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 Post subject: MLP: Awakening
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:51 pm 
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I may have to work on the title and one of the names for this but here goes the first draft. Any suggestions would be nice.

Chapter 1: A Lesson in History

The Planet Equestria. The home of four races of ponies. The hard working Earth Ponies, the magic wielding Unicorn Ponies, the flying Pegasus Ponies, and the nomadic Zebra. All of the races are under the leadership and guidance of a King and Queen. However, they were not always this way. Long ago the Earth, Unicorn and Pegasus did not get along, eventually causing a giant storm to ravage their lands. Seeking new land, the leaders of the the 3 tribes sought out new lands, arriving in the same area and bringing the storm with their fighting. Eventually, the advisers to these leaders became friends and with their help ended the terrible storm. The three tribes united once again and thrived.

However, this would not last. The ancient being known as Discord found Equestria and plunged it into chaos. During this time, two foal's were born. What set them apart were the fact that they were born with their cutie marks already present. They were also unsual as they also had both wings and a horn. They were given the names of Sol and Night and with luck were hidden from Discord. Over time they grew and challenged Discord. The fight was brutal and bitter but eventually they were able to banish Discord from the planet. However, Discord's damage to the planet made it stop its own rotation. Sol and Night discovered their ability to control the day and night and thus set into motion the normal cycle of day and night for Equestria. Due to their actions, all 4 races (tribes) made them the King and Queen to rule and keep the planet in balance. Sol and Night ruled for over 1,000 years. Knowing that Discord may try and come back, they tried to find a way to finish him for good. With hard work and research, they created what was known as Elements of Harmony. They also discovered that due to their past, they could not wield them. So were born Celestia and ten years later Luna.

It was 15 years after the birth of Luna that Sol and Night's fears were to come true. Discord arrived and took his vengeance out on the King and Queen. However, Discord did not know about the elements and thus Celestia and Luna fought Discord. With the help of the elements they greatly weakened Discord. At the last moment though, Discord managed to escape. Not wanting him to come back, the Ponies of Equestria discovered where he fled to, a planet similar to theirs but with other creatures. Discord wasted no time in making the planet his play-thing to recover and restore his power. Using the elements Celestia and Luna along with others went to this planet and once again challenged Discord, this time defeating him and turned him into stone. After news of this victory reached Equestria, it was decided in the best interest of the universe, that Celestia and Luna along with others, go back and live on the planet to keep watch over Discord and if necessary, defeat him if he should escape his stone prison. Also, the planet had suffered the same effects of Equestria and since Celestia and Luna had similar but weaker abilities of their parents, were asked to bring balance back to the day and night. So Celestia and Luna along with members from all the tribes (the Zebra felt some of their clans were getting over populated) came back to this world. Now ten years later, a new chapter starts.


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