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I'm making a game outta this, but so far, this has more progress than the game. Funny.

Anyways, Mario & Luigi: Colliding Worlds is obviously based on the Mario & Luigi series. Y'know, the series with Fawful, beans, Shroobs, and either Bowser and/or Peach's castle being taken over? Well, I'm making a sort of sequel right now. I assure you, it's pretty good.

This be the first chapter.

Mario & Luigi: Colliding Worlds

Ahem… Today… I shall tell you how the universe almost ended… and how two young men saved it. But first, I will need to tell you how the events came to be…

Long ago, when the universe was still young, and when I, along with my friend, were tasked with the objective to create a perfect world, we did so. Taking small bits of rock and dust, I formed the greatest world, a paradise in the middle of all the disorder and war and death that surrounded my peer’s planets, which he had created with much haste.

It was a glorious sphere of life. Soon, the life I had put on the planet, which at first were only lowly, but spectacularly powerful microorganisms, had grown to be hugely diverse organisms. The main population of societal organism was made up of anthromorphic fungi I dubbed Toads. Humans, strangely able to adapt quickly to any situation, were the next most common.

Of course, you can’t have a utopian world without wildlife. I populated the rest of the world with animals such as the sweet sounding birds, the brawny bears, and the lethal tigers. The mischievous mice constantly made me chuckle, while the hardy hedgehogs made me feel fulfilled. The turtles could’ve been an interesting bunch, if they were a bit quicker. Soon after I had made the last of the animals, I had noticed that some of them had mutated slightly, and were now able to control the elements. I dubbed these mutations “Pokémon”.

I also created plants, beautiful and verdant. Some were toxic, and some were edible. Some contradicted my earlier statement and were as ugly as something could be. These plants, too, evolved into element-wielding organisms. Some were forced into the group of Pokémon, while at least one genus was dubbed “Nibblus Attackus”.

The microorganisms that were handed to me were gifted in evolution and magical powers. My friend’s microorganisms were gifted in sheer brutality and killing, though they were able to spread quickly, like an infestation. So my superior beings made his look like beasts, inglorious and hideous.

My peer decided to create beasts of enormous proportions and power. He created the ferocious dragons that spewed out white-hot flames, and the barely-evolved Shadow Bugs, which were voracious little creatures that consumed anything. As a response to my Toad, he created his Shroob, a primal, yet efficient being. He also created his own type of human, the Homo Sapiens Rotundus, which were humans that were vicious, cunning, and far more intelligent than my average ones. Oh, I forgot to mention that they were massively obese.

Soon, he could not tolerate the fact that I was better than him. He ripped open the fabric of space-time, creating the darkest void. The gravitational pull of the anomaly that was never supposed to have existed in the first place ripped his worlds apart, killing many of his – I must admit – fine creations. His rash actions flung several of his creations that had lived the initial apocalypse onto my world – which was not to remain whole for much longer.

My paradise, my utopia was ripped apart. Humans, stars, animals, plants, anthromorphic fungi, and Pokémon were ripped apart from each other, their various sections of their beautiful world torn apart from the others. Many died, their lives destroyed and ripped to shreds when the void viciously tore into the utopia that they lived in.

Before the fragments of my once wonderful world could be consumed by the void, however, I mended the hole. I quickly transformed the fragments into their own little worlds.

Yet, some of my peer’s creations had gotten onto several of the fragments, and I feared for the worst. Although most of my creations had supernatural powers already, such as the ability to wield the elements and jump relatively high, those abilities was not enough to fend off the monstrous beasts that now plagued much of my worlds.

So I installed some safeguards. I made sure there were always seven guardians watching over each world. I also removed one human from one of the worlds and made her the guardian of the skies, with several cute little things I had spun out of the remaining dust from the cataclysm. Yet I knew that was not enough. I had felt several disturbances in the space-time continuum’s threads. I knew that my peer was back to finish off my creations. He was still several thousand light-years away, however, which gave me time to finish my defense plan.

My final stage of the plan was to make sure that my worlds would be saved in case my peer arrived early. I would give the power to save the world to twin boys, but each of them failed.

My plan was starting to fail. I needed two humans to protect my creations. In my desperation, I gave extra-supernatural powers to any beings that looked promising. The threads were shaking like quakes then. I could see my peer at that period, barely a dot on the horizon, but about to assure my creations a quick death, if not long and painless.

Then, a miracle occurred. If it hadn’t happened, then I wouldn’t be able to tell this tale. I found two twins en route to their parents via stork, just as a crossbreed between a dragon and a turtle, a Koopa, ordered the two to be gotten rid of.

As I was watching my peer rush close to my little creations, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, one of the twins drop down, down to a tiny island below.

I watched with curiosity as the baby, wearing a red cap with an “M” on a large white dot on the front of the cap, crawled about the island with no fear at all.

I reminded myself that having no fear doesn’t necessarily mean that the child is able to save the world. I decided to give the child the power to save the world anyways, though.

Incredibly, he found an assistant, a mellow crossbreed between a dragon and dinosaur. I was shocked to find that this crossbreed didn’t have thoughts of incredible violence or killing, just content to consume fruit. I dubbed the new-found species as Yoshis.

The duo turned the island upside-down as they searched for the missing brother, the one with the green cap.
Soon, the duo did battle with the dragon-turtle hybrid that I mentioned before. Against all odd, the Koopa was beaten, and the baby’s brother was rescued.

I held my excitement. Surely, this was a fluke. All the others who had been granted the powers had died very early, sent to the Underwhere in a matter of months. Nevertheless, I granted the other brother the power to save the world as well.

After another adventure with the Yoshis, in which a large, what seemed to be older version of the Koopa appeared and tried to steal several babies so he could rule the world – the plan would have failed miserably anyways, as I was still watching the commotion below, not allowing any disaster to happen at any cost.

