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 Post subject: Misadventures
PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:55 am 
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Misadventures is about a kid who can't get a break. This will be written in chapters, all posted on the first post. Pictures of main character will come when time is available.

Chapter One: Meet Humphrey and John and Mysterious Giant Bird
Sun drizzled on the earth below. In the field that separated a young boy and a laboratory were dozens
of playful oddish. Unfortunately, they were too playful. In their mist, they say the moving object and
thought it would be a joy and hoot to discharge their leaves and scents at. Many oddish squirmed their
way over to his feet, making him jump and fall flat on his face. The oddish found his pain and humiliation
quite amusing, but to the boy, it was...pain and humiliation.
“Just once in my life I wish I had some good luck...”
Yes, this ‘boy’ never had a day of good luck. Even the day he was born. In fact, the day he was born
was the most unfortunate day o his life. You see, the day he was born, his mother, who left home when
he was around 7 (known as the lucky number, except for him) so she could start a new life. Restart,
refresh, redo. Anyway, the day he was born, his ex-mother named him Humphrey. Humphrey
Knickerbocker. And ever since then, Humphrey Knickerbocker has had bad luck. Sure, his mother left
him to renew her life, but at least he had a father. A father that he can visit in jail. Sure, his father tried to
take over the world by over throwing Giovanni, but unfortunate for him, Giovanni didn’t want to
cooperate and called the cops (who happened to be bad cops) on him. So at age 7, Humphrey was on
his own.
Luckily, he can leave his empty home and travel the world alone, with pokemon!
If he can ever make it there.
Humphrey finally made it to the laboratory where Prof. Maple was waiting.
“Ah Humphrey Knickerbocker. Glad to see you made it with only a few bruises.” Prof. Maple smiled.
“Yeah.” Humphrey took out his first aid kit he was given as a present when he was 5. Best gift ever.
“Well, to be honest, you just missed the last pokemon.” Prof. Maple sighed. “But, fortunate, we have a
spare pokemon in the back.”
Great. Humphrey thought. Knowing my luck, it’ll be some pokemon that’s missing a limb or has a rare
Prof. Maple returned holding a pokeball.
“Here you go Humphrey. All yours.”
Humphrey grabbed the pokeball, and dropped it. But out popped a pokemon. A green Chikorita.
“Really? It’s all mine?” Humphrey smiled.
Prof. Maple nodded. “All yours.”
Humphrey looked at its new companion. “Wait...there’s gotta be something wrong with it...”
Prof. Maple flew up her hands. “It’s legit....except...nothing...I bet it’ll work out great.”
Humphrey picked up the pokeball and returned Chikorita. “Awesome...bye!” And left.
Just down a dirt path, Humphrey spotted a trainer. A new pokemon training like himself. Except this
trainer looked like the real deal. No baggy old clothes. No, this trainer was wearing designer shirts,
pants, shows, even had a slick bandana tied around his hair to looks even cooler than he probably was.
“Sup dude, wanna battle? I’m itching to get my pokemon to be the best.”
Humphrey didn’t really have a choice. If he backed away, the trainer would most likely catch up to him
and beat him senseless for being a coward. Or taunt him into submission. Either one was bad.
“Um, ok.” Humphrey stumbled with the ball, but finally released the Chikorita.
“Go little dude.” He cooly released a Bulbasaur. “Tackle that other little dude.”
The Bulbasaur tackled the Chikorita.
“Chikorita, tackle back.” Humphrey commanded, but chikorita did not obey. Instead it huddled into a
ball and shivered. “What the-”
“oooh, tough love dude.” The cool trainer laughed. “Looks like your pokemon has a fear of battling.”
Humphrey frowned. He was never safe from bad luck. “Great...” He said, returning his pokemon.
The cool trainer returned his Bulbasaur. “So, you got a name dude?”
Humphrey stalled. “Um....Humphrey...Humphrey Knickerbocker.” He prepared himself for laughter.
One thing he learned in the past is that people find his name hysterical.
“Ahahahahahahahaha!” The cool trainer fell onto the ground laughing. “What kind of name is
Humphrey stood there and took the pain. He was use to it. “Yeah, well, what’s your name?”
“My name?” The cool trainer coughed. “It happens to be John.” he said proudly.
“Yeah, you and 4 other million people.” Humphrey mumbled.
“What you say dude?”
“Well...” Humphrey coughed as John approached him. “It’s such a common least when I
walk somewhere and someone yells ‘Humphrey’, I’ll be the only one to respond. And when someone
yells ‘John’ got 10-15 guys turning their heads....” He gulped as John came closer to him.
“So you got a problem with my name dude?” John was in his face.
“Well, not me....but...the thought does...look, a giant bird!” Humphrey pointed out.
As John turned his head, there as matter as fact was a giant bird. A giant brown bird with dazzling
“” John stared at its beauty.
Humphrey saw this as a moment of opportunity. In a blink, he was out of harms way.
“I wonder what the bird was...” Humphrey thought out loud. “If it wasn’t for it...who knows that John
could of done to me....kinda lucky....oh crap.” Humphrey cursed himself. He knocked on a tree for
good luck, but when knocking on that tree, he rattled a few beedrill out of their day nap. How unlucky for Humphrey.


