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Seed of the Earth Badge

Prolog: As I wish

Only once every thousand years when the Millennium Comet is visible in the night sky does Jirachi awaken from his slumber.During his time awake he will grant every desporate hearts purest wish.
Jirachi dwells on the shore of Yokosan. The Millennium Comet has passed over once more.
A lonely heart longs for understanding.
Jirachi answers it call??
But shadows hid and wait to strike, Team Rocket lives once more??.

(please note I am up to chapter 18 already of this fanfic so I dont need any suggestions. Please rate!) :rolleyes:


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter One: A fresh start

Rustling gently in the cool night breeze, green leaves of the forest trees reflected moonlight on to the canopy floor in a gentle caress. Free of clouds up above, uncountable bright points of light that were the stars flickered softly in a brilliant display of glamour against a backdrop of pure ebony. A full moon shone overhead, shining brightly amid clusters of constellations, almost seeming to be as one with them.
A child walked down a lonely road as a comet could be seen overhead. She made a wish to it.
?Let Yokosan be different. Let me find a friend?
Samantha walked down the long wineding road as the cool night brezze gently curesed her face.
Sam was out 17 years old. It was most unusual to see a trainer of this age still compating for badges. However Sam wasn?t your avarge trainer.
She had started her pokemon journey from Goldenrod city in Johoto. However she had decided to travel the new continent. She had set out for the mycerious contenet of Yokosan....
She travil alone at first. She had a troubled past. Her father was none other than Giovania. The hated founder of Team Rocket. She had been born a few years after Giovania had disastablished Team Rocket in Kanto. However this was short lived as when she was three former Giovania followers regrouped Team Rocket and set out to win him back as there leader. Giovania refused but the Rocket Admin took over Goldenrod to persawed him to change his mind. The Rocket rebelion was brocken up luckerly by a young, unknown pokemon trainer with a pikachu, but so was her family.
Givania left. He went of alone again. He felt he did not disereve a normal life after his actions as team rocket leader.
Sam looked like her mother. Her hazzelnut hair blew in the wind behind her. The locks were bound at the roots with a tight mango orange boble. She had a frige that blew just as vilently in the brezze of her forhead. Her eyes were a briliant ocean blue that eccoed her troubled past. People could have drowed in thoughts soulful eyes.
She wasn?t pertiucaly tall. A mear 5 foot 3 in fact. She didn?t inhert her mothers hight. She wore a simple baby blew top with a white jacket. She also wore denim jeans that were torn fashinably at the knee. All of her badges were kept in a box in her dark blue ruck sack. All that is except for one, which she wore on the inside her jacket, next to her heart.
It was the earth badge. A gift from her father.
Speacking of gifts from her father?..
Sam tried to be as diferent from him as she could. However, she did have his ambintion and his passion for what she did. She also inhertited his training balitys. The diference being, Sam ruled with a gentel hand.
But the way you are never stops people from judging who they think you are.

Life became unbearable for Sam and her mother as they where hounded by the press and public about Giovanias past. Many people feared Sam as they thought she was going to turn out like her father.
Her mother passed away when she was only 12. She was taken into care, where she decided to become a pokemon trainner as this would allow her to leave care sooner.
At the age of 13 she was a true pokemon trainner. She gained badges in Goldenrod and a few other gyms in Johoto, but everyone knew her and her father. A few gym leaders even refused to battle her. She only ened up with three of the eight badges she would need for the leage. The plain badge, the hive badge and the mineral badge.
If she was to become a pokemon master she would have to train away from Johoto.
She tried to train in kanto but the situation was even worse there as Giovania himself had leaded Team Rocket there. She only ended up gaining one badge in Kanto. The soul badge.
She again left and headed for Hoeon, but even here she was regected. Wining only two badges. One from Roxanne and the other from Norman.
She did have an Earth badge, but it wasn?t won from Gary. It was a keep sake of her fathers. She was told by Gary that it would not be excepted, and he would not except her. Refusing to battle her.
There was only one place left to go.
SHe headed towards the first gym after her ferry ride from Hoeon. It was a traniner named Clayton who used grass pokemon. Sam entered the small town called Eccleston Town.
She headed starte for the pokemon center.
Sam's pokemon included a Ralts, her fathers prized persion and a torchic.
The persion was ill tempered to say the least. It prefered to be panpered and hated batteling. Sam only really took persion along for the ride as it was a skilled figter if motivted. That normaly ment bribed.

She entered the town. It was alomst diserted. One figuer stood outside the pokemon center. He was a gangaly young boy with a hitmonchan.
The boy had short black hair that was kept of his face with a sweatband tyed arcoss his head. He ware a white vest with ying and yang on the front about a centermeter in dyamitor on the left hand side of the vest. he also ware dark blue anti-fit demin jeans with a fabric belt. he was about 5 foot 5. He looked about 15 or 16.
They where actualy training martial arts together. The boy was figting the hitmonchan. The pokemon would punch and the boy would dogde. He then would do the same to hitmonlchan but with a kick. Sam watched these to 'battle' until they noticed her watching. The boy stopped and recalled his hitmonchan.

Boy *out of breath and panting* "Who are you?"
Sam *smiling* "I was about to ask the same question"

Sam extened an arm "My name is Sam Roc...." she stopped, dare she say her real name. She thought quickly of a new one "Sam Lowe"

The boy extened him arm and they embraced in a ferm handshack "The names Ray Asap"
Sam smiled grew even larger "A pleasure to met you."
Both trainners sat down on the steps outside the center
Ray "So what you doin in Eccleston?"
Sam fummbeled around in her bag and brought out a small box. She opened it and inside where Five gym bages.
Sam "I need 3 more badges to enter the leage"
Ray looked at the badges
Ray "Arnt they all from abroad?"
Sam looked suprised
Sam "Yes they are. But how did you.."
Ray *interupting* "How come you didnt get the other bagdes from one country?"
Sam *panicing and thinking of an excuse* "Errrrm, well I, errrm MOVE around alot! Yes thats it. I moved her with my Mom!"
Ray "Where did you move?"
Sam *still panicicng* "errrm Rose Bay..." (it was the the port she had come in on, the only town she knew in yokosan)
Ray "Hay I hear its nice down there. Is it?"
Sam *flustered and sweaty* "Yes..."
Ray "Cool"
Sam breathed a sy of relefe
Ray stood up
Ray "Sam I challange you to a battle!"
Sam *excited* "I accept!"

