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PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:08 am 
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Storyline: In this RP, you are one of the thousands of students at a college. But, when An unsuspecting ball of energy appears, a blob-like substance comes to the school. The blob spreads, and infects hundreds. Your mission is to stop the blob, or become the ultimate villain. The choice is yours. Both of the choices, come with prices. At the end of the storyline, you find out a terrible secret. It's the same for both of the choices.

Game plot:
1) You adventure throughout the college, and eventually into the city
2) You fight the blob creatures as a hero, and you wreak havoc as a villain
3) You meet...someone important
4) You fall inot the ocean, infecting fish and plants of all kinds in a 1-mile distance
5) You return to land, and find that the city is fading away
6) You travel to city hall, and fight, the ultimate one
7) When the ultimate one is defeated, you travel into the 1-year away future
8) You battle, the symbiote that is on you, and you, might live
9) You meet, your... I dn't wanna spoil the secret :/

Sign-up Sheet:
1) Name:

2) Side (Hero or Villain):

3) Costume colour (black, red, or grey):

4) Childhood summary:

5) Your allinace (optional)

Name: Symbonite

Side: Villain

Costume Colour: Red

Childhood Summary: I was born in a cold, damp hospital room. My father, abandoned me and my mother when I was four. I was a brillan student, and won the science fair in 5th grade. I look for signs of my father, hoping to find him. As I continued my life throughout Jr. & High School, I faced many bullies. Now, I must coplete college, and I'll finally be free of School. I seek revenge on my enemies, and look for my dad each month.

Your Alliance: I have none. I work alone.

I'll try to update daily, so bare with me guys. ;-\

Current Players:
1) Symbonite (Spoinky)

-More spots will be added if needed-

PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:40 pm 
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Is this Spiderman based?

This is my RP Forum, Tales of Symphonia Adventures, or ToSA for short. Please take a look?

Hyperion(4); Gender - Male; Abilities - Blaze, Keen Eye;Attacks - Leer, Tackle,Ember,Double Team;Holding - Nothing
Celsius(4) - Gender: Female; Type: Bug, Ice; Abilities: Shed Skin, Inner Focus; Attacks: Powder Snow, Protect,Double Team,Tackle
Cobra(4) - Gender: Female; Type: Water, Poison; Abilities: Shed Skin, Storm Drain; Attacks: Mud-Slap, Leer, Harden,Bite
Eric (2) - Gender: Male; Type: Psychic, Flying; Abilities: Trace, Keen Eye; Attacks: Growl, Gust, Sand-Attack
Bruce (3) - Gender: Male; Type: Grass, Fighting; Abilities: Guts, Sand Veil; Attacks: Tackle, Poison Sting,Absorb, Helping Hand


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