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:31 am 
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Lol, Humphrey fails at life.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:45 pm 
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Chapter Two: Humphrey catches a pokemon

Humphrey made his way down the forest path. Everywhere he looked there were pokemon; Pidgeys,
Wurmples, Metapods, and so forth. Unfortunate for Humphrey though, because his Chikorita was
afraid of battling.
“How am I going to catch another pokemon if my Chikorita is afraid to battle?” Humphrey thought,
dragging his feet forward. No answers came to his mind.
Further down the path, a bunch of kids were throwing pokeballs everywhere.
“What’s going on here?” Humphrey asked one of the kids.
“HELLO? Look here! A bunch of zubats are battling each other for mating season, and this is a perfect
time to snag one without using your own pokemon!” The kid informed Humphhrey. “Thought everyone
knew about that!”
Humphrey blushed in embarrassment. “Well...of course...” He wasted no time in grabbing an empty
“Come on...” he closed his eyes and threw blindly forwards, hoping to catch something. The ball
zoomed past each zubat, just skimming each hair, fell down, and landed on a rock, breaking in half.
“Oh, bugger.” Humphrey sighed, leaving the zubats and trainers.
Continuing down the road, more pokemon popped their head in and out of the bush, getting a glance at
a trainer that wouldn’t bother to even look at them. In fact, an eevee got enough courage to pop out of
a tree, run across the path in front of Humphrey, and to the other side. Still, Humphrey ignored it.
“Only me...” he sighed, coming into town.

The towns tall buildings loomed over Humphrey’s small existence. Shadows engulfed each step he
took, nearing to the pokemon centre.
“Hi,” Humphrey mumbled to nurse joy. “I like to heal my pokemon....” The question that circled his
mind was to ask her if there was something dramatically wring with his chikorita, but he decided not to
ask, incase it was his fault and he received all the blame.
“Just one?” Nurse joy blinked. “You haven’t been able to catch another one?”
“No...” Humphrey blushed in embarrassment. “I, haven’t seen any.” He lied.
Nurse Joy thought for a second. “Well, I swear there’s an outbreak of Stantler just outside of the town.
Why don’t you go there?”
Doom hovered over Humphrey’s mind. “Uh, sure....” He sighed, getting his pokemon back.

Outside of town, Humphrey slide onto a rock and watched the Stantler drink from the pond. No other
trainer was here, but he knew soon they would be.
“Pikachu, use thunder wave!” A trainer yelled as its yellow mouse shot the electrical attack to stun a
random stantler.
“Gastly, use mean look!” another trainer yelled, trapping another stantler.
Humphrey watched as many lucky trainers captured their stantler with ease, making him very jealous.
“Well, no point sticking around...” Humphrey hopped off the rock, and came face-to-face with a wild
“Ah!” Humphrey jolted upwards. The stantler didn’t move. “Come on, you don’t want me as a trainer.”
Humphrey began. “I’m lousy, my chikorita doesn’t like to attack...” His words slowly stopped as he
realized what he was looking at.
A 3-legged Stantler.
“You...have 3 legs.” Humphrey gasped. The stantler edged closer to him. “You poor thing. You must
have as much bad luck as I do.” The Stantler looked very sad. “Don’t worry boy, I’ll take care of
you.” He tossed the pokeball, and caught Stantler.
Feeling proud, Humphrey went back into the city, knowing that somewhere in there, there’s a gym with
a badge with his name on it. Excited, Humphrey carelessly bumped in a biker who spilt his pop all over
him. Now Humphrey is running for his life. How unlucky for Humphrey.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:18 pm 
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"Slide" needs to be changed to "Slid"
Very good story though. I wish pokemon did that, fight for mates like that.
And it would drive me crazy seeing all those pokemon and having them being added to my pokedex without catching them.

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Lola - Gender: Female; Type: Psychic, Flying; Abilities: Inner Focus, Synchronize; Attacks: Teleport, Leech Life, Leer

Silver wrote:
I love you The n00b. You don't have to be jealous of actual n00bs. There's only room in my heart for you. I'm just... disappointed that you left me for so long. It was lonely... you promised you'd write to me, but you never did... the months passed by, and I still thought of you every day, but you never called. I never got any letters from you.

So eventually, I started to lose faith... I thought you had been killed in that terrible, terrible war. Or maybe that you had forgotten about me. It's been so long, you probably found another girl over there... I never stopped loving you, but I didn't think you cared about me anymore, so welcoming you back just would have been too painful for me... I'm sorry. I'm glad you've come back home *sniff*


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