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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 12:05 am 
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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Clipped Wings</span>

Pokemon dealers are vial things in this world. They take pokemon from their habitats, and lock them in cages until they can sell them. Not only that, but if you pay them enough, they will help make your pokemon defenceless, by taking away what can defend them, like they will declaw a Meowth, or what will happen to Hawk in our story.

Hawk was the only Hawkern to ever exist. He was a light brown flyer with beautiful green leaf wings. For those who don?t know, he was a very rare evolution of Noctowl. Part steel, grass, and flying. Only weak to fire. What a life. He lived in the Relic Forest, being a part guardian for the Relic Stone for Celebi, who was always busy curing and saving Shadow Pokemon. So since he was the next powerful pokemon in the forest, he decided to help out.

Chapter One: The Capturing of Hawk.

That day Hawk was playing with the little pokemon; Hoothoot, Sentrets, Pidgys, and Wooper. What fun it was, until they came.

{Watch out! For here I come!} Hawk cooed happily, chasing the little pokemon. {I?m gaining ground!} He teased, gliding closer to a Sentret.

{You?ll never catch me Hawk!} The Sentret cried, suddenly stopping, causing Hawk to glid over.

{Oooh! You tricked me!} He laughed, stopping on the ground. Others joined into the laugh, not really seeing the Furret rushing in.

{Hawk! Hawk! We got news!} The Furret panted.

{Settle down Cas. What could be this urgent?} he asked, stepping away from the little Pokemon.

Cas took in a deep breath. {Humans....and their not from here! And they don?t look like Ciphers OR Snagem! We think the pokemon should retreat....} She looked very worried.

{ round up the kids and I?ll take look out.} He ordered. Cas nodded, hopping over to the young ones.

Hawk flew up into a tree, watching as the last little pokemon was hidden. {Not a Cipher or Snagem? Who could it be?} he wondered, waiting for the arrival of the unknown. He didn?t have to wait long to see who it was.

Two guys carrying a cage and dressed in black arrived. They had glasses on their faces so you didn?t know where their pupils were pointing. Hawk seemed sort of confused, so he decided to watch them some more.

?Here it is, the Relic Forest, now where are ?em rare pokemon?? The one looked around, quite surprised not to see even a single Pidgy around.

?Quiet....they?re probably hiding from our loudness Gorn!? The one guy slapped Gorn on the back of his head.

?Ow...stop that Sith!? Gorn snapped, rubbing the back of his head.

{They?re looking for pokemon?} Hawk was getting curious and concerned at the same time.

Meanwhile, one of the younger Ratattas ran out into the open. Cas hesitated and followed the Rattata. She bolted out with quick attack, blocking the view of the Rattata before the two guys could see them. Cas quickly used tail whip to send the pokemon back into the bushes, but she didn?t have enough time to hid herself, for she got caught.

?Hey look! A Furret!? Gorn pointed out.

?Good eyes Sith! Let?s get it! Go, Ampharos!? Sith sent out his Ampharos. ?Use thunder wave!? The electric pokemon sent the attack at Cas, making her paralyzed and unable to get away.

{CAS!}Hawk panic, knowing he had to save her from the guys.

?Now use thunderbolt!? The attack headed straight for Cas, but hawk quickly acted, swooping down and used Harden to prevent the attack to hit either of them.

?Whoa....that the Mew is that?? Gorn asked Sith.

?I don?t know, but it seems to protect the Furret....must be the strongest one around then if Celebi isn?t here.? Sith smiled. ?Never seen a pokemon like this before, must be very rare. It has leaves for wings, so it must be part grass! Go, Quilava!? Sith sent out his fire type.

{Cas, I have to fight. Even if its against my weakness. I?ll use gust to make you escape, got it?} Hawk asked Cas.

{ be hurt...} She managed to get out.

Hawk ignored her, taking her warnings as a yes. Men.

?Quilava! Use fire spin!? Quilava shot the attack at Hawk.

Hawk knew what he was against, so he was prepared. Just as the attack was a few feet from him, he used gust to make the attack die when it got near him, and making Cas get blown back into the bushes.

?Hey! That thing blew away our Furret!? Sith snarled. ?Ampharos, use thunder punch!? Ampharos discharged its paw at Hawk, but Hawk defended himself with another harden. Ampharis cried from the pain of hitting steel, so Sith returned his pokemon.

