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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 1:31 pm 
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hey silver,her 1st chapter is bigger then squirt's life story!

KURBOH(1/3)----->earth--->spire(earth)<br>DIN->1/3-->earth--->quake<br><br><br><br>venus djiini:well,i'm stuck too,mate.<br>isaac:whats with the australian accent?<br>jenna:hey!you can't say australian yet,there is no such thing as australia yet!<br>sheba:ignore the earth and fire adept with the djiin behind me.<br>garet:...0.o

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2004 3:30 am 
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it is a little on the long side :D

Chapter 11: The Fruits of Laber

?I am really enjoying this.? Ray commented.

?Yep.? Sam replied half heartedly, staring at the sky.

?Are you Ok?? Ray asked.

?I don?t want any thanks.? Sam replied automaticaly, still staring.

?That?s what I thought.? Ray repyed softly.

Walking along a random road they had selected from a fork, Ray was enjoying the scenery. He was thinking of their next Gym match. Unknown to Ray, Sam was trying to think only of the same thing. The grass was getting longer on the sides of the route, rippling in the casual breeze. Sam?s mind shifted from the Gym and turned to the grey pokeball that was nestled in her pack. Stopping, Sam took off the pack and removed the ball, admiring it?s color and smoothness. Ray noticed that Sam was not with him and turned, walking back to her.

?What are you doing?? Ray asked.

?Nothing.? Sam replied. ?I was just wondering what was inside here.?

?Don?t even.? Ray sighed. ?I know what your thinking.?

?Just for a second.? Sam pleaded. ?It couldn?t be that bad.?

?Ash said not to open it.? Ray said. ?Not until the next pokemon gym.?

?You?re probably right.? Sam replied sadly, reaching to put the ball back into her pack.

?Although.? Ray said aloud to cheer Sam up a little. ?What?s the harm in opening it for one second.?

?Now your thinking on my level.? Sam smiled.

?Let?s do it then.? Ray grinned back.

The two took off there packs and laid them on the soft ground. Ray removed Jackie?s pokeball. He threw it to the ground and the fighter pokemon burst out, smiling happily.

?Why did you take Jackie out?? Sam asked, fingering the pokeball.

?It?s just in case.? Ray replied. ?In case we cannot return it, well Jackie and I will take care of it.?

?Good thinking.? Sam said coldly, pulling out Holahoop?s pokeball.

Sam threw the ball, making it burst open. White light showered the area as the grass pokemon formed next to Sam, rubbing her effectinaly against the leg. Holahoop smiled at its trainer, glad to be out.

"Whats with the oddish?" asked Ray half joking
"Unlike you I'd rather just stun if or put it to sleep...." she replyed in a better mood than her last comments were delivered with

?Here we go.? Sam said, hitting the open button on the grey ball.

A beam of dark orange energy flew from the ball, racing to the ground. A pool of orange light formed about five feet away, slowly taking shape. The energy rose to eye level and spread out, becoming wide. Crimson wings formed, as did a long silver neck. The last thing to appear was a sharp metallic tail before the pokemon stopped glowing.

"Wow! A Skamory!" yelled Ray

?How nice.? Sam whispered. She had hoped her Dad had been training cute pokemon. This metal dragon like pokemon looked very nasty.

The metallic bird stared at the two humans, growling lightly. It took notice of the two pokemon and hissed, glaring at the two.

?Return it.? Ray said, amazed.

?Right.? Sam said, pointing the ball at the strange bird. ?Doesn?t look that scary to me.? she lied

The Skamory still watched the trainers, a look of disgust on it?s pointed face. One of the humans lifted a small grey object and pointed it at the flying type. Skamory recognized this and opened it?s mouth. It let out a long screech that rang through the route. The humans covered their ears and yelled in pain, as did their pokemon.

?Return!? Sam croaked, one hand still on her ear.

The orange beam shot out of the ball but missed the pokemon, who had raced down the path.

?Sleeping Power!? Sam yelled.

White powder emerged from the top of holahoops head, heading straight for the metal bird. The Skamory turned and looked at the trainers, spying the power , it jumped into the nearby grass and took off into a small forest at the edge of the path.

The two trainers looked at their pokemon then at each other, what they had done not fully setting in.

?We are screwed.? Sam said loudly.

?OW!? Ray cried, rubbing his ears. ?Don?t talk so loud.?

?I think that was a Screech attack.? Sam said.

?Whatever it was, we have to get it back.? Ray replied, getting back up.

?What were we thinking.? Sam agreed, jumping up.

?It went that way.? Ray said pointing.

Sam nodded and brushed herself off. They made sure that there pokemon were alright and returned them. Pocketing the balls, they took off through the grass. The left side of Road had a small forest attached, slowly drifting towards an open field on the other side. The forest was actually small compared to the Doncaster Forest they had previously crossed. The trees were thin, allowing sunlight to stream through.

?Who has pokemon like that?? Ray asked forgetting.

?My Dad.? Sam said bitterly, pushing some vines away.

?I mean, how dose he control something like that?? Ray asked, trying to redem himself.

Sam shrugged as they continued forward, catching glimpses of Tailow flying overhead. After another ten minutes of walking, Sam spied an odd foot print and some loose dirt.

?Come here.? Sam said.

?What is it?? Ray asked.

?This.? Sam pointed. In the ground was a strange footprint, that was triangular in shape and had sharp points at the ends.

?Let me see.? Ray said

?This print was made by Skamory.? Ray said confidently

?That?s what I thought. But how did you know for certin?? Sam smiled.

"I just know? He replyed

Sam nodded as they picked up their pace. Moving quickly, they soon noticed that the light was getting brighter. The forest soon came to an end, leaving only a small field. Flowers blanketed the clearing as various pokemon wandered about. There was no way that they could search this whole place before nightfall. Sam pulled out a pokeball and threw it to the ground, releasing Grace.

?I?ve got an idea.? Sam said.

?I?m all ears.? Ray replied.

?Grace can you lift me up high?? Sam asked the psychic pokemon.

?Ralllts!? The pokemon smiled.

?Good.? Sam smiled. ?Just lift me up high enough so I can see the field.?

?Be careful.? Ray warned.

Sam nodded and looked up towards the sky. Ray looked at Grace to see a purple glow radiating from the pokemon. Closing it?s eyes, it held out it?s arms and pointed them at Sam. A slight blue aura radiated from Sam as she was slowly lifted into the air. She rose quickly enough, the figures of Grace and Ray growing smaller. Sam was soon above the field, and was able to take a closer look. She could see various pokemon moving about and a small stream near where they exited. Skamory was no where to be seen though, as she raised her arms to be let down. Just before she did, a glint of light struck her eye. A form was shining near the small stream, the sunlight making it rebound into her eyes.

?There it is.? Sam whispered, shielding her eyes.She waved her arms and felt herself moving downward. Soon on the ground, she told Ray what she had seen.

?So, it was just over there?? Ray asked.

?That?s right.? Sam replied. ?I think it?s taking a drink.?

?Let?s go.? Ray smiled, jogging towards the stream.

Sam thanked Grace and followed Ray, the psychic pokemon now holding onto Sams head. They were surprisingly close to the spot, making it there in minutes. The trio crept by some long grass and hid behind some thick foliage, a mere thirty feet away. The metal bird was slowly drinking from the stream, turning to look behind it every few seconds. Knowing they needed stealth, Sam quietly released her tiny Oddish. Sam held a finger to her lips as the pokemon appeared. The grass type nodded and turned it?s attention to the Skamory.

?Ok Holahoop.? Sam whispered. ?Go behind it and use a Stun Spore.?

?Dish.? The pokemon whispered back, walking slowly from behind the bush.

?Good idea.? Ray said. ?But if this doesn?t work, I have a back up.?

