13th seat
Character Description: Kiku wears the typical shihakushou. She keeps her zanpakutou inside her medical bag, since it's so short and she doesn't often use it. Her black hair is parted on the right and often falls in front of her face, so she has a leaf-shaped clip on the left side of her head to try keeping it up. Her eyes are light blue. Her left eye has a thin purple triangle extending from the lower lid and reaching almost to her chin. She's exactly 5 feet tall.
Special Abilities: Kiku has healing kidou, but not much of anything else.

Zanpakutou: Kagebana ("Shadow Flower")
Sealed Appearance: Kagebana's sealed form looks like a tanto (knife). The blade is only 15 cm (6 in) long, and the hilt is long enough for only one hand. The guard is a six-pointed star. The hilt is dark black-green, and the squares in between are vivid red. The sheath is also black-green.

Shikai: Triggered by the command "Kawaru (change)." The knife becomes a long staff, as tall as Kiku is, with a square hook at the top. Within the square hook is a black chrysanthemum. The staff itself is the same black-green as the sealed form's hilt and sheath, and the outer edge of the square hook is red. Entering shikai requires Kiku to draw blood from an opponent while Kagebana is still in his sealed form. If no blood is drawn, Kagebana cannot enter shikai (saying the command would result in nothing happening).
Kunomite (pain drinker): When the red part of the staff head is tapped against a wound, Kagebana can transfer the injury from that person to the one from whom Kiku has taken blood. For example, if tapped against a slash on the shoulder, the original wound vanishes and an identical one appears on the opponent. Kagebana will only transfer wounds to that one person, though he can transfer them from anyone Kiku wishes to help. To change targets, Kagebana must revert back to sealed form and draw blood from a different person. Transferring fatal wounds works, but does not revive the person it was transferred from (unless the wound was transferred before death).
Text Color: Dark Green

Image Image Image Image
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((Whoa…Haven’t RPed Bleach in such a long time. Makes me kind of want to try this again.))
Name: Tabora Roina
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 17
Race: Shinigami
Character Description: Roina is roughly 5'3" tall. Her hair is dark brown, cropped short to end at chin-level, and her bangs end just right below her eyebrows. Her eyes are light-brown/hazel. She had cut the sleeves of her shihakushou so that they end around an inch above her elbows. She keeps her lieutenant's badge tied on her upper arm of her right arm. She occasionally keeps a piece of dodger blue cloth around with her. Normally, this piece of cloth is tied just above her lieutenant's badge, but in combat, she usually uses it as a headband to keep her hair out of her eyes. Since she is left-handed, her zapakutou is tied to her right side.
Division: 8th
Rank: Lieutenant
Special Abilities: Roina is mostly a hand-to-hand and swordplay combatant with the ability to use shunpou. However, she has no talent in kidou; the only time she tried using it resulted in her getting sent to the 4th Division for treatment.

Zanpakutou: Katawakiba (Crippled Fang)
Sealed Appearance:Katawakiba appears similar to a kodachi and has a blade around 59 cm long. Both the hilt and the sheath are gray, although the sheath is a lighter shade. The guard has a rectangular shape, with one hollow rectangle on each side.
Shikai: Katawakiba's release command is "sawaru" ("hinder"). When released, Katawakiba becomes a gray glove-like claw. The four dodger blue blades of the claw are thicker near the end and thinner near the tips. They also start to curve down a little near the tips. Three of these blades are attached to the back of the glove, approximately around where Roina's knuckles are, and one is attached to the thumb. Except for the thumb, the glove itself is fingerless. Although Katawakiba has shorter range than most weapons, it's also lighter than most, allowing Roina to attack and move faster.
-Bakueki (gambling): If this attack hits, it has one of the following effects on the target: disorientation, movement inhibition, sleep, or silence. However, the stronger the target's reiryoku, the more likely it is for the target to resist these effects. Targets with reiryoku levels higher than Roina's would not be affected at all, making this attack useless against them.
Bankai: Roina has not yet achieved Bankai, though she is currently training to do so.
Text Color: Gray

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:01 am 
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I call tenth captain! I'll edit with my profile later.

Name: Capperroff (no last name)
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 14
Division: 10th
Rank: Captain

Character Description:
He's five feet tall and has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He's sarcastic, but understanding.

Hado 4 - White Lightning

Hado 33 - Sōkatsui

Hado 63 - Sōren Sōkatsui

Special Abilities:
Master Swordsman

Zanpakutou: Fureaa Kesshoo [Flare Plasma] (I wanted Flaring Plasma :-( )

Sealed Appearance:
A black wakizashi with a blue hilt embedded with Kyanite.

The Shikai is a Flamberge made of blue plasma.
Chant:Flare up, Fureaa Kesshoo!!
Fuse: Fureaa Kesshoo fuses with Capperroff's right arm and a blade extends from the top of his wrist

Name: Fureaa Kesshoo Shintai [Flaring Plasma Body]
Release Command: "Fully Fuse"
Capperroff's body fuses with Fureaa Kesshoo, making it appear that he is made of blue plasma.

Text Color: Gold

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