?My turn! Quilava, use Fire spin!? Quilava shot the attack, but at a faster rate so Hawk didn?t have enough time to use gust and got hit. ?Nice work Quilava!? Gorn smiled.

Hawk panted in pain. He had to stay strong to protect the pokemon. Cas watched in fear, wanting to help, but was still suffering from paralyze.

?Ok, let?s capture it.? Sith smiled, opening the cage.

{Nooo! They can?t take you away Hawk!} Cas tried to use quick attack, but it failed.

Hawk forced an eye open. The fire spin took a lot of his strength away. So his last restore was to peck at their hands.

?Ouch! He bites!? Gorn complained, withdrawing his hands.

?Use the duct tape!? Sith growled, getting impatient.

?Right...? Gorn rolled his eyes, taping Hawks beak close.

{What the heck do they think they?re doing? This is inhuman!} Hawk thought as they shoved him into the cage.

Cas watched as they dragged her friend away. Worried for his safety, she promised herself to bring him back to the Relic Forest.

Chapter Two: Arrival To Hellgeon

Hawk finally awoke inside his cage. He?s eyes couldn?t believe what he was seeing, buildings! Sure, he sometimes flew into Agnate town, so he was familiar to buildings, but not these kinds! They were sky high! And the was more crowded than Agnate town during tourism season!

?Hawk! Kern! Haw!? Hawk cooed aloud.

?Looks like our little buddy finally woke up.? Gorn smirked, sticking some food inside the cage.

Hawk looked confused, not knowing whether to eat the food or not. Many people were looking at the cage, like, his situation was alright. Even thou he was hungry, he refused to eat the food.

?What? Not hungry?? Sith poked Hawk with a stick through the bars as they turned down an alley.

?Hawkern!? Hawk cooed angrily.

?So Gorn, you think this pokemon is a Hawkern?? Sith asked his buddy as Hawk nipped at the stick.

?Either way, I still haven?t seen or heard a pokemon like this before.? Gorn scratched his head as the two opened a door.

{Where....where are we?} Hawk looked around in panic as he was dragged down a hall. It was a bright white hall. Sort of eerie for a new comber.

The two were mumbling amongst themselves, when they turned a right threw some doors. Hawk had to double take on what he saw, then make himself believe it. Cages upon cages of Pokemon. And they all looked....sad and miserable. Some even hurt....and not moving. Hawk felt like disappearing right there, but couldn?t.

?Right here is where you?ll be staying.? Gorn smirked, shoving Hawk?s cage between a Vibrava and Nidorino. ?Better call the rich auctioneers, and tell them we got a rare pokemon. Hawkern was it?? Gorn asked as they left.

Hawk seemed a little freaked out, not knowing what was going on.

{Hey there.} The Vibrava smiled. {New I guess...I?m Vivra, and that?s Dallas. Would you like an explanation of what?s going on?} Vivra asked as the confused Hawkern.

Hawk panted, not able to speak, gave a low nod.

{You see, those guys run a business where they sell pokemon. They hardly take care of us...never understood why people buy unhealthy pokemon. Must be a human thing. And since we get tortured and stuff, we call the place Hellgeon. So welcome to Hellgeon.} Vivra gave a low smile.

{ what are you?} Dallas asked, kinda confused of Hawkerns form. {And what is with the leaves?}

{Hey!} Hawk snapped. {My leaves are totally fine. Well, you see, I come from the Relic Forest. I was born a Hoothoot. In time, I grew into a Noctowl. From there, I became very strong, so Celebi granted me the power to evolve again. Half flying, half grass. And a little steel. She told me I was a Hawkern, so I gave the nickname Hawk to myself.} Hawk explained.

{Nice.} Dallas said. {So, what?s the hook for? You hang hats there or what?} He tried not to laugh along with Vivra.

{HEY!} Hawk tried to cut Dallas through the bars. {My hook is great defence! You?re just jealous you don?t have one.} Hawk stuck up his beak, trying to ignore the rude Nidorano and Vibrava.

{Dallas, say sorry.} Vivra forced his pal.

{Fine, I?m sorry. Your hook is lovely.} Dallas rolled his eyes.

{What ever...} Hawk sighed, plopping onto his back. {I miss my home....}

Then, without warning, Sith barged in.