Rays pokemon consisted of his Hitmonchan, a corpish and a hoothoot. He sent out his first pokemon for his battle
Ray *throwing pokeball* "Go Jackie"
The hitmonchan appered from its ball

Sam *smiling* "i like the nickname"
Ray *blushing* "Really?I didnt call him that.."
Sam *Throwing pokeball* " Go Grace!"
The Ralts appered from its ball
Ray *smilling and pointing at Grace* "a psychic! This will be an intersiting match!"

Both trainers smile as they order there first attack.
Sam *extending arm and pointing at Hitmonchan* "Grace! Start with confusion!"
Ray *doing the same but pointing to Ralts* "Jackie! Stop it dead! Use Ice Punch!

Jackie came running towards Grace, his hand becoming cold and thick with ice. Grace remaind still and glowed. Grace opned her eyes sudddenly which unerved Jackie. He stopped dead in his tracks. He suddenly began to glow as well. Grace was preforming the confusion. Jackie was suddenly flung into the air and he fell crashing to the ground. He got up and stargered around for a cupple of minuited

Sam *showting to Grace* "Quick! Before it come round! Use a tackle attack!"
ray *hands around his mouth to make is voice louder* "Jackie! Get a grip!"

Grace supprising moved very quickly towards Jackie. It powered up its speed and went head first into Jackie chest. The winded Hitmonchan was noked to the floor. But it wasnt out. It graped Grace with its huge gloves and held her still in his arms

ray *smilling* "jackie! Use seismic toss!"
Sam *showting with all her might* "TELEPORT!!"

Jackie began to swing Grace around in his arms but suddenly the little Ralts disapered from his grip. It appered below him and grabed a hold of his leg. Jackie (still spining) tripped because of Graces resent and fell to the floor again, this time with an ever harder smack.
The trainers counted to three in there heads but Jackie didnt get up. He was officaly out.

Sam smiled as Grace danced around infront of her. Ray retured his pokemon and sent out his next.
Ray *throwing ball* "Go Vicebite!"
Out poped a Corpish surrounded with the beam of red.

Sam retured Grace to her pokeball
Sam *returing Grace and throwing another ball* "take 5 Grace. Go Rocket"
The persion appered from its ball. It looked at the little corpish and growled at it
Ray *in our at the persion* "what a beautiful persion."
Sam *looking at Persion with shock which was retured by a glare from persion* "really?"
Ray *nearling to get a closer look at it* "Yea. You never see persions in Yokosan. It really is beautifl"

Ray extended his arm to stroke the presion. Sam waited with bated breath for it to bite him. But the persion began to purr.
Sam *a little shocked* "Wha???"
Ray *smilling* "Guess it likes me. Come on. arnt we battleing!"
Sam *releved the persion didnt bite him* "Yes we where!"
Sam *pointing ethusiasticaly at Vicebite* "Rocket use bite!"
Ray *doing the same* "Vicebite! Use water gun!"

The persion looked at Sam as if she were supied and lay down. Sams face went beatroot red as the Corpish began its attack.

Sam *showting at Rocket* "Do ...SOMETHING!" she yelled

The persion ignored her as the Corpish began its water gun. The water came streaming to wards persion. Suddenly the persion leaped into the air and landed behind Vicebite. It went on to vigorisly scratch the back of Vicebite without order and finished the job by kicking the poor pokemon into the air. The corpish went flying and hit Ray square in the face. Both the trianer and pokemon fell flat to the floor. Ray (still with Vicebite on his face) retured the pokemon to its ball and sat up. His face was extremly brused and he had a black eye

Sam *returning Rocket and running over to Ray* "o my god. I'm so sorry! Are you ok?"
Ray *a little concused* "i'm....fine"
Sam *smiling* "I dont suppose you want to finish the match?"
Ray *regaining his balance a litttle* "No.....Ive lost anyway. I only have three pokemon"

Sam rubbed Rays head and the trainers called the match a victory to Sam. They headed of to the pokemon center right behind them to have there pokemon healed.
The pokemon Nurse also had a look at Rays head and bandaged it.
They left the pokemon center the flowing afternoon.

Sam *Placing a hand on Rays arm stopping him from walking away* "what is your other pokemon? i remeber you said you had three"
Ray looked at his pokebelt and withdrew the last ball. he relsed the pokemon inside. A hoothoot appird from the ball.
Ray *sying* "its called Twilight"

Sam smiled and looked at her own belt. She to realesed the last pokemon. A torchic came out
Sam *returning the empty ball to her belt* "this is Tinder."

Tinder and twilight sniffed each other and began to laugh and play. This made Sam smile but not Ray. Sam noticed this

Sam *laughing and prouding Ray* "o come on misory guts. Dont tell me you dont think thats cute!"
Ray *pushing her away gently* "No I dont"

Twilight stopped laughing and retured to Rays side. Neather looked at the other. it was almost as if neather wanted to be around each other. Sam knew that look from Rocket.

Sam *worried and with a timid tone in her voice* "whats up with this?"
Ray *sighing* "Twilight and I dont really get along. I think he is affriad me. then again he is afriad of everthing"

Sam was sad as she thought of her own persion. Then suddenly an idea came to her

Sam *Excited* "What about a trade!" she yelled

Ray *looking up at her* "a trade?"
Sam *holding out persions pokeball* "Your Twilight for my Rocket. he seems to like you!"
Ray *taking steps way* "Are you kiddin! he just hit me in the face with a corpish!"
Sam *laughing* "that was just an acident! Becided it would be better all round. You said yourself you thought persion was beautifl"
Ray *hestitaing at first but then returing Twilight to the ball* "ok...."

the two swoped pokeballs in the tarding machine back inside the pokemon center. They walked outside and both let out the pokemon at the same time. Rocket instently began to rub its head agsnt Ray who nelt down and stroked it. Persion began to purr. Sam was a little jeolus that her Dads pokemon prefered Ray, but she was happy it had a trainer it liked at last.
Sam looked at the hoothoot standing on the floor infront of her. it looked at her blankly blinking its huge eyes. She nelt down but it flew up into the air and landed behind her. She tured around and it took of again. She fell to her rear and sat looking back at it with the same blank expresion it was giving her. Meanwhile Ray was introducing Rocket to Jackie and Vicebite. Understably Vicebite woundnt go near Rocket but jackie went over with its trainer and stroked persion as well. The purring was getting louder. Rocket loved the attention.