Ray quietly released Vicebite, and covered his mouth as Sam did. The water pokemon nodded and watched Oddish slowly nimble towards the Skamory. The tiny grass pokemon walked as quietly as she could, growing frightened as she approached the bird. When she was close enough, a cloud of yellow powder slowly shot out of it?s leaves. The powder drifted towards the bird, coming to a rest above it?s head. It was at that exact moment that the bird decided to turn around. It screeched loudly, watering dripping from it?s pointed beak. The Skamory spread it?s wings and worked them very fast, sending the powder off to the side. It smiled maliciously as it?s eyes narrowed at the small pokemon. Oddish stepped backward, completely horrified.

?Oh no.? Sam yelled, jumping from behind the bush. ?Holahoop return!? The red beam of light that generated from the ball struck the grass pokemon right as the bird dove at it. Pocketing Oddish?s pokeball, she held out the grey pokeball and called out Skamory?s name. The bird jumped sideways as the beam narrowly missed it.

?Get over here!? Sam yelled at the bird, noticing that Ray had jumped out as well.

The bird responded with a loud screech that made the trainers fall to the ground in pain. Grace covered her ears as well, crying out in a telepathic voice. Vicebite seemed to be the least affected though, as it ran at the bird.

?No Vicebite!? Ray yelled, watching the water type through tear filled eyes. The metal bird stopped it?s screech and looked at the tiny corpish, seemingly unimpressed.

?Pish!? Vicebite yelled, firing water from it mouth.

The Skamory dodged this with absurd ease, becoming a white blur as it ducked out of the way. It raced around the group, eyes focused on Vicebite. The lobster pokemon could not keep track of the bird, growing confused as it traced the white outline of where it passed. Sam and Ray jumped back up as the bird continued with it?s amazing agility. The bird suddenly stopped and grinned at the group, it?s wings beginning to glisten.

?SKAR!? The metal bird screeched. The pokemon?s wings glowed an eerie white as it took a flying leap at Vicebite.

?VICEBITE!? screamed Ray. The corpish took no notice, still confused from Skamory?s speed.

The metal bird almost collided with Vicebite when they heard a shrill voice behind them. The bird stopped in midair, glowing an insane shade of blue.

Sam and Ray spun around, to see Grace, back on it?s feet, eyes tightly shut. It?s entire body was jerking uncontrollably as a stream of purple energy steadily flowed from it?s helmet, that began to consum its whole body. It had used disable! But there was more to the glow than that. Grace began to glow a briliant white. Her very shape became a white silowet. She grew larger and stronger.
?Grace?? questioed Sam
Grace stopped glowing and reveled her new form.
?Youre?.youre a?a?
?KIRLIA? Grace yelled.

?Now.? Ray cried.

Sam took her gaze of her new Kirlia for a second snd took a running leap at the bird, Her arm stretched forward. The bird was absorbed into the ball as Sam called it?s name. Satisfied, Ray ran over to Vicebite and scooped up the tiny water type giving it a big hug.

?I?m glad your okay.? Ray said.

?Pish! Corpish.? It replied, nuzzling it?s head on Ray?s shoulder.

The two walked back over to where Sam and Grace were sitting. Sam was putting the ball deep inside her bag while Grace was panting, completely out of breath.

?Thanks a lot, Grace.? Ray said to the psychic pokemon.

?Kirl.? It replied, smiling. Sam began to hug the now larger pokemon, beming with pride ?I?m so proud of you?

The two humans returned their pokemon and set off through the woods, searching for their path. Tripping on fallen branches, they came upon the road.

?I hate birds.? Ray said angrily.

?bet they hate you to? Sam muttered under her breath. It gave insight into his grevence with Twilight.

Night was beginning to fall as the two walked, creating a pink haze to the west. They could no longer see pokemon flying overhead. As soon as the stars started to shine, Sam suggested that they stay here for the night. Unfolding there sleeping bags, the trainers spread there bags out near the side of the path.

?Ok Miss. ?Let?s see what?s in this pokeball?. What have we learned today?? Ray asked, getting into the sleeping bag.

Sam rolled her eyes and said, ?When a pokemon master tells you not to open a pokeball, don?t do it.?

?Very good.? Ray laughed. ?Night.?

?Night.? Sam sighed.

Stretching his arms, Ray fell into unconsciousness.

Sam looked up into the night sky, the comet was fading into the darkness. 2 more days and it wouldnt be visible.
She looked away pulled and pulled out a small pease of paper from her bag. It looked as if it was years old. Torn, and a little worn her and there.

Sams eyes started fill with soft, crystal tears as she unfolded the letter.
She began to read the note, as she had done a thousand times before.
?Dear Princess??


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2004 12:11 am 
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I noticed... I just finished reading everything on the first page, and now I'm dizzy...

"Irregardless" and "Over exaggerated" are NEVER CORRECT EVER because they are redundant
Regardless means "without regard", and adding "ir" on the front actually makes it a double negative; exaggerate means "to overstate" so you're literally saying "over overstate."
Example: I can not exaggerate the importance of this fact enough, regardless of how often people ignore it.

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Chapter 12: Dear Princes

?Dear Princes,

Oh, you're going to be a heartbreaker, I can tell. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Well, that is, except for your mother. But you're going to be just like her, absolutely gorgeous. Oh, sure, your eyes will look like mine pretty soon, and maybe you'll get my sense of humor, but your looks come from her.

So, welcome to the world, little girl. Yeah, I know, it doesn't look like much from here--just a quiet little corner of hospital, the Doctor's left, for a little privacy, so your mom can get some rest and you and I can get to know each other.

How about that godfather of yours, huh? He even made this rocking chair so we can be nice and cozy. I wonder if Samantha gave him the idea, or if he thought of it himself. If there's one thing I've learned in seven years, it's that ol' farmer is full of surprises.

You were named after his wife you know. Samantha was,huh, still is your mothers best friend. Its threw her we met Peter in the first place.
That family has been so good to me, dispite?.everything.
Samantha was the only one to support her in her dision to marry me. Ive not always been a family man my sweetheart.

This is nice, just the three of us, sort of the way I've been picturing it for the past few months. I'm afraid it's not going to last though, because pretty soon all hell's gonna break loose...
Couldn't help myself there, sweetheart. But you picked one wild day to be born. Strange things have been happening--stranger than any of the incredible things that have happened to us already, and there've been some winners.

I'm sorry that your arrival's going to take second place in the day's events. I'm even more sorry I couldn't be here for your big moment. I wanted to, more than anything, but I was needed elsewhere, and your mom said it was all right. But believe me, I'll make it up to you, every chance I get.
God, you're so beautiful. I said that already, I know, but it's true. I'm grateful for this time alone with you, but I want to show you off to people--all our friends here in Goldenrod, well all of your mothers friends?..
They'd be here already, to welcome you, but like I said, things are crazy today and they're all really busy. Samantha was especially eager to see you...and your Uncle Peter. I'm sure there'll be time, before we get back...
Yeah--some timing, kid, born on the day Samantha and Peter finaly got married.
Funny how little that really means to me right now, ive been looking forward to it for months.
Your mom, and the life we share, this little corner now with just the three of us...that's whats important to me.
I think it's going to take a while before we get used to the idea of a new family member.

Of course, this will be the only home you'll really know, at first. We sort of expected that you'd grow up on the move, the way we have been for so long, but maybe it's better this way, maybe you'll be better off here in the Goldenrod. Safer, at least, I hope.

That's all I really want for you, Sam. To be safe, protected, and loved. We have friends here, too, and family, waiting to meet you. Somehow,
I hope you'll get the chance to meet your other grandfather, too. We'll have to see, but I think it'll be okay with your mom.
I have been going on, haven't I?
Okay, we'll just sit here and rock a while, and wait for Mom to wake up.

For you then and now princes

Loving you always


Giovania finished righting the letter. He placed it in the evonolup and placed it inside a book.
?My first Baby Girl? it read on the cover.

He placed the book down and retured to the cot with baby Samantha in it. He smiled softly as he strocked her head

He looked up, and saw his wife watching them. "Hey--been awake long?"
"Long enough," she replied with a knowing smile.
"For what?"
"To get a little jealous. I used to be the only one you looked at that way."
"How can I help it? I told you once, she's as beautiful as her mother."
"Yes, you did say that."
Carefully, he stood up, lifted the baby, and placed the baby into her mother's waiting arms. "I've got enough love to go around for both of you. Think you two can learn to share?"
She held their daughter close, smiling again. "We'll manage."
He bent down and kissed her, one hand cupping the baby's downy head. "We always do."

