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 Post subject: Auragon RP
PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:31 pm 
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Ahem, due to the fact I'm planning an Auragon comic, I might as well do this just for the heck of it, and to avoid accidental spoilers to my plans, this will be set in the distant future.

The year is 2599, a time where magic is extremely rare, on earth at least but this doesn't happen on Earth but an Earth-like planet across the galaxy from the restaurant at the end of the universe. This planet is Auragon, Where Logic has been Defenestrated like Prague.(Look it up.) Anyway, the 6 year old heir to the imperial throne,Prince Silver Soge, has recently discovered that his gold Dragon, Murray, has been dragonapped, So while the 5 Auragonians empowered with the elements of Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and Lightning attempt to keep him calm throughout this predicament, His parents, the Emperor and Emperess of All of Auragon has set up a bounty of 10 wings ( in Earth terms, that's equal to 78,000,000 U.S. Dollars, In Auragonian terms, wings are the highest you can go in cash.) for the return of the dragon.

Okay, Now that you know what's up, Here's the deal the Caracter Data:

Name: obvious
age: how old your character is
Gender: Male or Female
Appearance: what they look like. also, Auragonians have slightly pointed ears.
Hometown: where there from, you can choose one already made or make one u p, or be from earth.
Key towns on Auragon are:
Nintendos Acres: the base of the legendary faction, The Dragon Fighters, and Home to the leaders of this Faction, The Rodriguez family, and the Takeiru family,
Future City: Where mainly mechanics live and the site of the weapons show.In the Center if town is a statue to Frank Macguyver, the only immortal Mechanic who got sick of eternity after 12,956 years of life, and scared the crap out of most of those who attended the funeral where he popped out of his casket to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasal".
Glacier Beach: a Tropical Beach with glaciers. a Hot vacation spot for the rich and famous.
Nullville: the only town located in a nullzone.
powers: what special abilities your character has.
None of these:
Xray Vision-Teens+ this power =take a wild guess.
Timetravel:Anyone who had this power does not exist anymore due to the fact that timetravellers were killed if they screwed up the timstream.
being invincible 24-7: It's cheap. 'nuff said!
also, No having the powers of the 5 elemental Auragonians, the only exceptions to this is being Pyrokinetic, or controlling ice. The Water Elemental, Steve can't do Ice, or Windows since he works as a janitor. Every other power is okay.
Weapons: There are 9 areas of Auragon where powers do not work, these areas are called Null Zones, since 1 of 9 powerless warriors died in each area.And seriously,the weapon /power combos would be awesome!
Dragon: Everyone on Auragon has a pet Dragon, each one is different in color or ability. Examples: Gold and red breathe fire, Black heals, White nukes, pearls are "aww CENSORED!" ,lemmings are useless until emergencies,Green guards and destroys, black squirrel dragons are ninjas with spinning scales of doom,leosdrakes scream, copper is poisonous, Platinum freezes, and purple can make sheilds and see for the blind, not to mention are in two different shades due to what kind of water their found in naturally.(saltwater's Brighter and Freshwater's Lighter). You don't have to use one of these so you can make up your own if you want.
History: a brief summary of your character's life.
Textcolor: Used so people reading won't get confused.
Example character:
Name: Som Randomperson
appearance:baldhead, blankeyes, and wears gray shirts and pants.
hometown:Someplace, Arkansas
Powers: Narration,What ever he narrates happens, no matter how odd.
weapon: a stick
Dragon: Ed the Lemmingdrake
History:Being tired of narrator, Som decided to quit and go adventuring, this did not go well and he took his job back.

I'll be a DM in a sense because I want to see how it goes without me using the character in the story.Also, this isn't pokemon, so you have to beat the crap out of any wild dragons you meet. And Silver, :-o Please don't kill me! :-o

This is my RP Forum, Tales of Symphonia Adventures, or ToSA for short. Please take a look?

Hyperion(4); Gender - Male; Abilities - Blaze, Keen Eye;Attacks - Leer, Tackle,Ember,Double Team;Holding - Nothing
Celsius(4) - Gender: Female; Type: Bug, Ice; Abilities: Shed Skin, Inner Focus; Attacks: Powder Snow, Protect,Double Team,Tackle
Cobra(4) - Gender: Female; Type: Water, Poison; Abilities: Shed Skin, Storm Drain; Attacks: Mud-Slap, Leer, Harden,Bite
Eric (2) - Gender: Male; Type: Psychic, Flying; Abilities: Trace, Keen Eye; Attacks: Growl, Gust, Sand-Attack
Bruce (3) - Gender: Male; Type: Grass, Fighting; Abilities: Guts, Sand Veil; Attacks: Tackle, Poison Sting,Absorb, Helping Hand


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