Sam *still looking at Hoothoot* "errrrmmm...Twilight come here"
Hoothoot didnt move
Sam *looking away from Twilight and over to Ray* "did you actualy train this thing?"
Ray *holding persion in his arms struggeling to get it of his lap* "not really. also, what do you say to get persion of you?"
Sam *smiling* "hes a lap cat. he hates doing anything!"
Ray *copalsing back to the floor from the wieght* "but he battled before!"
Sam *looking back at hoothoot* "Only cos he wanted to. i suggest you get confuy. hes like a Snorlax when he naps, and thats often"

Ray somehow manged to get out from under persion with the help of Jackie
Ray *out of breath and being supported by Jackie* "why did you train it like that?"
Sam *smiling though she wanted to cry really* "He was my Dads. he was a lap methowth. then he evolved and didnt change. I only took him along to make up the numbers."
Ray *frustrated* "You traded me a dud!"
Sam *looking back at hoothoot* "Id say the trade was fare."

Ray came up behind her and they both looked at twilight.
Ray*pulling away and smiling* "your right! At least Rocket is vaguly trainable. You will never get that bird to battle. Its to timid."

Sam clowed over to hoothoot . It simply sat and watched her very closly. Sam decided to try something

Sam *releseing Tinder* "lets see if this will work"

Twilight instenly recognised the little bird from before and they started playing again. Sam decided to make her move.

Sam *nearling and holding her arms out.* "Tinder. Come her boy!"

The torchic insently left Twilight and ran into the trainers arms. Twilight saw how happy Tinder was with Sam. He too hoped towards Sam, very slowly.
Sam nelt down again

Sam *same posture as before except Tinder sat on her head* "Twilight! Come here"

the small bird looked at her. he inched forward but stoped. Tinder cheered it on. The bird inched frowards freather. Sam remaind still. Twilight eventulay made it to Sams arms. She slowly and gently closed them around Twilight and picked it up. The bird insenly jumped on Sams shoulder and began to sweek with joy at Tinder. He was very proud of himself. The hoothoot began to nuzzel Sams face as did Tinder. Grace also foced itself out of its ball and all four of them huged each other. Sam stood up. She had twilight on her head, Tinder on her shoulder and Grace held in her arms.

Ray looked at this strange sight. His Jackie and Vicebite came and stood next to him. Rocket atctualy moved and rubbed Rays leg. it wanted the attetnion back on it, not some silly bird.

Sam *rather pleased with hereslef* "Who is untrainable?"
Ray *poitning at Twilight* "it might make a good pet, but it will never battle"
Sam *with buring determination in her eyes* "he will, when hes ready. but until then i'll help him get some confidednce."

Sam and Ray had both one more thing they needed to do before they left Elleston Town. They had to battle Clayton, the grass gym leader.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Hey, that's pretty good and you have a nice setting for the story too. Can't wait to see more.


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Thanks Josiah

Here is chapter 2 (its not as long)

Chapter two: The seedot king

Both Sam and Ray walked towards the gym. It was shaped like a huge pinapple. This gym reminded her of the one Erika ran in Celadon City, she had be refused entry as Team Rocket Grunts had bured it down years before. With a heavy heart she had moved on without a fight, but not this time.
The two of them entered the gym. All inside was like a jungle. Sam thought to hersel it was a total rip of of Erikas gym but brushed the thought aside as a figure appered from a door at the end of the arena.

It was Claytan. He stood about 6"3. he had a dark conplection and was about 45. he had grying hair and wore a hyiyan shirt with long combat pants. the outfit was atrosous.

Clayton "so we have chalengurs"
Sam *steping forward* "yes. We wish to challenge Clayton. Would that be you?"
Clyton *looking down at them from is balancy* "I would be him. I am Clayton, The seedot king"
Ray *also steping forward and ending up next to sam* "Why do you call yourself the seedot king?"
Clyton smiled as he walked down the stairs to reach the same level as Sam and Ray.
Clyton "I do so because I train only seedot my friend."
Ray "why?"
Clyton "because there the best!"
Sam "Dont you try to train others? Arnt you going to be vounarable because you breath weakness"
Ray and Clyton both looked at Sam with a puzziled look

Ray "Breath Weakness? Is that a Johoto expresion?"
Sam *frowing* "No...Think of it this way. One fire type and your whole team will go up like a bar-b-q"
Clyton "o no it wont!"
Sam *pulling Tinders pokeball* "ok then Seedot King. I will battle all your pokemon and win, only using a torchic"
Clyton *a little suprised* "You have a deal!"

Sam and Clayton took there postion in the field. Tinder walked out infront of Sam. Clyton had assended his stair way again and stood back infront of the door he had entered in.

Sam *Pointing at Clyton* "you can do it Tinder!"
Tinder squeed his approvel with a loud "torrrrchic!"
Clayton *throwing a pokeball of the balanky* "do it Queen!"
A seedot appared from the ball

Clyton "I have 3 Seedot. They are Queen, Prince and Duke. If you can beat them all only using that torchic you can have the Bluebell Badge"
Sam " I agree to your terms. You will see a the strengh of the truw poekmon master"
Clyton *smerking* "A jack of all trades, a master of none. Feel the power of the seedot king!"

Both trainers suddenly became very formal in there stance and had an expresion of shear determination. Ray was dubfounded buy the change in Sams apprence.

Sam *showting to Tinder with great passion in her tone* "Tinder! Start with sunny day! Show him his weakness!"
The small torchic let out a loud screech and the arean began to grow lighter and warmer. Fire moves would be deadly in the heat....

Clayton "ha! You just gave me an edge! Grass pokemon thrive in light! Queen use bullet seed!!
Sam, "Tinder use flamethrower!"

The seeds from Seedot came speeding towards Tiner. He closed his eyes and released great wild fire in the arean. The seeds were consumed by the flame and fell to the ground as ash. Tiner carrid on the flamethrower and hit Queen with a great force. The grass pokemon was chard to a crisp and fell to the ground with a bang.
Clyton clenched his fists and his face tured to an expresion of disapoinment. He recalled Queen and rent out the next Seedot without a word.

Sam *smiling and pointing at Clyton* "Bring it on"
Tinder *jumping up and down* "Torrrrrchicc!!"
Clayton looked at his seedot in the arena. It was smaller than queen.
Clyton "Duke, you can do this. Lets go all out! Use solar beam!"
the seedot began to power up. It aborsed the sunlight that had gathered due to the sunny day move
Sam looked at the seedot. She didnt order an attack. She waited up until seedot was just about to launch the solar beam
Sam "Tinder now! Quick attack!"
Tinder moved extremly quickly, just missing the solar beam, he came around the left of Duke and hit it with his feet. Duke went rolling along the arena floor and hit the boarering walls. It to was out. Clayton grabed what remaned of his hair and pulled in hard while screaming. He stopped after about 2 minutes and retured his pokemon. He than walked up to the edge of the balcony and composed himself. He stood like this with his eyes closed for about 30 seconds and them dramaticaly threw out his last Seedot.
Clyton "Goooooo! Prince!"
Price came dramaticaly out of its ball, it was ovious to Sam that Prince would be Claytons Ace in the hole. Without so much as a flicker from Sam she stood with Tinder, mearly waiting.