Linda, Sam?s mon, looked over at the book
?What where you wrighting?
?A letter, to Sam, when she is older. I wont her to know how I felt the first time I saw her.?
Linda smiled ?that?s beautiful?

She handed the baby back to Giovania who inturn took her back to the crib
?Pass me some paper. I want to right something to?

Sam placed the paper behin another one. The hand writing was different, it seemed genelarer some how?.

?Dear Samantha

You're really here, aren't you? And even cuter than I dreamed, prettier than anything I could dream?..
Of course, your father's kind of cute too, sitting there holding you like he's been holding babies all his life, yet still looking like he's afraid you're going to break if he moves.

He was talking to you, wasn't he? I think that's what woke me up--the soft, gentle sound of his voice, the same tone he used all the times we talked about you, so full of love and promise and hope. What's he been telling you, little one? I didn't wake up in time to hear.

Silly, talking to a newborn as if she could understand what you were saying. But here I am, *thinking* at you, thinking of all the things I want to say to you, as soon as I can hold you again.
I wonder how much time we'll have?
Things must be getting exciting out there, if we're getting closer to the ?I do?s?. Once we leave, how long will they let us stay in Goldenrod, without peter there?
I want to take you home to our house, the place we made all our plans for you, where your cradle waits, where we were going to be a family.
I don't care what anyone wants to do with us, where they might send us for the time being...I'd rather stay here forever, just with you and your father, just us.

I do want to hold you, and look at you. I know what the Doctor said, that you were just perfect, and I believed him, but I just want to look you over and make sure...
Oh, that must be the hormones still, making me a little...crazy.
I got that way sometimes, waiting for you. Maybe I shouldn't tell you about that, about some of the things I tried to do, when I thought I could guarantee your life would be better than mine.

I had to protect you, keep you from harm--I wasn't ever going to let anyone hurt you!
But the way I wanted to do it--that was wrong. Your father showed me that.

What I thought then was a mistake, I know that now. I'm sorry I ever contemplated what I tried to do. But that's over, in the past.
You're here now, and that's all that matters, and I'll never let anyone hurt you, ever. I don't think I'll tell you the rest...
But maybe, someday, I should...
Not thinking very straight, am I? I hate that.
Must be the drugs Doc slipped me at the last minute. That's probably why I was so tired, that, and all that pushing.
Stubborn little thing, weren't you? All anxious to arrive, picking the worst time imaginable, then suddenly deciding to be reluctant about it. Maybe you figured out it wasn't such a good time to be born after all, and changed your mind.
Hah--I know what your father would say if he heard me say that--what he'd like to say, if he wasn't worried about how I'd react. He'd say that you were taking after me...let's see, what word would he use?
Mercurial, volatile, unpredictable? Yeah, that's the one, and he's say it with this devious little smile, and it would come out like it was the biggest compliment he could pay us.
Watch out, little girl, your daddy's a charmer. It takes some getting used to, but you'll like it in the long run, trust me.
I hope you will trust me, little Sammy. I want--we want to be good parents. We worried about a lot of things before you got here, and I imagine we'll spend a lot more time doing that. I think that must be the hardest part of being a parent...trying not to worry all the time, tempering it with all the good things--the love, the pride, the happiness.
See, that's all there in your father's face right now. I think he's held you long enough--it's my turn.

Yours lovingly and forever


Giovania took the letter and placed it in the same evolupe and sealed it. He then taped it in the book. She picked Sam up again and sat next to Linda. Both of them smiled softly as they both held her, together??

Sam put both letters back into the worn evalope. She then pulled out an old photograph, in a similar state of ware as the letter.

Giovania, Linda and a small baby, her.

?Say chesse? said the nurse as she took a picture of the proud parents holding there baby.
The camara was a polorode. He took the picutre and the two letters and placed them in an envolupe and marked on the front
?To Sam?
And placed it inside the book.
He retured to his wife and smiled armly
?You be different from me? he wispred into her ear.

Sam rappred herself up in the sleeping bag.
She cryed herself to sleep that night.
Just as she had done everynight before Yokosan??.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Hey Shauni, welcome back!


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thanks J!
I missed my comic ;)
It went down well though!
When are you addin the guest comic subsection?


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Probably monday. By then I'll be home and finally back on a broadband connection.


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cool, cant wait!Chapter 13: Evolution Revolution

?Goodmorning everybody !? Ray said as he sat up from his sleeping bag. Sam was already awake and waited for Ray so they could eat breakfast.
?Good morning.? She said and started eating.
?I don?t understand why you don?t start eating when you get up. You don?t have to wait for me. I am always the last person out of bed? Ray said and quickly started eating.

?Come on. It is early, stop talking and start eating.? Sam said and already finished her meal.
?Yeah. Lets eat.? Ray said and he finished hes meal too. .
They picked up their pokeballs and packed up there kit. Sam looked egsosted as she had been up all night, crying.

They began walking down the route again. As they walked they saw a group of Whismur crossing there path.
?Owh.. what a cute pokemon. I wish that there is a Whismur in my G-ball.? Sam said and looked dreamy at her ball.
?Well why not cacth one?? said Ray optomisticaly
?I don?t really want another rooky to train at the momnet. The team I have isnt exactly all powerful. Training a whismur now might spoil my chances at the next gym.?
Ray noded ?Then perhaps I will catch one.?
Sam smiled ?Do what you want. But do you REALLY want a Whismur, or are you doing it just to make me happy??
?No, I really want one.? Ray softly smiled ?I wont an Loudred more than anything. My brother had one?
Sam rased an eyebrow ?You have mentioned your family before, but nothing in deatil. Tell me about yourself. I don?t really know anything about you.?

Ray began to stutor ?w-ell?.I er?

He was suddenly interupted by distent showting
?Hey Sam!? a voice said. It belonged to a red haired boy who was running up the path towards them
?Tim?!Timmy!! Hey Tim! Long time no seen !? Sam screamed
Tim was about 5?1. He had copper tinted red hair and wore a white shurt with dark demin shorts.
?Who on earth is that?? asked Ray bluntly
Sam looked around at him as Tim was running towards them
?Who, tim? I met him on the ferry from Hoeon?
Tim finally reached Sam and Ray. Sam began to hug the small boy and swong him around. She placed him back on the ground
?O Timmy, this is Ray. Ray this is timmy? she introduced as an afterthought. Ray looked angry at the sudden introduction of another male.
?Yeah, so how are you guys doing ??
?Great. But what are you doing here? I though you were going home to Salfored Town!?

?I am visiting my uncle and aunt in Prescot Town. I caught a lot of pokemon here and I?ve earned some badges too because I want to compete in the Yokosan League.?
?Congrats, Timmy.? Said Sam
?Could I ask you something, Timmy ?? Ray said in a low voice, interupting.
?Of course. What is it ??
?How about a battle ??
?Sure, why not ? I could use some practice.?
?Ok. Let?s do it.? Ray said and they walked to a field so they could battle.

?So how many pokemon are we going to use ?? asked Ray
?Well how about 3 pokemon each ??Timmy suggested.
?Okay. Fine by me.? Ray said and enlarged a pokeball.
?Go Kanon!? and a metapod came out of the ball instead of a catopie.
Sam looked a little confused ?wa??What! When did it evolve??
Ray smiled ?Ive been training while you have been sleeping. Kanon evolved the night we left Doncaster.?

?I?ll choose Cassy !? Timmy said and the little 6-tailed vulpix came out of its ball.
?Cassy use flamethrower !?
Vulpix fired flames at Kanon but Kanon made a shield and stopped the attack from hitting him.
Kanon began to move at Vulpix.
?Flamethrower again!?
Vulpix fired flames at Kanon again and this time it was a hit and the metopod got hurt badly.
?Are you ok, Kanon??
?Pod, metapod.? It said and started glowing and changed into a bigger pokemon.
?Butterfree !? it said.
?What is that ?? Timmy said
Sam was in awo ?Its so pritty?
?All right Kanon!? yelled Ray ?Lets so em what a butterfree can do!?