?Sweet! Auctions are up! That leafed bird pokemon is going to make me millions!? He did a little jig as Hawk was a tad confused. Sith grabbed Hawks cage and began to pull it away.

{Oh no! They?re going to see hook beak! I mean, Hawk!} Dallas cried.

{We must save him...for he seems too rare to sell. Yeah...} Vivra blinked.

{Poison sting!} Dallas shot the attack at Sith?s leg.

{Dragon breath!} Vivra shot the attack at Sith?s body.

Sith was well aware that we was under attack. ?Go, Golem!? He sent out the rock pokemon who blocked the attacks. ?Bad pokemon...seems like you need a week without food. Again. Always trying to help pokemon, no wonder you will never get sold.? Sith shook his head in disappointment.

{Thanks for trying...} Hawk softly cooed as he was carried off.

{Well, that?s another one we lost Vivra.} Dallas sighed, rolling up to get ready to sleep.

{Yeah..oh well. Nothing else to do around here.} Vira shrugged as he went to sleep too.

Chapter Three: A New Home.

?And here we have a very, Hawkern!? Gorn said into the microphone to the rice auctioneers. ?Let?s start the bidding at $1000??

?$1000!? An old man said. He was one of those plump rich guys with the eye glass thingies.

A younger man with black hair that covered his face and a blue trench coat that covered down to his knees sat beside the plump rich guy. That man got Hawks eye for some strange reason, but he couldn?t put his...wing on it. Then another man made a bid.

?20,000 from Mr. Jack!? Gorn smiled in pleasure. ?Going once, going twice...?

?$50,000.? The man with the black hair called out.

?Mr....Mr. Fenton! You?ve never made a bid this high before...? Gorn was stuttering.

?So?? Mr. Fenton smiled.

?Ok....sold to Mr.Fenton for $50,000!? Gorn announced.

Sith dragged Hawks cage to his new owner. ?Would you like to pay in credit or cash?? He asked.

?Cash, less hassle.? Mr. Fenton shoved numerous amount of pills on Sith?s arms.

?Thank you!? Sith yelled as Gorn ran over to fight over the money.

?Well, you?re mine now.? Mr. Fenton smiled, pulling the cage outside.
Hawk was still a bit shaken. In two days he?s been scrapped from his home, met two new friends that risked food for him, then bought by some guy.

?So you have a name?? Mr. Fenton asked.

?Hawk!? Hawk cooed happily.

?So you like to be called Hawk eh? Sounds reasonable. As for me, Mr. Fenton is for business folks to call me. Friends call me Owen.? Owen smiled.

Hawk nodded, breathing softly.

Owen pulled the cage up to a car, where someone in a black suit was waiting.

?Bought another pokemon sir?? The man asked, taking over the cage.

?Oh, hush Welbert. Besides, this one is for my daughter.? He winked, getting into the car.

?Very well sir.? Welbert sighed, lifting the cage into the trunk. ?I just hope she takes care of it better than the growlith.?

{Better than the what?} Hawk seemed confused....again.

So Welbert closed the trunk, got into the drivers side, and drove off. After a few minutes, Welbert stopped the car.

?We?re here!? Owen got Hawks cage out and pulled it up to the stairs. Hawk was amazed at the buildings size! It was enormous! Big enough for a Groudon to sleep in.

Owen pulled Hawks cage inside, where it was fancyville. Crystals, fancy tables, double stairs....then a girl came running in.

?DADDY!? She yelled, glomping Owen.

?Hey baby!? He smiled, hugging her.

?Did you get me anything?? She asked, getting back to the ground.

?Matter as fact...? He showed her Hawk.

The girl gasped. ?Daddy! He?s adorable!? She giggled, dancing around the cage. ?Tell Welbert to bring him to my room!? She skipped up the stairs.

?Well Hawk, hope you like it here, for this is your new home.? Owen smiled as Welbert came in.

{A new home....} Hawk cooed.




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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 4:42 am 
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I like story. Where have I seen that picture?


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Shans wrote:
I like story. Where have I seen that picture?

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Sweet... yeah, you done good. And indeed, that picture would be from the Fakedex... which I should probably post more in.

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Regardless means "without regard", and adding "ir" on the front actually makes it a double negative; exaggerate means "to overstate" so you're literally saying "over overstate."
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