Clyton *jumping up and down while leaning over the balacny* "Prince!! You gotta do this for me boy! Use..."
But before Clyton could finsih his order Sam had jumped into ation
Sam *with burning abition in her eyes* "Tinder! Overheat!!!"
The small bird began to glow and let out a huge fire ball from its fur. The pokemon became consumed by the heat. Clyton had to look away as did Ray as the light was that bright. Sam however remained fixed on her pokemon, not even blinking. Tinder realsed the energy and it when hurterling towards Prince. The poekmons eyes winded. It tryed to avoid the blast but it was no use. It was hit by the full force of the attack and noked right across the arean bouncing of the wall underneath Claytons balacny and landing flta on its face.
A few moments later Clayton and Ray resumed there fixation on the arean. It was burnt to a crisp . Price lay on the floor smoldering and growing. Samswinging Tinder around in selebation as both trainer and Pokemon cheered. Clyton quickly retured his poekmon. he passed all three of them to an assistent to rush them to the pokemon center.
the assient ran past Ray outside. Ray was flabergated. He now felt he had been let of lightly with his defet the prevoius moring.
Clayton, still in shock at his rapied loss, walded down from the balancy.

Clayton "your...power is incrdable. You pokemon didnt even get a scracth....."
Sam "good battle Clayton. Now...about that Bluebell badge.."
Clyton *smiling and reching into his pokect. he handed The badge to Sam* "you truly will become a master Sam"
Sam smiled at Clyton and excepted the badge from him.
Ray steped forward
Ray "My turn?"
Clyton "but I dont have any more seedot...."
Ray *kind of upset* "dont you have any other type of pokemon? Anything? I have to leave tommorow"
Clyton thought for a moment
Clyton *holding up his hand* "yes I do. I have an oddish in the back. I was gunna trade it for a Seedot tomorow but I guess I can use it now"
Ray *jumping in the air* "well! Lets begin!"
Clyton siapered into the door at the top of the balacny and retured with the oddish in his arms. It was asleep.

Clyton "i'm sorry it wont be much of a battle. how can it be if the seedot king uses an Oddish"
Sam "Whats the oddish called?"
Clyton "Holahoop"
Sam "why do you even have an oddish?"
Clyton "i thought it was a seedot when I threw the ball into the grass...."
Sam *sigying* "your hopless..."

Ray and Clyton took there postions at there spots. The arena was still smoldering from Tinders overheat. Clyton threw Holahoop into the arena and it landed on its head. It woke up and stumbled around. It finaly caught its balance.
Ray *threwoing a pokeball* "go Jackie!"

The two poekmon looked at each other.
Ray "jackie use fire punch!"
Holahoop stood waiting as Jackie ran towards it with buring gloves. Clyton held his head in his hands as Holahoop didnt react to anything
Clyton "Do somthing you stupied pokemon!"
Jackie hit Holahoop with all its might and the poor oddish collapsed, lightly rosted.
Clyton collapesed from the same
Clyton "two loses...i'm more the seedot porper than king"
Ray high fived Jackie and then Sam
Clyton *walking down the balancy* "Usless Oddish. Here is your Bluebell badge"
Clyton retured Holahoop to its pokeball.
Sam "you know, you suddent showt at Holahoop like that. It might be weak now, but one day it might be unstopable"
Clyton looked at the pokeball with the Oddish in it. For a moment he felt bad for it.
Clyton "It will make a great poekmon, but not for me. I will trade it tomorow as pland."

Ray and Sam both noded in agrement. They left the gym and retured to the pokemon center. They decided to let the pokemon rest as it was getting to late to travil. They sendt the night in the guest rooms of the center.
Sam lay in bed. Her new hoothoot lay next to her. Tinder and Grace were at the end of the bed near her feet. She held the hoothoot as it selt. She thought to herself she would train it well. Just because it was weak now didnt mean that one day it would be the most powerfil pokemon ever. She driffted of to sleep with a warm though. She only needed two more badges to enter the leage......


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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ok, this one ir REALLY SHORT! they get long, really! :(

Chapter Three: The travil "buddy"

Sam was roudly awaiken by loud screaming downstairs. She quickly threw on some cloths and ran down stairs to investigate. She was greated by Ray who was in a simliar state of 'dress'
Sam *half asleep and yorning* "what is goin on??"
Ray *the same but rubbing his eyes* "that scream? It was her"
Ray pointed over to a young girl sanding next to the trading machine with Clyton.
She was about 5"2 with short blonde hair that was alomst blinding to the half asleep. She wore long snow pants and a spimpy vest top. She also had a pink bag that dangled from her side.
Sam "Who is she?"
Ray " I hured her name was Wendy"
Sam "Wendy huh. Whats she doin with Clyton?"
Ray "I think she is the one with the seedot Clyton meationed yesterday."
Sam *looking at Wendy and rubbing her chin* "So. She will get holahoop."
Ray *looking at Sam confused* "what concern is that of yours?"
Sam "Nothing really. I just get this feeling that Holahoop should be with me."
Ray "what?"
Sam "I was going to offer to buy Holahoop from Clyton this moring before I left."
Ray "Buy??"
Sam "I dont have any pokemon to trade. You know I dont have a seedot."

Ray and Sam both looked on as Clyton and Wendy placed pokeballs in the machine. The machine bleeped a coulple of times then the transaction was complet.