?Cool a Butterfree !? yelled Timmy
? Lets finish it off !? Ray said and looked at his newly evolved pokemon.
?breee bree.?
?Take down !?
Kanon quickly flew to Vulpix and smashed it against a tree, knocking it out.
?Pix?? it said in pain.
?Oh no Cassy? said Timmy as he ran to Vulpix and recalled it to its pokeball.
?That is a really strong Butterfree, Ray but it can not defeat my Kadabra.?
Timmy threw out a pokeball and the kadadra appared before the butterfree.

?Ok. Kanon use take down.?
Butterfree flex at Kadabra but got surrounded by a blue light.
?Confusion !? Timmy ordered.
Kadabra had Kanon under its control and smashed it on the ground.
Kanon slowly came up again and was able to fight.
?Kanon use wing attack!.?
?Psychic !?
Butterfree flew to Kadabra ready to hit but Kadabra fired a beam at Kanon and Kanon fainted on the ground.
?Oh no Kanon !? Ray said and ran to Kanon. ?You were great today, Kanon. You deserve a good rest.? and Kanon got recalled by a red beam.

?Now it is time for my Corpish!? and the water pokemon appeared out of its pokeball.
?Vicebite use bind.?
Vicebite opened its huge claws and he flew straight to Kadabra, hurting it badly.
?Drabra!!? it cried in pain.
?Psybeam !? Timmy ordered his pokemon and Kadabra fired beams at Vicebite.
But Vicebite quickly avoided the beams by using its agility.
?Vicebite use Dark Attack !?
Vicebite quickly darked and glided through the air and hit Kadabra several times.
?Finish it off with crab hammer !?
Vicebite finised by hitting Kadabra as hard as it could with its claw, making it faint.
?Kadabra no ! Come back !? and Timmy recalled his pokemon.

?Now it is time for my Swablu !? and the little blue cotton bird pokemon appeared.
?Ugh? a Swablu? Said Ray. It had become apparent to Sam he was afraid of bird pokemon
?Swablu use peck !?
?Quick attack !?
Swablu flew at Vicebite and tried to pick it but Vicebite quickly profomed a withdraw defence. Vicebite then jumped back to Swablu and hit it with its quick attack.
?Surf !?
Vicebite did as it was orderdnand it went straight to Swablu and it fainted immediately.
?Oh no Swablu !? Timmy said and recalled its pokemon.
?Good job Vicebite !? Ray complimented his pokemon and returned it back to his pokeball.

?Your very strong Ray. I guess I have to train harder to defeat you next time.? Said Tim sadly

Ray awaited the usual cheers from Sam but strangly there werent coming. Ray looked around and found Sam placing her hand on Timmys shoulders
?Its ok Timmy. You did really well!? she said as she smiled softly at him

Timmy smiled back ?Your right. I will get better with training!?
Ray stored over to them. He was about to demand his praze but Sam looked at him. Deep into his eyes
?I want to battle you again. If your up to it? she stated strenly
?W-why?? he asked, a little confused
?Come on Ray. I won before, but if you have been training in secret I wanna know your new power level.? She said with a grin on her face
Ray smiled back at her ?Alright. I wont be a repet of last time!?

Sam stood tall and proud. A slight smuggness in her posture
Ray was swaying as he held a pokeball in his hand. He studdyed his apunent internatly. He had a feeling Sam had something up her sleave.
?Ok then. Two on two battle sound good??
Sam smiled ?How about a double team battle?? Sam held out two pokeballs on extended arms.
Ray was a little puzzeled by this challenge ?errrmm. Okay, I don?t see why not?
Sam grined and noded, throwing the two balls in her hands
?Go tinder and Twilight!?
Both the small bird pokemon appared from there balls
?Tooorrrchic? squeeecked Tinder
?hoothoot? followed Twilight?
Ray smiled to himself and though Sam was taking a big risk using Twilight.
?Okay then, in that case I chose you, Jackie and Rocket?
The fighter and lion type both appreed from there balls.
Sam was a little supprised to see Persion ready and willing to battle
?It wants to battle?? she asked, confused
Ray smiled cheeckly ?That extra training payed of. I?m glade you werent there to watch. Training persion was embarsing.?
Sam smiled which was followed be a slight goggle ?I know what you mean?
She suck her head ?Ok, Timmy, you be the judge?
Timmy walked forward ?ok on my caunt. One, two, three, go!!?
Sam went straight into action ?Tiner double team, twilight mud slap!?
Both the birds began to move very quickly. Tinder started to produce copies of himself while twilight began to genarate a small sand storm by flaping its little wings hard at the soft earth.
Ray was a little bamused by Sams sudden spring into action.
?Errrm? he stutered
?Jackie use ice punch on hoothoot, Rocket use swift on torchic!? he barked at his pokemon.
Jackie made a beeline for twilight but th sandstorm blined Jackie as he entered it. His ice punch missed Twilight by about two foot to its left. Sam yelled to Hoothoot
"Twilight peck attack!"
Tiglight flew in behind Jackie and pecked down as hard as it could muster. Jackie ryled in pain for a momnet and instictivly grabed the bird and threw it of. The sand storm around Jackie and Twilight grew so great Sam and Ray could no longer see there pokemon. Sam yelled to Twilight blindly as did Ray, both hoping to get a lucky swipe
"Twilight! Wing attack!"
"Jackie! double kick"
Sam looked away from twilight for a moment and saw the persion come towards it with its swift attack.
"Twilight keep it up! Tinder use fire wheel!"
Ray suddenly realised he had forgotten about the other pokmeon and tured to Rocket, but it was to late for him to react
Persions swift attack missed due to Tinders double team. Tinder countered with a power wheel of red hot flame that hit the poor cat hard. The persion was hit sop hard b Tinders attack it flew into the sand storm with Twilight and Jackie.
Suddenly tinder began to glow a warm goldern colour.
"Tinder?" Sam questioned
"Toooorrrccbustion!" came from the light.
Suddenly a pokemon twice the size of Tinder stood in its place. its feathers gleaming in the sun light
"Commmdustion" it yelled
"Tinder!" screamed Sam happly
The fighter suddenly looked at Sam. Its eyes were different but Tindes warth still irradiated from them
"Well done tinder, but will have to celebrate later, go and help Twilight!"
The pokemon noded and ran into the disapating sand storm.
"Twiligh gust attack!" Sam ordered
The sand storm suddenly dispared in a wild gale.
But something was strange. As the sand disapred the scean with in it was all wrong. A noctowl flowted megesticaly over two KOd pokemon. One persion and one hitmonchan.
Sam and Ray both looked at the scean for a momnet
"t-twilight?" questioned Sam
"h-how did you evolve so quickly, y-you, t-th-this was your first battle!" Sam managed to spue out eventualy
"hoothoot!" it relpyed
Tinder walked up to the noctowl. Both birds didnt recognise each other at first. Both sniffed and cirled the other. Then when they both relaised who the other was they both began to cheap with joy
"combus!" yelled Tinder as it began to playfuly chase twilight who also cheapred happy "hooot"
"Wow" said Timmy amazed "Two evolutions in one match. ive never seen anything like it"
Ray retured both of his injured pokemon while Sam still stood, complety confused , watching her pokemon play
"How did it do that?" asked Ray "How did you get it to battle like that, and evolve it so quickly"
"i...I dont know" she replyed
"M-may be it was ready to evolve just before we traded. it was the first battle I have ever used it in. i havnt trained it at all"
Ray watched twilight, his eyes nowowed as he contemplated the bird "I didnt train it. i was way to timied to battle"
Sam looked at Ray and saw his expresion "Where did you get Twilight?"
Ray suddenly pulled out of his stair and tured to face Sam
"well.....I 'reclamed' it from team rocket grunt. The way i see it, it was forced to battle and grew strong but became timid as a result of mistreamnet"
Sam looked at Twilight sadly "Dame them all!" she yelled
twilight landed on the floor and Tinder stoped running.
Both looking at there tariner who was sobing.
Twilight flew over to her and placed a Talon on her shoulder
"hoothoot" it softly squorked, as if trying to confort her.
Sam sat up and looked into the birds eyes. the first time she had done so she saw a screaed child. Now she saw a confident and bright young pokemon
She flyung her arms around the noctowl, making it jump a little, but it retured her justur by raping its wings around her.
Tinder came runnign over and joined in. Grace, Doc and Hola also forced themselfs out of ther balls and ran over to her.
Ray remembered the last time this had happened, all the way back in Eccleston Town.
A confused Timmy walked over to Ray "Who is team rocket?" he asked
Ray whispared quitely to him "There pokemon thieves. They will do anything for money. And I mean anything"
timmy stood back. Ray had whispared so Sam would not get upset but Timmy had no idea about Sams family origins
"Wow. They sound terrible. i swar Ray. If I meat a rocket I'll battle and beat 'em! How evil they are! All rockets will pay!"
Sam snaped
"O really. what would you say if I told you my dad was a rocket? and not just that, he was the founder, and my brother joined him to. My brother of course being Ash kecthem" she yelled at the poor boy
He was walking backwards away from her when he suddenly came to an abrut stop as he bumped into Ray
"What goin on?" yelled Timmy desporatly at Ray.
Ray walked past Timmy and restrated Sam "ok ok Sam. I think he gets it. leave him alone"
Timmy stood, confused and shocked, waithing for an answer
"Sam's dad was the founder of team rocket. She herself was never a rocket but no one will belive she is nothing like her father" Ray explained while Sam sat on the floor strocking Holas leaves as she sat on her lap
Timmy thought for a moment "I know Sammy is nothing like that"
Sam tured around and looked into timmys eyes. They were truthful
She stood up, still holding hola and walked over to Timmy.
She extened her arms and placed Hola in Timmys hands
"You see this pokemon. It was abandodned by someone we thought to be a good person. She lied to us so she could get any info she could about my dad. I'm not saying you are like that, but if I put trust in you, will you put trust in me?"
Timmy handed back the pokemon "I know you a little bit, and even only after that sort time I know you are a kind and caring person. You only have to see you with your pokemon to know that."
Timmy began to smile
"I best be of. Dont worry Sammy, I wont tell anyone. Becides, theres nothing to tell. you havnt done anything wrong."
Sam and Ray began to wave to timmy as they seporated. he walked to his uncles house and they contuied to the next gym.
"I hope we meat in the leage!" yelled Timmy as he ran over a distent hill
"So do I!" yelled back Sam
"And me" followed Ray
As Sam and Ray contuied to walk towards Prescot they could see a sign in the road. It indicated the direction of Prescot gym.
There pace quicken.
Sam suddnely bletered out a question she had held with her since Doncaster
?What do you see in me?? she asks in a voice fading away as if her enousioansum for asking wavoured
"What do you mean?"
"well, most people are a little shocked when they found know. You werent. Why?"
He states smilpy and sweetly in a gentel voice
"I dont see a rocket when I look at you. I see Sam"
?I see a girl brocken by a heavy burden
I want to lighten her load
She need my help
i'm soure i can help her
But I question why no one helps her
With her burded
And her heavy load
Her past is not imporatnt to me
The woman she will become is the person I will see
I see no shodows
Only brillent light?
Sam smiled softly at him, a tear forming
"hay where hear." he interupted, seeing she was imbrased
"Lets go get your last badge!"