Then, I felt something whiz by my shoulder. Several large, purple, metallic, and very much organic ships were headed for each of my worlds. My peer’s Shroobs had survived the cataclysm and were now about to attack my worlds.

I saw, however, that all of the worlds handled the Shroobs quite easily, except for the once populated by large amounts of Toads. As I watched, I watched in surprise as two humans popped out of an interdimensional hole. I notice that they looked very similar to the babies I had granted the powers to.

Then I watched as they babies and the adults met. They recognized each other, and they were going to take down the Shroobs with each other as well.

They did so… easily. I watched them grow through childhood and save the princess of their kingdom several times.
I had never bothered to catch their names, so I did so promptly when I had the time to do so.

Mario and Luigi.

c(‘.’c) – Hi there! If you haven’t seen me before, I’m the scene divider of Pikachu127’s fics.

“C’mon…” Mario growled, steering ferociously around the road. “Stupid trucks!”

Luigi grabbed onto the railing as Mario fed the kart a Mushroom. “Mario!... Don’t go so fast! You know I’m still holding an item! And besides… WAH!”

A spiked shell careened their way. The shell flipped over the kart, bruising Mario and Luigi.

Bowser laughed as he and his son zoomed by. “Nice, plumb-heads! Just TRY and catch up with me and Junior!” As if to drive the point home, Bowser Jr. cackled as he threw back a Bob-Omb to reinforce the lead.

Mario gasped as the semi-anthromorphic explosive calmly walked over to the two, still standing still.
Luigi got to his senses first, grabbing Mario’s hand and leaping into the Red Fire, accelerating at a fast rate.

They barely made it. The blast radius still caught them slightly, setting the rear end of the kart on fire – and giving them a large speed boost, sending the two brothers flying past Bowser and his youngest son.

Bowser blinked, and then started to guffaw madly. “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even I have to admit that looked ridiculously fitting! BWAHAHAHAHA – what, Junior?”

Junior pointed. While Bowser had been laughing, he had driven the father-son duo right off the edge of Mushroom Bridge.

“GAH! How… WARGH! Look out, son!”

Bowser shielded his eyes, while Bowser Jr. shrieked with horror, ”Oh, no…!”

SPLOOSH! Bowser and his son crashed into the water.

Luigi, who had finished putting out the fire that had been readily spreading to the front of the kart, saw the disaster unfold. “Oho! Aha! Mario! They fell off the bridge! Aha! Heehee!”

“I think that was because they were laughing at the ridiculous sight of us literally fulfilling our kart’s name…”
Luigi continued laughing as they crossed the finish line.


It was several months since the race was finished, and things in the Mushroom Kingdom were back to normal. Mario and Luigi were back to their original duties as the guardians of the Mushroom Kingdom… which meant extreme boredom until Bowser or some other villain attacked and/or kidnapped Princess Peach.

Then, one day, when Mario was bored to the point where he opened his photo album and started longing for another adventure, Parakarry came and delivered the adventure.

Tap tap. “MAIL CALL!” hollered Parakarry.

Mario stepped out of the house and tipped his hat to the mail-delivering Parakoopa. “Hey, Parakarry.”

Parakarry grinned. “Hey to you too, Mario. Say, it’s been a long time since we rescued the Star Spirits together… Anyways, I got a bunch of mail here, so I’ll see you later.”

As Parakarry flew off, Mario walked over to the mailbox and inspected the mail. “Bills, bills, spam, hate mail, fan mail, advertisements, bills, fan mail, bills, fan mail…” he mumbled.

Luigi peeked his head out. “Hey, bro. Anything interesting in the mail?”

“Nope… Hey…” Mario paused as he pulled out a rather important looking envelope. “Check this out.”

Luigi took the envelope. On the front was a rather familiar head, with glasses that featured swirls and a small tuft of hair.

“Egad! It’s from E. Gadd!”

“What? Open it! Has to be something important!”

The Mario brothers tore open the envelope. Mario read it out loud:

“’To Mario and Luigi,
“’Good day to both of you, or one of you if only one of you are reading this. But that’s beside the point. I have constructed the most marvelous invention, and I would like for you two to see it in action next Monday.
“’It doesn’t have an official name yet, but it has the ability to transport up to two people to other dimensions – or to another piece of space. It’s still a very unstable prototype, but I’d like you two to come to the demonstration at the castle. Sincerely, Professor Elvin Gadd.’”

Luigi blinked. “I’m having an episode of déjà vu, bro…”

“Now that you mention it, yeah… Let’s go anyways. That way, if anything happens to Peach, we’ll be right there.”


One week later, Mario jumped out of the house, ready for action. “Luigi! C’mon, we should’ve been at the castle an hour ago!”

“Just… a minute…” Luigi hopped onto the porch, half-dressed in a tuxedo.

“Luigi… this is the testing of an invention… not a formal ball!” Mario groaned.

“Oh… well, I do wanna look like I’m dressed to kill!”

Mario slapped his forehead in exasperation. “Luigi…”

After several more minutes of persuasion, Luigi finally returned in his regular garb. “Fine, have it your way, bro. Let’s move out!” He jumped, only to spectacularly fail as he lost his balance, falling face first onto the ground. “Ow.”

Mario hauled his brother up, and made his way to the castle.


“GRAUGH! That’s the last time that Mario beats me in a race!”

“Your Heinousness, it’s been six months since the race…”

“I don’t care!” Bowser stormed. The giant Koopa paced the throne room. “I’m going to crush them once and for all, one day. Why, I’ll crush him today! I, for some reason, somehow know that he’s on his way to Peach’s castle! Well, I’ll just ambush him, and then… WHOOSH! No more Mario!”


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