Wendy *Screaming with joy jumping up and down* "wow hoo! An oddish!"
Sam *asking Ray quitely* "Why is she gettin so excited about an Oddish? there quite common."
Wendy *hearing the comment and running over to Sam jumping up and down and screaming* "oddish are none existent in Haydock Town!"
Sam *almost falling over with suprise* "wow! Carm down. Who the hell are you??"
Wendy *moving away and standing in a proud yet smug posture* "I am Wendy Johnson. I am a pokemon collector! I will walk miles for pokemon, swim across the sea. Trail the mountine hights and travil from A to Z"
Sam *amzaded and smiling* "wow. A true blue pokemonainac!"
Wendy *a little confused* "wa?"
Clayton *running over to them with his new seedot in his hands* "A seedot! See! Yay!!"
he began to dance around with the pokemon. It looked like it was going to be sick.
Sam *talking to Wendy as Clyton still danced around* "so...a collector. Do you train?"
Wendy *almost insuted* "no! My pokmeon are papered. I enter them in contests. The reson I walked 8 miles is so I could get this oddish. I need it to become a gloom so I can use this on it"
She held out her arm and produced a sun stone. Sam and Ray both looked at each.
Wendy *retrating the arm* "A Bellosum! Finally a Bellsoum!"
Sam *almost stating the ovious, to her at least* "Dont you need to TRAIN oddish to get it to evolve?"
Wendy *stopping dead* "What? O no. I never thought of that..."
Wendy threw the oddish at Sam
Wendy "you train it for me!"
Sam "what??"
Wendy "you are oviusly a trainer. So train Hollyhoop for me"
Sam *handing back the oddish* "its name is Holahoop, and you have to train it yourself"
Wendy *stamping her feet on the floor* "owww. Why?? Why wont you train Hillhop!"
Sam "Its name is HOLAHOOP!"
Wendy "fine....I'll GIVE you Happyheap and you can use it till its a Gloom. the you give it me back!"
Sam *really annoyed* "thats the same difference....and its name is Holahoop!!!!!"
Wendy *winking* "what if I give you a pokemon to keep, if you train Holahoop into a gloom!"
Sam *her interest invoked* "What pokemon?"
Wendy "A smelly old pokemon that i dont want"
Wendy relesed a pokemon from a rather old and worn out ball. An dupy looking slowpoke appered from the ball

Sam "a slowpoke?? you want me to take a slowpoke?"
Wendy "Why not! Its free!"
Sam looked at the slowpoke that dimly looked back at her
Sam "fine.. i'll train your oddish."
Sam took both pokeballs from Wendy
Wendy "good! good! Ok. Where are we going next!"
Sam and Ray *together with a paniced tone* "WE???"
Wendy *winking again* "yes WE! I'm not leaving Hallhell with you all alone! I'll never get my bellosum!"
Sam *herself stamping her feet as Wendy had done* "Its called HOLAHOOP!"

Sam carmed down and realized the she didnt know Slowpokes name.
Sam *pointing at slowpoke*"so..what is its name?"
Wendy *looking repulsed at the very sight of slowpoke* "ewww. Its called Drip"
Sam *looking at Slowpoke* "drip? I'm not calling it that. I'll change its name. From now on its called....... Doc"
Wendy "You cant remain the pokemon! Becideds, what kind of name is doc?"
Sam *walking over to Doc* "its better than Drip. thats insultive to him"
Ray "But Drip doesnt sound so bad. he is a water type."
Wendy "He also is a drip! Thats why I called him that!"
Ray "..........."

Clyton came over to Wendy and thanked her one last time for the seedot. he left after saying goodbye and good luck to them all and retured to his pokemon gym.
Ray and Sam packed up there stuff.
Sam "So Ray. Where you headed?"
Ray "St. helens City. I'm gunna battle the gym there."
Sam "Do you mind if I tag along? I don?t really know Yokosan that well, and I might as well challenge that gym to."
Ray "of course not! The more the merrior"
Wendy *interupting* "so! St Helens it is!"
Ray "wa ? your coming?"
Wendy "Like you said! The more the merryier!"
Ray and Sam both moad a sih. Wendy would follow them anyway so they just excepted the travil bother.
The three of them packed up there stuff and set of towards St. helens. Clyton and his seedot army waved them off. The three aquatiences walked of to the harazen. What adventures awaited them?


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter Four: A blast from the past