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter 14: True Colours

Wendy was walking alone in the direction Ray and Sam had gone. She intended to walk all night down the darkend country road. She was holding her arm as blood poured out of it. She had cut herself on rubble running out of the city. She came to the same fork in the road as the others had done and looked at both the signs. Unbeanost to her she picked the wrong direction and started down a path Sam had not tread.

Wendy bandged the wound as she walked. When she had finised she removed a cell phone from her bag and began to dial.

?Hello, it me? she spock to the person on the other end
?Yes, they found me out?
?You where right. It was her?
?Yes, Samantha?
?Something unexpected has come up?
?Giovanni is dead."
Wendy began to smile "The question is not 'how' but 'who'.?
?Ash is back.?
?What? He should be still in the outskirts of the Doncaster Forest where I left him."
?Yes Anutie Misty. I?m following her now?
At the mention of the name all the memories of the old pain came back to Misty as vivid and real as before they had faded with time.
"I thought he was dead," Misty whispered.
"Dead? O I ashure you Auntie, he is very much alive. I battled with him" Wendy said, somehow sounding pleased.
"You're happy about this I see? Misty sided ?Just don't try to stop me seeing him"
Wendy sneered at her. "So you plan on facing him in the open this time?"

Wendy went on after transfering the phone to her other hand.
"Let him come to us.?
?By the time he gets here it will be too late." Misty replyed
She was confused about one thing though.
"One thing that's bothering me. Why would Ash resurface now? Why would he even get involved?"
"That's an easy answer," Wendy said.
"Jirachi is with his sister"
Misty?s blue eyes glowed "Jirachi?"
?I cant say more over the cell. I assume you are coming to Yokosan.?
?yes I am. I must speak with Ash?
?Then I will tell you everything when we meet?
?Haydock town I assume??
?Where else. Mom is dying to see you?

