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 Post subject: Subject: Ragnarok???
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:10 pm 
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This is what pops into my brain as I'm lying awake at 3 in the morning. Hooray for plot bunnies! Anyway, this is a fic about my characters in Call of Origin 2. It has no real significance towards the actual roleplay. Just think of it as an insane talk show.

Subject: Ragnarok???

Israfel: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the show! I'm Israfel, the adorable angel. -^ ^-

Dirge: ... Call me Dirge... I'm the lost soul living in the darkness...

Rem: My name is Rem, and I'm the ring leader of this trio of freaks! *Smirks, revealing his sharp fangs.*

Israfel: Eh, you're the only freak here, Rem-kun...

Rem: Shut up, halo-boy! Israfel isn't even your real name! And what's with that silver collar you're always wearing!? Are you Trik's pet, or what!?

Israfel: *Blushes, pushing his forefingers together in a nervous gesture.* I... don't really know about that...

Trik: *Clears his throat in the background.*

Israfel: ... Well... um... Let's get on with the show.

Dirge: We're here to say what we really think of Ragnarok... *Nervous fidgeting.*

Israfel: Not just him, but Granite as well.

Rem: Granite!? Oh, god, how I miss him! I-

Israfel: *Smacks Rem.*

Rem: You... You just hit me! Why did you hit me!? Angels aren't supposed to hit people!

Israfel: *Quietly mutters.* Rem-kun, Trik-chan already has really high blood pressure... and there's a really noticable vein throbbing in his forehead right now... so we kind of need to just say what we came here to say... Besides, you were about to get another nose bleed...

Rem: Whatever... I normally wouldn't even be seen with you people, but the almighty leader of the Havenites has commanded that I be here and add my sincere opinion.

Dirge: Well, actually he gave you a bribe of-

Israfel: Shh! Dirge-kun, the audience doesn't need to know the details, especially that.

Trik: *Shouting in the background.* Get on with it already!

Rem: Fine. *Glances at the flash card.* We think Ragnarok is a-

Dirge: *Clamps a hand over Rem's mouth, preventing him from speaking.* No, don't do it... We'll all be killed if you do...

Rem: *Smacks Dirge's hand away.* What the *beep* is wrong with you!? Don't you have a backbone!? And don't ever touch me without permission, you emo little wrist cutter!!

Dirge: I am not a wrist cutter! Look! *Pulls up his sleeves, revealing flawless wrists.* See!? I'm scar free!

Rem: How dare you disagree with me! Bad emo! I'm going to cuddle you to death! *Brandishes his claws, pouncing on Dirge.*

Dirge: *Rem phases through him, slamming into the wall.* Ha! I got you for once, Feral Child!

Rem: *Pulls himself up from the floor, shaking his head slightly.* You had best watch your back because I will have my revenge! *Breaks into an insane fit of maniacal laughter.*

Dirge: ... ^ ^;; Can't you just let it slide this one time...?

Rem: No, I cannot. *Checking his nails for any flaws.*

Dirge: Oh, god, I'm going to die! *Cowers in the corner.*

Israfel: *Has tears swelling in his eyes, muttering.* This is a complete disaster...

Rem: Did you wet yourself again, you pansie angel?

Israfel: *Bursts into sobs, running over to Trik and latching onto his arm, hugging it tightly.* Make him stop, Trik-chan!

Trik: *Sighs, tossing the flash cards into a trash bin.* What was I thinking? This was such a bad idea... I shouldn't have bribed Rem with candy. *Walks off the set, dragging Israfel along beside him.*



If you haven't guessed as much, I used to be Artemis around these parts.

 Post subject: Re: Subject: Ragnarok???
PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:44 pm 
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wow, nice!! a bit funny too. (if it's meant to be)

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