"Would you slow down, I'm tired" complained Wendy as she stopped to rest against a sign that read:
Welcome to St. Helens Town
"Whine, whine, whine" replied Ray. "You can rest once we find the Gym. C'mon, let's keep going."
She groaned. "Fine..."
A refreshing breeze caressed Ray's face as he admired the beautiful streets. Each sidewalk was aligned with rows of lovely trees, which seemed to give the entire city a natural green tint. And with the many people walking along, Ray was easily able to obtain directions. Soon enough, they stood before a building that was the St. Helens Town Gym. "Yes, we're finally here! Now, I'm gonna win my 5th badge!!" Sam yelled while jumping up and down.
"If they gave out badges for sheer enthusiasm, you'd definitely be a master in no time" Ray remarked.
Sam ignored his comment and went to open the door, though to her surprise found that it was locked. That's when she noticed a sign on the door that read:
The Gym is Closed
"Closed?!" she shouted. "But why?!"
Wendy simply shrugged. "Oh well, who knows. I don't see the big deal. They'll probably be open later or tomorrow, so we'll just come back."
That's when an old man sitting on the ground a few feet away cleared his throat. "Well, I wouldn't be bettin' on the gym bein' open any time soon, little lady. It's always closed."
Ray walked over to the old man and squatted down before him. "But why is it always closed? And who's the leader of this gym, anyway?"
"Sorry kid, but no one knows why this gym is always closed or who the leader is. If you're looking to win a badge, then I'd suggest you move on to Doncaster City. It's not too far from here, just beyond the Forest. The leader is a lady named Corinne, and her gym is always open."
Ray frowned. "Aw man, I guess we don't have much of a choice then. C'mon Sam, let's stop by the Pok? Mart to pick up some supplies, then we can take a rest before we move on."
"Lead the way, oh great master" replied Wendy in her usual sarcastic tone.
?Are you still following us?? Yelled Ray. Sam smiled behind him. He really didn?t like Wendy at all!
Soon the three arrived at the local Pok?Mart. As Sam opened the door and entered the little store, she found a man with his hands raised as three youths and a Beedrill stood before him.
"Hey, what's going on here?!" exclaimed Sam.
"Please help me! Robbery! Robbery!" screamed the scared storekeeper, and the three boys turned in surprise to see Sam's familiar face. One of them stepped forward.
"Well look who it is boys!!" yelled the leader
Sam's face dropped as she too recognized the boys. "O no?.?
The shorter, chubbier boy stepped forward. "We're gonna rob this Pok? Mart of all it's Pok? Balls, and use 'em to hold all the Pok?mon we're gonna steal."
"Shut up you idiot!" burst the leader as he slapped the boy over the head. He then took a deep breath, then smiled when he noticed Ray and Wendy behind Sam. "Heh, never mind what we're up to. Looks like you've gotten yourself some sidekick since the last time we met?
Wendy's face turned red as the boys began laughing at her and Ray. "Leave them alone!" ordered Sam.
"Don't get too confident!" retorted the leader.
"Um, if you two have some personal business to take care of," said the shopkeeper as he nervously peered from behind the counter, "could you please take it outside...." But neither heard the man's plea.
Sam turned and whispered to Ray. "Hey, you guys get out of here. I?ll deal with this.?
Ray looked up at her with apparent anger burning in his eyes. "I want to battle him."
She stared at him in shock. "Huh? But why?"
"Because he made fun of me , that's why! I?m no ones side kick!!"
"But Ray, you don?t know these guys. There not light weights. I think I should handle this". Ray said nothing, but it was now obvious to her as she watched his determined face that he truly had no intentions of backing down from this. "Okay, okay. Fine, go ahead and battle him, but be careful, all right."
The leader walked over to them, his Beedrill hovering along side him. "Enough with all the whispering, Will it be a battle? Or did you get wise and chicken out?"
"I'm going to battle you" announced Ray.
The youths burst into laughter. "You're kidding right? Oh man, you're gonna let your little boyfriend battle against me?!"
"Shut up and fight already! C'mon Jackie, let's teach him not to underestimate us!"
"Monchan!" replied the Pok?mon as he was relesed from his ball.
The youths, however, paid no attention to him as they continued laughing. It didn't take long before Ray became so furious that he could take no more such mockery. "If you think that's funny, then try laughing at this! Jackie, Thunder Punch now!"
"Mooonchannn!!!" went the fighter as high-voltage electrical waves were emited from its fist, causing Beedrill to drop to the floor. The leader was no longer laughing now, as he found that he too could not move!
"Hey... what did you... do to me?! I... I can't... move... a muscle!" he mumbled stiffly.
Ray smiled with satisfaction. "That was Jackie's Thunder Punch, a technique that may temporarily paralyze's its opponent." The other two boys walked over to him, not sure what to do.
"Well, don't just stand there you idiots! Get me out of here!" So one boy picked up the paralyzed Beedrill, and the other grabbed the leader's shoulders. "This isn't over! Just wait 'till next time! I'll beat all of you!" vowed the leader as he was dragged out of the store. The storekeeper was so thankful to Sam and Ray for preventing the robbery that he gave them half price on all items in the store. Wendy unmasked her hidding place from behind a shelf. She was still bright red with embarismnet.
"Wow. You were so brave" Ray mocked her. She pushed him aside and began to look at the items in the shop.
Ray looked at Sam. She was rubbing her chin and thinking very hard "Who where those guys?" he asked her. Sam froze and paniced. "errrmm...thives.. I met them in Goldenrod. They were trying to steal something presius from me." she replyed
It was sort of the true. The youths used to be grunts in Team Rocket. They had on several occasions tryed to steal Persion from Sam. There bosses prized pokemon....
Sam suddenly had a nasty thought. Ray now had persion. And if Team rocket grunts were in Yokosan...they would surley go after him. She decided not to tell Ray about this. She figured he'd be safer if her didnt know anything.
"I dont know there names." she went on
Ray left it at that and excepted the explination. After stocking up on supplies, they retested at the local Pok?mon Center, and soon were on their way to the Forest.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter Five: Kanon Crazy
"Hey Ray, I gotta admit you handled yourself pretty well back there. Nice going" complemented Sam as they trekked way through the woods.
Surprised by this comment, he smiled to himself. "Yeah, well, I couldn't let him talk about me like that."
Sam laughed playfully. "Hey, keep it up and maybe you'll be ready to take me on again some day." He was about to reply, when suddenly he caught sight of something wriggling through the grass up ahead. Curiously he darted over to see what it was, and Sam and Wendy followed. They found that it was a small, green bug that looked up at them with large, black eyes. "What kind of Pok?mon is that?" asked Wendy while she scratched her head.
"It's a Caterpie, a worm Pok?mon of the bug type."
Ray bent down and patted its head, and the Pok?mon squirmed happily. "I think it likes me." He then went to pick it up, but stopped at the sound of someone's distant yelling. They looked up to see a boy hurrying towards them.
"Get away from my Caterpie!" he shouted before stopping to catch his breath once he reached them.
"Calm down would you, I was just petting it. And how was I suppose to know it was yours with it out here all alone, anyway?! Hmph!"
"I've been looking for it all day! It's always wandering off like this!" He was still gasping for air.
"Hey, do you know how to get to Doncaster City?" asked Ray.
"Of course I do!" he shot back.
Ray giggled uncomfortably, starting to get a little annoyed. "Well, could you tell us?"
He folded his arms stubbornly. "Nope."
"Why not?!"
"You're a Pok?mon trainer, aren't you?"
"Well I am Trent the great bug-catcher, and no Pok?mon trainers may pass through this forest without first defeating me in a Pok?mon match!"
"You've got to be kidding me. Well, no thanks," replied Ray with uninterest as he and the others began to walk away. "We'll just find our way to Doncaster City ourselves. Um, nice meeting you Trent." But the boy quickly blocked his way.
"Halt! I said no Pok?mon trainers may pass unless they beat me in a Pok?mon match!"
Ray sighed. "Fine, fine. If you want to do it the hard way, then let's get this over with already." As Ray reached onto his belt for one of his Pok? Balls, Sam tugged on his arm and whispered to him. "If he's a bug-catcher, then he'll be using bug Pok?mon. I'd say go with Jackie, after all it knows Fire Punch right?."
"Thanks. Alright then Jackie, let's do it!" He tossed his Pok?ball, releasing the Hitmonchan on the ground.
"Very well. I choose Caterpie!" shouted Trent in return, and with sad reluctance the worm wriggled over to its trainer to face the opponent Pok?mon.
"Aw," said Wendy sympathetically, "he's going to use Caterpie? Ray, please don't hurt it."
"I don't want to do this in the first place, but it seems like the only way this guy's gonna leave us alone."
"Enough talk, it's time to battle!" said Trent. "Caterpie, Tackle attack!" The worm charged forward, but Jackie easily jumped right over it. Ray felt sorry for the Caterpie, but he wanted to finish the battle quickly. "Okay Jackie, use your fire punch!" The hitmonchan produced a tiny flicker of fire on the edge of its glove and simply pushed the bug over.
Ray held up his Pok? Ball and returned Jackie. "Let's face it, this match is over. Now, can we please be on our way?"
Trent angrily grabbed the Caterpie and lifted it up towards his face. "You pathetic Pok?mon! Worthless worm! You haven't won a single match! I don't know why I even put up with a totally useless thing like you!"
"Hey, cut that out! How can you treat your Pok?mon like that?! Now I see why your Caterpie often wanders off, it's probably trying to run away from you!" yelled Sam.
"Butt out! It's my Pok?mon and I'll treat it any way...I... want...." His voice trailed off as he, Sam, Ray and Wendy all fell silent at a strange sound that came from the treetops above. Suddenly, they all looked up to see a shadow fly over them and land a few feet away. They turned to find a white horse. Its lovely tail and mane was pure flame, though amazingly the rider seemed not the least bit bothered.
"Woah, that's cool.... What kind of Pok?mon is that?" asked Wendy as she stared in awe. "I have to have it!"
"It... it's a Ponyta, the fire horse Pok?mon. I've never seen one up close before, it's beautiful." followed Sam, also in awe
The rider dismounted. She was a female, dressed all in white. Her brown, pig-tailed hair slightly swayed in the breeze as she studdied them intently.
The mysterious girl walked over to Trent. "Who... who are you?" he asked nervously.
She put her hands to her hips. "I am Corinne, the gym leader of Doncaster City. And I can not allow your mistreatment of this Caterpie to continue any longer. So please hand it over."
"What?! I don't care who or what you are, it's my Caterpie and you can't have it!"
"Fine then, we can do this the hard way...." stated Corinne as her ponytas mane glew with buring hot fire behind her. Trent swallowed hard, then fearfully gave in and handed her the Caterpie.
Corinne nuzzled it gently with her nose. "It's okay now. Do you want to go back to him, or come with me to find a new trainer who will love and take care of you?"
Trent angrily faced Corinne. "Hey! Caterpie wants to stay with me, don't you Caterpie?!" The Pok?mon turned to him and used its String Shot technique to spray sticky webbing all over his face.
"Caterpie has given you its answer. Pok?mon are our companions and friends, thus they are free to make their own choices on who they want to be with. No human has the right to mistreat a Pok?mon or force it to stay with them if it doesn't want to. Now come Caterpie, I will find you a good trainer! Ponyta, let's go!" With a sharp whistle she leapt into the air, landed on the back of the horse, and quickly galloped out of sight.
Sam watched as Trent struggled to pull the sticky substance from his face. "That was weird, but he deserved it. C'mon guys, let's get out of here."
Soon the sun began to set, though Sam, Ray, and Wendy continued to wander tiredly through the Forest. Just when they felt they were too exhausted and hungry to continue walking, they saw in the distance a tent and a small campfire. As they got closer, a delicious scent was in the air, and the three weary travellers hurried over to find a girl roasting s'mores.
It was Corinne. She was quite friendly and happily shared her food with them... and Ray seemed to especially take a liking to her. The girl introduced herself officaly to the trainers, and they talked around the campfire until the stars were visible across the night sky. As was the comet. Once they began to yawn, Corinne offered Sam and Wendy to share the tent with her, and provided Ray with a sleeping bag. It was not long before they all were fast asleep.
The next morning they all woke up bright and early, ready to start a new day. Sam consulted Corinne for directions to Doncaster City, and she gladly volunteered to escort them to her gym. Thanks to her, within half an hour they finally stood at the edge of the Forest, where in the distance they could see Doncaster City!
"Oh yes, one last thing. Before you go, could you take this with you?"
Ray was surprised. "Wha, what is it?"
"It's that Caterpie. But to be honest, I really don't have much time to devote to training Catrepie right now. Seeing you with your pokemon makes me think it would be a lot happier with you."
He was speechless. "I, I can't accept this...."
Corinne smiled warmly as she placed the Pok? Ball in Ray's hands. "Please take Caterpie with you and we can call it even for the help I gave you."
He nodded. "Thank you Corinne, I'll take good care of Caterpie, I promise!"
Corinne smiled "Its name is Kanon. I named him that"
As the four walked along the road that led to Doncaster City, he could not help but think about the things that occurred in the Forest. Sam smiled and giggled as she played with Tinder , who was affectionately nudging the side of her neck. What troubled Ray, though, was the fact the Gym leader had known about the mistreadted catapie. He shrugged the thought of as they entered the city.
The only logical explanation was that she knew Trent, even though he acted as if he didnt,
As those words echoed through his mind, Ray nodded to himself, for he also had a feeling that she was a good person. But anyway, his thoughts then turned to the challenge that lied ahead, for in just a short time he would battle Corinne and win another badge. The same thoughts raced from Sams mind. Only two more badges......