Meanwhile Ray was just about to open the gym door when they hured the sound of someone showting from the side of the building. They both went to investigate
"Go golduck,tackle steelix" Shouted a boy whos was almost completely hidden under the shadow of his aponints pokmeon
"Timmy?" Said Sam "That sounds like Timmy. I thought he was going to his unciles"
Steelix,who towered at a mighty 13 foot above golduck,roared then shot two fire balls from its mouth.
Golduck didn't stand a chance and was down before the second fireball hit.
As the boy went over to his golduck, it became apparent the boy was not Timmy, it just sounded like him
Ray ran over to the massive pokemon and called to it.
"Hey,You!" He shouted to it "Its not nice to pick on someone smaller than you ya know"He said once he'd got the beasts attention.
A man in his mid twentys jumped down from the atop the gym building.
"Then dont bother starting a fight with him,small boy. After all a gym leader has better things to do"
Said The Man.
"You're the Prescot city gym leader?"
"So I am" Replied the man.He was wearing black clothes and on the cuffs of his shirt he had the weld badge, which was shaped like a metal bolt. "The names Gyrant,dont forget it."
The man,now known as gyrant,jumped on to the head of the massive steelix, which began to slither away.
"Gyrant, Wait!" Shouted Sam.
"What is it kid?" Said Gyrant
"The names Samantha, not kid,and the reason I called to you is because I want to challenge you to a gym battle."Said an annoyed Sam.
"You, Challenge Me?"Laughed Gyrant.
"That's what she said. I want to challenge you too" added Ray
"Very Well,we shall battle. But not here,i want you to be humiliated in front of the spectators at my gym for daring to challenge me" Said Gyrant "The match will be tommorow afternoon at 5,so you'd better start training."
The boy who was tending to his injured golduck stood up,with out the shadow of Steelix cast over him his was easy to see. He had blonde hair that was spiked at the front,he was about 5'6, had brown eyes and wore a blue sweatshirt with black pants and a blue hat with a water drop on it.
"Thanks" He said "I didn't know it was that strong when I challenged it.By the way my names Ericsson."
"I'm Sam and this is my friend Ray" Said Sam rather strangly, as if she spoke automaticaly. Ray noticed and stuttered
"I saw the way you spoke to that steelix thing, it was like you weren't afraid of it or anything" said Ericsson
"Well I..." started Ray
Sam began to walk way from both the boys. Ray tured around and showted after her
?hay! Where are you going??
Sam tured back round, her eyes were damp with yet more tears
"whats the matter now?" he questioned
Sam began to smile, the tears where joyful ones
"You dont get it. This is it. My gym challenge has been excepted! I win this and I can FINALLY enter the leage!"
She began to jump up and down excitedly, which suprised Ray, he hadnt seen her happy for a long time
He smile dto "I see! Thats great. I still have 4 to go"
Sam suddenly stopped dancing and looked at Ray confused
"4? You mean when you battled Clayton, it was your first time?"
Ray grind "Yes. I thought you knew?"
Sam looked down at her shoes "But you where really good. I had 6 badges and only just beat you in our match"
Sam looked back at him, confused
"Why didnt you compete before?"
It began to get darker suddnely as the restless sun set. Ray, confused looked up into the sky. He looked like he was looking up there for an answer
?I?I don?t know? he started. ?Hay, where is the comet??
Sam was about to walk to him in a vain attempt to help him any way she could, he suddenly jerked his view down to her, looking confused and frightend. His eyes wide as if he had learned a powerful secret.
?What wrong Ray??
?I-I remember?its there. Sam I?m not a??
Ray looked deep into Sams eyes. He saw Erics reflection in them. In abrutly stopped his monalog
"Lets talk abotu this, in privite" he said as he indicated Eric with his head
The boy unitentional saw this and took the hint
"o, I ,er better get goin, I'll watch you guys in the gym tomorow...erm, see ya"
Eric proceded to run of.
Sam watched him as did Ray. When he was sure the boy was not in ear shot he proceded with his story
"Sam, theres something I havnt told you."
Sam looked worried
"My name is not really Ray Asap. And I'm not really what you would call a regognised type of pokemon trainer."
"What are you talking about"
Ray looked down at the floor "My real name is Jirachi"
Sam looked at him, puzziled
"jirachi? Isnt that the name of some sort of pokemon. I recall a legend stating that Jirachi will make true any wish that people desire."
Sam smiled, thing this a joke "You were named after Jirachi? no wonder you made up a new name"
She began to laugh silently under her breath, holding her mouth so it woundnt escape
Jirachi frowned "No, I wasnt named after it, I AM it"
Sam suddenly stoped laughing "What?"
"I am Jirachi, the one from the legened. I am a pokemon"
"b-b-b-b-b" replyed Sam, struggleing to process the infromation"
Jirachi tured away from Sam and he sat down.
Sam stood, still looking at the boy she thought was Ray
"H-how can you be a pokemon? What is going on Ray"
"I am the wish pokemon 'Jirachi will make true any wish that people desire', remeber"
He looked at her "I go to thoughs who suffer and grant there gratest wish. I hate to see sufferening. You Sam, you suffered the most."
Sam sat down next to Jirachi, he tured and looked at her "You wished for someone who would understand. A friend"
Sam smiled and raped her arm around his "When I got of the ferry. i wished Yokosan to be different, for a friend"
Jirachi noded "I simply granted your wish"
"But why are you human?"
"I cant make people change who thay are, nor can I make anew. I became your friend. I knew nothing about your past. All I saw was a lost soul with a heart as bright as the sun. I didnt just grant your wish, I granted mine"
"What do you mean"
"I wanted a friend to..."
?But wait. Why a pokemon trainer, and where did the pokemon come from??
Jirachi smiled ?Jackie and Vicebite? Pokemon who wished for adventure. and hoothoot. I did ?liborate? him. His wish was for a kind trainer, like you. The form? That wasn?t decided by me. It was your heart that shaped Ray.?
Jirachi stood up. He began to glow, the same warm light as an evolving pokemon.
His form grew smaller. His legs disapred as did his arms. The glow reced and there floted Jirachi.
Gold and silver, smiling as Ray?s cloths fell to the ground. His eyes still as deep and understanding as in his human form
?why didn?t you tell me??
Jirachi smiled. Rays voice could be hered but Jirachis mouth was still.
He was psychic.
?I didn?t know myself. I really beacme Ray Asap. I only recalled momnets ago.?
?Why did you forget?
?I wanted to forget. I wanted to be your friend more than anything. Its just that my magic only works for the 7 days the Millennium Comet is visible in the night sky. It disapred into the darkness of space just now. Even though I wanted to I could not maintain the surade. Im so sorry?
Sam smiled and took her now smaller friend into her arms and held it as tightly as she did her pokemon.
?Ray, it doenst matter what form you are. You will always be Ray to me.As you said yourself, the origins of ones birth is erellient?
She looked at the small pokemon who was crying in her arms
?If you will have me. Can I stay with you? And my pokemon friends to?
Sam relased Jirachi from her grasp and picked up his former pokebelt from the ground and handed it to him
?I don?t recall there being any rule saying pokemon cant train pokemon?
Jirachi took the belt from Sam and removed the balls from it. He placed them in his pouch on his stomoch. Sam also haded him his sweater band and badges.
Jirachi placed the two badges on the sweaterband and placed it back around his head.
?You look wonderful? Sam said as she smiled at the strange sight
A thought of another unexpalined event came to her
?Why are you afraid of bird pokemon. You are Jirachi, the all powerful? a laugh followed
?I had a bad exprence with a Ho-oh whos wish I wont not grant. Ive not like bird pokemon since?.?
?well.? Said Jirachi ?Lets head to the pokemon center. But one thing, do I still get a trainers room??
Sam smiled at him and laughter roled out of her mouth again, this time Jirachi joined in. Sam packed Ray?s cloths into her bag. The two of them headed towards the pokemon center. Tomorrow they would face Gyrant.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter 15: A matter of honour

Ash shakes his head, and whispers to himself
"No, Come back to reality. That woman on the ferry couldn?t have been Misty. Not here."
He wisps a lock of his black hair out of his face. He stands up from the bench he had been
sitting on.
He had been walking for about a day or so wthout stopping. He was now near Rose Bay, the ferry stop between yokosan and the rest of the wrold. He had gone to an abandednd part of the bay to rest, he had had enough excitement in Doncaster to last him a while.
It was the only man made structure left standing within this
once large active seaport. He stops, for a moment to adjust his coat, and a little yellow mouse jumps onto his shoulder.
As the cool crisp autumn wind wisps the man's coat back he stares out into the ocean
while the waves crash against the rocky shore. He looks back at the bench he
had been sitting on.
This time there was a vaguely familiar woman sitting upon it.
She had long and flowing firey red hair draped over her shoulders,
she was wearing a long light blue dress that stretched to her ankles.
She had been staring down at the ground, she looked up. Ash turned his head
away and looked back at the ocean. It was misty on the ferry
"I know no one named Ash." Said Ash, still looking away.
"Ash talk to me. Don't you remember who I am?"
"I don't know you."
"No, Ash no. Don't do this to me again."
Ash takes the pikachu into his arms and he collapsed to the ground. He covers his face with his hands as the burning hot tears roll down his cheeks. The little pikachu now on the ground
looks at Ash. He throws both his fists into the air and yells
"I am Ash I cannot hide my identity anymore. You are Misty and I do remember you."
"Ash. I knew it was you." Misty said almost unemotional. ?I saw you from the ferry. You almost scared me. Look at you?.you look like a haunter in that black oufit?
She walked over to him and offered her hand to help him up. Ash didn't take her hand, he stood up on his own. He looked at her for the first time since he had seen her sitting on the bench.

