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 Post subject: Deep Expectations
PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:24 am 

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Before I begin to tell the story that I have conjured up after many sessions of intense thought and diving into my deepest part of imagination, I would like to give some background on the setting of the story and also I would like to say that I will be using 5th Generation Pokemon, and so I will be using their japanese names. *I would like to say that whenever english names are released I will retype every name* If you need a reference, click Here:)!

First off, This Continent is called Geren. Geren is very rural and few major cities, but it does have a single metropolis and that is where the King resides. Geren operates under a monarchy and have done so ever since its founding, but that doesn't mean that they are ignorant of science, though they stick to traditional chinese style homes and buildings. Children go to school until they are 18 years old, and they take classes such as physics and Algebra and normal courses that any americans would take. However, they don't use vehicles whatsoever and the majority believe in unity with pokemon. Kids wear normal clothes, like hoodies and Polos and such and the world is pretty modern except for rural villages that don't really have outside contact. After High school is completed, it is the norm for 18 year old aspiring Trainers to roam the world and find their calling. This is called Exploras and everyone goes through it. It is also usual for the family to pass down a pokemon for a companion on the youngsters Exploras, and usually everyone has at least one pokemon partner/companion/lifefriend.

Now we'll begin in a Small rural mountain village in the uppermost part of Geren, Cut off on all sides by the ferocious Fatal Mountains. The name of this village is Glendale, and its where our hero grew up, for what he can remember he has never been far from the village his whole life.


The sun shone through Sunnys bedside window and illuminated the young mans room revealing all sorts of pokemon league and pokemon battle posters crowding his wall. Sunny was up all night last night packing supplies for his Explora, which begins today. Sunny himself wasn't quite awake yet, but that changed when his grandfather, an ancient old man with a full beard about 2 feet long and leaning on an old beat up walking stick and sporting grey robes slowly walked up to his grandson and smacked him on the head with his stick.
"Wake up boy!" Sunny quickly jumped out of bed and crumpled over his nightstand.
"I'm so sorry Gramps! I really didn't get alot of sleep last night..." Sunnys hair was a mess, sticking out every direction in a brown explosion. He jumped over to his dresser and pulled out a slick fitting grey pullover hoodie and a pair of neat tan cargo shorts and threw on his old run down brown moccasins. (All the rage) Then he ran downstairs and grabbed his old navy backpack and jumped out the door without saying goodbye. When he realized this he ran back inside and came face to face with his grandfather.
"Quite excited eh boy?" His grandfathers smile was gentle and warm. "Yeah.. I'm going to miss you! I'll be back soon, and I'll write." Sunnys eyes sparkeled every time he smiled, and they were a deep blue, like the depths of the ocean. "Tut Tut, Don't bother with me boy, you will have much more important things to do than write to a shriveled up prune!" His Grandfather chukled. "Theres something I want to put you up to. Follow me.." and the old man led the young heir of his family into the meditation room. The room was small and empty, except for the pillow on the ground and candles on the walls. Usually the pillow just had butt prints, but today resting on the pillow was not Grandfathers butt, but a large pink egg.
"Where'd that come from??" Sunny inquired quite excitedly. "We don't have any pokemon but... Is that egg Espeons?" His grandfather had a espeon that kept him company since his younger days, but it was a male. "No my son, this egg came from a friend..." His Grandfather trailed off, lost in thought for just a second, "I want to see if your capable of responsibility. And I'm hoping you are." he said with a wink.

Sunny walked across the room and picked the egg up. It was warm and twitching, like it has been waiting to hatch for some time. "How long do I have?" Sunny asked. "Who knows, now you should leave soon, the spring will be empty soon.." Sunny almost forgotten that he was going to meet with his friend, Gran, and begin their Exploras together. They planned on catching their first pokemon at a hidden hot spring not far from town where numerous rare pokemon converged in the early mornings. "Alright Gramps! I'll be back one day.. don't die!" and his grandfather chuckled softly as the young man almost skipped out of the house.

"I hope it is you that won't die."

Gran was already waiting at the outskirts of town, and the entrance to the Moptop Jungles.
I would like to take a second to explain why there was a jungle in the middle of numerous mountains, it is due to a strange heat source exerted from the mountains that these jungles can thrive, and legends say that the heat source is just heat exerted from all the fire pokemon that reside in the mountains.