Chapter Six: Vicebite bites back

Ray could no longer keep his mouth shut.
?How did you know Trent? He didn?t seem to know you? he asked Corinne.

The group stopped walking for a moment as Corinne looked at Ray with sadness in her eyes.
?I don?t know how to explain it Ray. Its like I feel the pokemons pain. I was riding back to my gym from an erend and I felt its sufferning.?
Ray and Wendy where a little confused but Sam understood.

?I know what you mean. I met another trainer like you. She felt what pokemon felt.? Sam voiced

Corinne was intreged ?Another like me??
?Are you a psychic trainier??
?Why yes I am?
?Then its your pokemon that enable your telepathy? Sam went on to explain
Corinne smiled ?I know that. A bit of there power rubs of on the trainer?

Sam smiled also ?I feel a conection with my Ralts, more so than with my other pokemon infact.?
?So this other trainer is you?? asked Corinne
Sam shuck her head ?The other trainer I talked about lived in Kanto. Her name was Sabrina?
?Sabrina? I Think I have heared of her? Wendy butted in

For some reason Ray was silent. ?psychic powers? He thought to himself

Sam contuied as Ray pondered ?When I battled her it was like the pain her pokemon felt, she felt. No?.it was more like she took the pain for the pokemon. Anyway I won, but only just?

Corinne smiled ?Well don?t worry! I don?t have anything like that!?
They resumd walking as Ray still was in his own world, thinking hard about psychic powers and a conection with pokemon. He knew he had strange fellings towards pokemon, it was like he to could relate them.
The four trainers finally made it to Corinnes gym. I was not shaped as something else as most other gyms where. In fact it didn?t look any different from most buildings. They entered the door and were greated by a lobby. Corinne direct the three friends to the waiting room while she went to get ready.

?So shes a psychic trainer? asked Sam to Ray
Ray was still thinking and didn?t hear her
?Ray?? she asked again
?Hay stuiped! Your being spoken to ? yelled Wendy
Ray suddenly jumped in supprise ?wha???
Sam was a little unsure of what to do so she didn?t interupt
?Sammy was just talking to you!? Wendy yelled
?Why does that mean you have to get involved fog horn!? he replyed
?what?? How dare you!?
?Why don?t you just leave us alone! No one asked you to come along?
?And leave Sammy with you? What kind of a person would that make me!?
The arguing contiued until Corinne appared in the room
?Ermmm?..Who will go first?
?I will? yelled Ray out of the heat of the argument
?um. So much of ladies first? finished Wendy
Sam sat bedazelled by the argument ?well?.there goes my concentration? she muttered under her breath. Ray followed Corinne as Wendy sat down next to Sam.
?Who does he think he is??? she moend to her
Sam by this point was losing her patientce.
?I going watching him? she yelled as she escaped from the verbil bombardment. Wendy didn?t follow. She sat alone in the waiting room. She appered to be boiling over with rage. Lord help the next person that enetered Sam thought to herself as she enetered the arena.
She sat down on the sectators seats and got confortuable. Ray stood on one podum and Corinne on another

?Ok Ray. Let me explain the rules of the Doncaster gym. You will be allowed to use one pokemon only. I will select mine first and allow you to select a pokemon with an advantage to mine if you wish. You, as the challenger will also have the curtisy of first attack. Do you understand??