"I remember you but I do not know you." Ash said in a barely audible voice.
"That may be true for you, but I know you better than you know yourself."
"That cannot be possible. We have not seen each other in over ten years. I have changed."
"That may be true but you are still Ash."
In complete silence Ash turns around and Pikachu leaps onto his right shoulder. Ash straightens his coat collor and slowly walks away leaving Misty behind.
After Ash gets a short way down the path that used to be the main road in town, he looks back to see if Misty is still there watching him walk away.
She isn't.
He looks forward again but there she is about two feet in front of him with her red hair blowing
in the wind.
Ash says to her"You can come with me...... if you wish."
He walks past her without saying another word. She follows without saying a word. It begins to rain a cold rain more wet and bitter than ever. A rock fell from the broken down piles of rubble. That used to be someone's home.
"Ash, I'm sorry. But I have to tell you....... your Mom and Oak are dead?
Tears ran down Ash's face as he began to cleanch a fist so tightlhy he almost peaced the skin.
"No!" It began to rain harder. "I should have been there. I could have....."
"Ash not even you, not even you could have stopped it."
?Who?? he asked soberly
Ash looked at the floor
"I swear! If Giovanni wasn?t already dead I would kill him myself!."
"Giovanni was killed? Then who is the head of Team Rocket."
"Who is? Who could become more evil than Giovanni?" he shruged
The rain begins to pour now. Thunder can be heard from a distance, the wind picks up.
Ash stops.
He notices something among the rubble. Some more rocks fall. A large orange dog Pokemon steps out from among a pile of rubble. It's large eyes glowing a bright red. It seemed wounded.
"A Pokemon?" Misty wispared
"Its hurt and afriad" Ash whispers
"Pikachu be ready it's going to attack."
The Arcanine charges.
Pikachu jumps off Ash's shoulder.
The rain suddenly stops as a bolt of lightning hits the dog.
Misty takes a step back, preparing herself to run but then she sees Ash.
His feet planted firmly on the ground not moving no matter what, not even his coat was flapping in the wind,
he was staring contently at Pikachu.
The lightning stops. The rain begins again as if nothing had stopped it
The Arcanine falls to the ground onto it's side.
Ash looks into it's crimson, glowing eyes and withdrew a pokeball from his backpack.
The Arcanine looked at him back. It closed its eyes as as threw the ball.
The dog disapred into the ball in a flash of glowing light.
Ash retured the ball to his belt
Misty walked over to him and placed her hand on his arm.
He stifens and winches it way, as if the touch burned him
?I said you could come along. Nothing more? he bluntly told her.
Misty began to frown and tured away
This made Ash smile ?You know misty, you havnt changed. You always made that face at me when we were kids?
He began to walk away again, Misty turing around, her eyes relxed as the anger she had just felt was washed away in the rain.
?Ash?? she questioned
he stoped walking but didn?t turn around ?What now??
?Why did you leave. I-I thought you were dead when you didn?t get in contact?
?I was ashamed? he replyed as he look down in disgust at himself
?ashmamned? At joining team rocket??
He tured around ?that is a part of it. Giovinanni tricked me. He didn?t want a son, he wanted an hair,and I fell for it.?
?An hair? He wanted you to be the next rocket boss??
Ash noded ?I didn?t want that. I joined team rocket to get back at my mom, in some way it made me feel better about her laying to me. But the thought of being the rocket leader made my skin clawl. I-I ran away from him, and unfortunatly you??
Misty smiled, but her eyes gave away sorrow


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter 16: Shell Shock

when you cry...
no one sees your tears.
when you are in pain...
no one sees your hurt.
when you are worried...
no one sees your stress.
when you are happy...
no one sees your smile.
no one......

Sam awoke suddenly from her dream. She sevrvad her seroundings and found herself at the Pokemon Center in Prescot Town.
Sam was weezing and gasping for air.
A nightmare she had so offen had in her youth had retured for the first time in 5 years.....

Sam was walking through a buring indigo field all alone. The heat was exausting as she trecked on towards a featurless hurizan.
She could hear bitter laughter blowing threw the wind.
Each drop of sweat bured her face as it ran down from her brow past her eyes.
If she wiped them it stung even more. Like any relef she could find tured to a curse
She trecked on and on threw the endless indigo filed. Becoming more like a dessert
Until she collapsed
Her head buring and her bones acking as her rest made her feel even worse
She pulled herself up and contuied walking
She was completly disorinated
Not knowing which way from east
Probly walking in circles
But how would she tell.......
After countless hours she came upon a figure standing in soft light under a magnicisent Oak, right out in the middle of the dessert
She ran with what energy she had left to the figure.
the man had never had a face before now but now he had become Giovania
The two imbraced in a strong but gentel huge.
sams pain had gone.
But just as suddenly as he had appred
Giovania tured into sand in Sams arms. All that remaded of him was the Earth Badge in her had.
A stren wind kicked up and sand began to hit Sam in the face. The Oak began to sway in the wind and the leaves roared at Sam as the wind crashed through them
"Rocket. Rocket" they spoke
Sam looked up at the great Oak as the voice of the wind hissed at her though it leaves
"Get out Rocket. You will always be alone"
Sam began to panic and ran away from the tree
Her pain overiden by her fear
She ran faster and faster
But she wasnt moving away from the tree. She pulled as hard as she dared but still she didnt move away
She began to be drawn towards the Oak and it reached out to her with its branches, as if they were hands.
Thay grabed ahold of her leg and pulled her towards its trunck
The bark suddenly beacme a face
The face was one she knew
"Prof Oak?" she questioed with tears forming in her eyes
The tree looked at her and suddenly relesed a swill laugh that defended Sam
It procided to swallow Sam. When she was about to be ingested she was pulled back to her sences and to the real work

She was panic streknen as she lay in her bed.
Beads of sweat rolled down her face and her heart was racing.
She looked around for reasurence but there was none
Jirachi was fast asleep. Sam didnt want to wake him over a bad dream
She had never gotten father than the figure disapreing
She began to ponder the meaning of her dream.
She had met Prof Oak several times in Goldenrod while he worked on his Radio show.
It was strange, he was the only one she had ever met that knew who she was and didnt seem bothered by it.
She had spent alot of time just after her fathers disaprence with Prof Oak.
She would hang around ouside of the radio station and wait for him.
He would then walk her home on his way to the Train station to take him back to Kanto.
It was strange how this had come about.
Oak had tured up out of the blue at Sams house, the day after Giovania had gone.

This got Sam thing about Oak.
It had suddenly dawned on her that Oak had known about Ash.
After all it was his lab he had stolen pokemon from.

She got up out of her bed and had a look what time it was.
her clock red 6:00 am
Way to early to wake Jirchic.
She dert not go back to sleep, so insted she went down to the pokemon center kitchin and began to prepare breackfast.
As the soup she was making began to warm on the oven Sam decided to take anothe look at the 'G-Ball'.
She removed the mettalic Gray shear from her bag and looked at her reflection in its surface.
She began to polish the ball with the end of her jacket sleves while breathing on it.
When she had finished she viewed her work.
The ball was extremly shinny. Almost silver in colour.
She placed the ball on the ground infront of her
She was desporit to open it but maintained her self control.
She then went on the clean the rest of her pokeballs while the soup cooked.
While she did so she relesed all of the pokemon, except the iron bird, to get some fresh air.
Tinder and Twilight began to playfull case each other around the fcenter while grace sat next to Sam and fell asleep resting on her left side.
Hola was enjoying the early morining sun shine in the garden and had her leaves spread out as far as she could strech them, sun bathing oddish style!
As for Doc,
He didnt move from the spot from where he was relesed. He suddenly began to yawn.
In doing so small droplets of rain began to fall outside.
In desreation to stop a down pour runening the day she quickly retured Doc and avoided a monsone.