Back to the story, Gran was also 18, and he and Sunny were childhood friends since they could remember. Contrasting to Sunnys bright and cheery face and attitude, Gran had a sly look in his eyes, and a slight smirk that he always wore. He had long silver hair that swept to the side and reached his shoulders, he was wearing a black thermal and blue basketball shorts, and of course, brown Moccasins. (All the rage, remember?) Sunny walked up to him and shot a smile. "You ready?" Gran said with a hint of excitement. "This feels so unreal... finally leaving this boring place with so many old people. Gran also was raised by his grandmother, who actually died just a few months ago. The exotic noises and sounds made by the pokemon of the jungle were quiet this morning, because the noisy ones weren't up yet (;))
As they walked deeper and deeper into the jungle, a path that the normal unknowing passerby wouldn't notice sprung up behind a few massive leaves of a bulbous plant. Ducking under these, the two boys walked a bit, and then were faced with a steep hill. "I really hate climbing this man.." Gran complained. "Remember when I fell that other week? Sunny laughed. "Yeah, cause you suck." He began to climb. "Do you realize that this is like our first steps? They may seem like.. Insignificant now, but when we look back we're going to be like, wow, we were so naive then!" He slipped a bit, but regained his balance.
"Yeah..." Gran grinned. " By then I'll be the Pokemon Champion and you'll be my assistant, right?"

After a few rough minutes of climbing, they came upon a clearing with a hot spring boiling in the middle. So that they weren't seen, they laid on their stomachs in the shadow of another massive plant, completely hidden from whichever pokemon will be their victim.

Time was crawling by when Gran broke their silent concentration. "Mine!" He whispered.
Over on the other side, approaching the springs was a deep scarlet Tepig. Its hide was especially deeper than most, and its eyes had a vicious shine. "Listen... If we get seperated, I'll meet you at the nearest town, alright?" Gran said, for he knew what was going to happen next, they went through this so many times before. "Alright... Be safe." Sunny was determined.
Gran jumped up and ran after the little piglet, startling it, It broke into a run into the woods and seconds later they were both out of sight. Sunny sighed. He was alone now, and probably had to wait for quite a while. At least Gran would get back befor- and there it was. On first sight a Yanappu didn't seem like a really awesome pokemon, but there was just some urge that Sunny had to catch it, maybe so he didn't have to wait any longer.Just so he was sure that this pokemon was worth it, he watched it for a bit. It had a certain gait and walked like it had a certain air of pride and skill. Good Enough. He jumped out of the woods after the little grass monkey and before it could even see him, it heard him. By the time Sunny was out, The Monkey was already in the woods. Sunny charged after it, and for a time lost sight until the forest sort of opened up and the monkey was running for its life, tripping over roots and leaping for branches to grab. Sunny reached into the side pocket of his backpack, where he packed his only pokeball that he could afford working odd jobs around the village, and he wasn't going to waste it. He had to wait for the right time.
The monkey leaped onto a thin tree and ran up the side, falling and climbing back up in a frenzy.
Sunny jumped up the tree without thinking, and the poor thing was already rotted on the inside, so it tumped over and and Sunny and the Yanappu fell over into a roll. Sunny got up and looked around for the monkey. He couldn't see it.. "Damn! I lost it.." Sunny sighed. "Oh well.. I'll go back. At least I didnt waste the ball." He started to walk back, and he took his backpack off and checked the egg inside to see if it was broke. All is still good and hope is not lost he thought to himself as he walked away, but he didn't get far before he heard a whimpering behind him. He turned and saw that the tree had landed on the Yanappu. He rushed over and rolled it off.
"Are you alright little man?" He asked, and picked the hurt pokemon up. Its injuries weren't that bad, and nothing was broken, but the little guy was still pretty hurt and exhausted. He tapped his Pokeball on it, and in a blinding light, Sunny caught his first pokemon. He couldn't be happier, he started to leap for joy and screamed and ran in circles, then he fell because his legs were weak and he was exhausted and he had some problems.

First off, he was lost.
Second, He had no idea where Gran was.
Third, He wasn't the only thing that fell off that Tree. Staring him in the face was a vicious and sinister Pendoraa, with a gleam in its eyes that signified that it was time for breakfest.

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