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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:41 am 
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Here's the short story I just wrote for a Square-Enix job application. I had to write a short story (in Chigaco Manual Style) about a character from a SE game ending up in modern Japan. In 800-1000 words... Which, in my opinion, isn't nearly enough. It's not one of my best works but I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out.

Oh yeah, if you haven't played Chrono Cross and have no idea what's going on... You really should go play Chrono Cross.

I’ll find ya… Sometime, somewhere… I’m bloody sure of it! No matter the time period, no matter the world ya live in, I’ll find ya! I’m sure… I am sure I will find you…

Kid closed her eyes as she sunk into the portal and drifted into the abyss between dimensions. How long had it been since she’d said those words? How long since she’d last seen him? She had long since lost track. Her journey through time and space blended together into a long blur in her memory. The only parts that remained clear were the times she’d spent with him. Their travels, their adventures, and her promise…
As the strange swirling sensation around her faded, Kid listened as the sounds of the void were replaced by the sounds of people, lots and lots of people. Curious, she opened her eyes and looked around.
“Bugger…” she gasped. “There’s more people in this bloody square than all of El Nido put together!”
Kid stood in the midst of a crowd larger than any she had ever seen before. People were everywhere and going in every direction. It looked like utter chaos and yet, they all passed harmlessly by. Some continued on into the distance while others vanished into towering, brightly colored buildings, the likes of which she had only glimpsed before in ruined heaps deep in the Dead Sea.
A strange sound interrupted her thoughts and Kid noticed for the first time that very few people remained in the square. Hurrying after a thin, dark haired girl, she stepped off the hard, black ground only moments before the square was filled with a procession of strange vehicles.
Unsure of how best to explore her new surroundings, Kid found herself drawn along with the flow of people. Everything she saw was new and different to her eyes. Signs that glowed with a strange light, food which looked like nothing she had ever eaten, and shops filled with all manner of unusual objects. Although she had been to many worlds and many times, none compared to this place. It had a size and energy that was all its own, as exciting as it was mysterious. As she walked, she once more lost track of time, her senses overwhelmed by the constant barrage of sights, sounds, smells.
“How do the people here find their way around?” she wondered aloud as her large blue eyes darted rapidly from side to side. “For cryin’ out loud… There’s no way he’d be in this crazy place. Or would he? Bloody hell, I can’t leave till I’m sure.”
It was then that she saw it, a magnificent orange structure rising high above the ground. The shape, size, and color set it apart from everything else around it, even in such an unusual world. Pausing, her gaze moved up the building, taking in the odd yet elegant combination of metal beams as they coalesced into a needle like point which pierced the heavens above.
“Now that’s more like it,” a cocky smile lit up her face. “If I can get up there, I’ll be able to see every bugger in this city.”
Ignoring the strange looks from passersby, she ran towards the tower. She wove through the crowd with a fluid grace, taking full advantage of her thin build, until she came to a stop at what appeared to be the entrance. As she neared the door, her path was blocked by a man wearing a uniform of some sort. He tried to say something but his words were drowned out by the sounds of the people around them and Kid had little patience for his continued attempts at communication.
“Shut yer trap,” she growled. “Ya betta get outta my way or I’m gonna kick yer sorry arse so hard you’ll kiss the moons!” Her voice was rough and loud, not at all what one would expect from such a cute girl. Taken aback, the man could do nothing but watch as she pushed past him and strode confidently into the tower.
Ahead of her, she saw a large group of people squeezing into a small chamber. She slipped in with them just before the doors slid shut and, a moment later, the floor seemed to rise beneath her feet. While elevators weren’t common in her island home, she had ridden enough to have grown used to them. What she wasn’t prepared for was the sight that awaited her at the top.
Eager to get a better feel for her new surroundings, Kid pushed through the ever-present crowds of people that seemed to fill every part of the new world and pressed herself up against one of the massive windows. “Bugger! There’s no end ta this place!”
Far below, the city stretched to the horizon in every direction. No matter which way she turned, she could see nothing but buildings. Searching such a place would take a lifetime, or more… “No, I can’t think like that,” determination filled her voice. “It doesn’t matter how many cities I have ta search, I’m not stoppin’ till I find ya, Serge. So just wait for me, mate. No matter how long it takes, I will find you.”


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:19 pm 
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Josiah wrote:
Oh yeah, if you haven't played Chrono Cross and have no idea what's going on... You really should go play Chrono Cross.

I would if I had a Playstation, Josiah.


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