The smell of the soup as it was finished awoke Jirachi abouyt 2 hours later.
As he awoke he found a plate next to him with the soup ready to eat.
he looked around for Sam but there was only Hola, Tinder and Twilight playing in there room. He didn?t get a trainers room of his own, dispite desporate pleas from Sam.
Jirchic ate his soup and relesed his own pokemon from some fresh air.
Rocket instrenly went over the remaining food and began finishing of the soup, much to the dismay of Jackie, kanon and Vicebite who where yet to eat.
Jirchic began walking around showting Sams name.
he looked for about five minuites when he suddenly came apon her.
She was sitting by a small pond just outside the pokemon center.
She was sitting by the side. A fishing rode in the water.
Grace was sat on Sams lap while Doc was swimming in the water.
The "G Ball" was lay at the side of Sam
Like she wanted the pokemon inside to be a part of the action, but unfortunatly it was unsafe to relese.
Jirchic came up behind Sam and sat next to her
"Good moring" he said to her suprised
"Good moring yourself" she replyed cherpaly
"What time did you get up??" Jirchic asked confused
"I think it was 6am, but I'm not 100%" Sam replyed, knowing full well it was
"Why on earth did you get up at 6?" Jirchic asked almost horrifed
Sam looked down at the water, her giddy mode darked
"I had a bad was about Giovania" she told him honistly
Ray felt hounoured she would sure this with him
"Dont worry Sam. Your still the same person to me. Like I told Ash, your orgin of ones birth is erellivent to the person you are. O, and call me Ray, its kinda weird you calling me Jirchic"
Sam played an arm around Ray and he did the same, blushing ?Ok?
Suddenly the fishing rod began to twich.
Sam and Ray hadnt noticed as now thay were hugging propery.
Suddenly the rod was pulled into the water, Sam following close behind
"ahhhh!" she screamed as she was pulled into the cold lake
"Sam!" yelled Ray.
He began to run to her aid
"I'm coming!" he yelled.
he was about to dive into the water when Sam suddenly stood up i the middle of the lake
"Its ok Ray, the water only comes up to my knees. I'll just walk back"
Ray, a little embaraised by his overration, placed a hand out and hepled pull a soking wet Sam back to sure
"That must have been one hell of a pokemon! look! Its snaped the rod in two!" yelled Ray
Sam was cold, wet and not really in the mood for fishing anymore.

Ray and Sam set of back to the camp fire to dry Sam of a little.
Grace followed behind Sam after she had called both her and Doc, however Doc remained in the water.....

The slow pokemon aimlessly drifted around the lake.
"sloooooooowwwwwwwpooookkkkkkeeeee....." it yawned, creating a light drizzel.
The pokemon suddenly found the second half of the fishing rod Sam and Ray had abanded.
On the other end there was a rather large and angry looking shellder, the fishing hook loged in its shell
It was shacking rigorulsy to get the hook out but the it was fermly loged in.
Slowpoke looked at the shellder with its usual blank expression.
"Shell shelll shelllderrrr!" the shellder pleaded with it. It wanted Docs help
The slowpoke stupiedly looked on at the suffering pokemon and repyed with an absent minded
The shellder, frustrated and in pain, began to yell at the stuiped pokemon that had found it
"shhhhelllllll!" it screamed
But still Doc looked blankly at it, unaware it was even refering to it.
Shellder was now fusrus. It began to takcle attack the poor Doc, but the hook loged in it shell began to ture its skin inside and it whiched in pain
The slowpoke began to walk past shellder at this point, realzing its trainer had already left.
As the tail of slowpoke passed the shellder, it began to preform a clamp attack
Not maining to hit slowpoke on the tail, actualu aiming for its head. The hook caused Shellder to winch again and it lost its concentartion.
Its clamp attack landing fermly on the end of slowpokes tail.
The shellder suddenly came to and realsed what it had done.
horrified it tryed to let go of slowpoke, it didnt want to spend the rest of its life with such and idiot.
Unfortuanly for it, it was to late and both Doc and the shellder began to glow.

Sam had relesed she had forgotten Doc and ran back to get it.
She arrived just in time to see Dock and Shellder finishing there evoloution.
The blinding light subsided and what remained was not a slowpoke and a shellder, but one slowbro.It slowly began to wark towards her,.
The shellder on its tail was furrusly trying to disattach itselft but it was no good.
The hook fell out of shellders mouth as its shell was now a different shape.
The shellder began to smile. Its pain had disapered. It reluctanly stopped trying to remove itself and growned in exceptance of its new form.
It would have to spend the rest of its life on the rear end of an idiot.
Sam bent down to exam the pokemon but it frowed at her
?SLLLOOW!!? it yelled in a bellowing voice
The shellder was , if anything, a little suppirse.
Sam fell backwords from the shocked. Jirchic came behind her
The slowbro began to talk telepathicaly to the jirchic
?I am Drip, the ill gotten pokemon of Wendy Johnson. You will have me retured at once or feel the consiquences of your theft.?
Jirchic cringed at Drips outburst. Sam at, confused, looking at both pokemon, unaware of what was just said.
?W-what up?? she asked Jirchic
He tured and looked at her ?He is saying you stole him from Wendy, and if we don?t retun him to her we will ?feel his rath??.
Sam pulled a face ?what?2 she asked in a hign pithced, disbleaving tone
She looked at the slowbro and convereced with it herself
?Lissen to me, Wendy dumped you. Wendy doesn?t want you. But I do?
?Slooobroo? it replyed turing it back. The shellder looking at Sam. ?shelll?
?He said your lying. The shellder asked whats goin on? translated Jirchic
?A am not lying. If you don?t beleave me take a look at this.?
Sam pulled out slowbros ball ?Is that the condiction a trainer keeps a pokeball in if she loves the pokemon inside?
Slowbro glanced at the ball ?broooosl?
?it said you probly did that?
Sam frowed ?Urrrr? she grolwed, irrtated
?Who cares what you think anyway Doc. I?ll just had you over toN urse joy if you don?t want to be with me. I?m sure you and your new ?bussum buddy? will get along just fine without me?
The slowbro tured around, his frown now a scowle
?Its said that is not exceptable. Return him directly?
?bro sloooow bro slow?
?You will or I?ll rath?
Sam tured away ?Do your worst. I?m sure you will anyway. If youd rather have Wendy than me?
?broobroo slooooww?
?Very well. I challenge him to a battle? went on Jirchic
He suddenly realised what he was say ?Wha??
?hay! Why get me involved?
Slowbro answerd ?Because you are her pokemon arnt you?
?Well, not really?
?Battle me. You win, I say, I win, you take me to Wendy?
Jirchic winched in fear ?leave her alone!?
Sam, only hearing Jirchics side of the conversation butted in
?Whats goin on??
Jirchic looked up at her ?Don?t concern yourself. I?m going to battle this velp and show him what a real pokemon is made out of?

Taking advantage of Slowbro's slowness, Jirchic quickly struck Slowbro on his belly, leaving
three red lines where he hit. Slowbro, angered by Jirchics hit, started running at a surprising
speed for his size. He flew towards Jirchic, foot first. Jirchic easly dodged the attack, then began to victory dance as Doc fell to the floor

Sams eyes widened. "Jirchic watch out!" she yelled. But it was too late.. Slowbro put his hands in front of himself, palm out. Suddenly, a blue aura surrounded Slowbro. As he powered his attack, the aura grew brighter.
Soon Sam was shielding her eyes.
"Jirchic!!!" she screamed, but it was no use. Slowbro let all the psychic energy out in one huge
blast that sent Jirchic flying back into a tree. He hit it hard, but that wasn't the end of it. The
psychic power was still coming and now he was sent flying forwards into another tree,
then another, and another, and another. Then it stopped.

Doc began to charge at Ray, but Sam quickly widrew it, and ran towards Ray
?Are you alright! Talk to me?
in a daze Ray repled ?Two sugers please?.?


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:46 pm 
Shiny Pidgeot King
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It's really good, but you've been spelling Giovanni and Jirachi wrong... and I doubt they're all typo's. Other than that it's cool, and really long...

"Irregardless" and "Over exaggerated" are NEVER CORRECT EVER because they are redundant
Regardless means "without regard", and adding "ir" on the front actually makes it a double negative; exaggerate means "to overstate" so you're literally saying "over overstate."
Example: I can not exaggerate the importance of this fact enough, regardless of how often people ignore it.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 3:39 am 
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thanks silver!
it is on the rather long side, and its not finsihed yet


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Coming soon.....
Chapter 17: Lavaita's Burnout
Chapter 18 A Crown Of Thorns
Chapter 19: Shadows of the League
Chapter 20: These that raised us

Last Chapter: Falling from grace


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 9:55 am 
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Ya know, I was wondering when you'd update again... it's kinda been almost 2 months :blink: .

"Irregardless" and "Over exaggerated" are NEVER CORRECT EVER because they are redundant
Regardless means "without regard", and adding "ir" on the front actually makes it a double negative; exaggerate means "to overstate" so you're literally saying "over overstate."
Example: I can not exaggerate the importance of this fact enough, regardless of how often people ignore it.

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