Ray noded. ?I understand. You run a very far gym Corinne? he conplemented her

Corinne smiled ?Thank you. But from this point onwards I must ask you to refram from personal conversation. We must now take the roles of Gym leader and Challenger and not friends in order to make this match a fair one. I expect you to battle with all your streangh. I know I will?

Ray smiled again ?I understand?
?Then let use begin. Go Sunny? she yelled
The ball was lanched and a bright yellow and orange Solarock appered from the ball.
Ray thought for a moment. A rock/ psychic type. He went through his pokemon. He instenly ruled out Rocket and Jackie. He also ruled out Kanon as it was to weak yet for a battle of such importance. His thoughts then wondered onto Vicebite. He was a water type. Good against rock and the fire moves of Solarock would be useless. With no hezitation he through out Vicebite

?Do it Vicebite!? he yelled as the small corpish appred from the red light.

Corinne smiled as did Sam.
?I guess he knows what he?s doing? Sam thought to herself

?corrpishhh? growled Vicebite. The Solarock mearly hovered before him silent.
?You may take the inishative? voiced Corinne
Ray decided to think about his first move. It had been the first time for him in a battle in which he had the first move.
?ok Vicebite. Heres what I want you to do. Use surf then quickly revert to defensive mode.Ok?.on my count. Attack!? Ray yelled at the Corpish.
Vicebite did exactly as it was ordered and produced a massive tidal wave that headed towards Sunny.

Corinne smiled ?ok Sunny! Lets go! Use Iron Defence!?
Sunny suddenly hardend just as the wave hit it head on. Both trainers couldn?t see there poekmon because of the foam from the surf. They both waited with baite breath. Vicebite emerged first and resumed a defecsive postion. Sunny was second to energe. It was soaking wet but still in one peace. It losed up from its Iron defecnce and Floted back to its starting point.

Ray was shocked ?how?.how is it still standing??? he questioed
Corinne smile and yelled over to him ?its not all about attack and type Ray! Iron defence increaded Sunnys resisntecne.?

Ray looked at Vicebite. Surf was his best move?Now what was he going to do. Both pokemon awaited orderes.
Sma watched from the balacany. She noticed that Corinne would not attack. Ray ordered Vicebite to attack over and over using all its moves but Corinne would only battle defecnsivly. She began to work out her stratigy. She would ware down the apponent as it attacked. Then she would strike?..
Sam knew the only way Ray would win this is if her forced Corinne to come out of its defence postion. But how would he do that?

Ray by this point also began to see Corinnes stratagy. He had one more trick up his sleave
?Ok Vicebite! Use Brick Break!? he yelled
Sam suddenly realised he had cracked Corinnes stratagy and she began to cheer ?You can do it Ray!?

Vicebite hit the solarock with all the strengh it could muster. Solarock suddenly lost all it satatus advange
?no!! yelled Corinne
Ray smiled ?No Vicebite! Surf!?
The corpish again genrated the surf move, this time faster and with greater power.
?Sunny!? yelled Corinne as the wave hit the pokemon hard, without the added defence it was thrown across the arena and landed at the base of Corinne?s poduiem. She quicly retured the pokemon to its ball.
For a moment Corinne just looked at the pokeball then she looked up at Ray.
?Congratulations!? she yelled over to him. Vicebite was exausated but it danced around anyway. Ray smiled and showted back ?that you!?

Both the trainers came together to congratualte each other. But before they could Wendy ran in an interupted
?What do you want!? yelled Ray
?Shout up! We have no time for this! Corinne! It?s the woods?.there on fire??
?What??? yelled Corinne.
Ray and Corinne followed Wendy out of the enturence she had emerged. Sam decended the balacny and excited to. All four of them ran out of the gym. A horrible sight greated the.
Wendy was right. The whole of the forst around Doncaster was engulfed by flames?.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter Seven: Ashies to Ashies

An icy chill pervaded through the black night - cold except for the unnatural, hot wind blowing south with the strong scent of acrid smoke.
Through the dark, starless sky slightly covered by clouds, intermittent moonlight shone on to the thick, green forest revealing, little by little, a snaking trail of destruction.
Burnt and broken tree stumps lay on the ravaged path - some still burning with small, flickering flames - as well as fallen branches and other debris interspaced with giant animalistic footprints.
A dark figure wrapped in a long, black, hooded cloak ran through the woodland almost silently, the robe-like mantle secured at its waist, its lower folds flapping gently behind like a floating shadow.
The only sound was the dry vegetation softly crunching beneath thick, black boots as it followed the trail onward.
Golden-brown eyes took wide sweeps, observing the desecrated area. A small, brown backpack was adjusted briefly by a hand as it sped up the pace. The quarry was close...

Flames crackled and fires burned. Doncaster, now alight, lit up the night, its modest structures engulfed like the pyres of a bonfire.
Everywhere, screaming and smoke filled the heated air as dozens and dozens of people ran, all seeking escape from the terror of attacking raiders.

Appearing from the south without warning, burning and pillaging without mercy, huge, hostile pokemon assisted their trainers in the merciless and violent raid.

Totally unprepared for the assault, towns-people and their pokemon had been cut down almost as soon as they were called out.
Corinne, Sam, Ray and Wendy were shocked and stunned by the sight that was before them. Sam had a horrible thought. Was this Team Rocket?

The huge, red, two-storey-tall charizard took another long breath before continuing to spit out a long and melting-hot burst of flame which turned the school house into glowing, crimson embers.

At the opposite end of town, an angry tauros smashed through houses with its dagger-sharp bull-horns at the direction of its trainer, trampling over possessions and structures alike.

Meanwhile, almost matching it in damage, the sharp-bladed, green scythers and the massively-horned pinsirs rampaged through the town hall and community buildings.

Little by little, the attackers slowly advanced towards the Doncaster Central bank.

Behind a slowly burning building, one radier placed explosis and was about to light the fuss.
A shadow shifted.
Suddenly an explosion of pain erupted in the raider's head and the next thing he knew was the feel of the rushing air as he was picked up and thrown violently away by a single hand. The hard dirt ground met his back all too abruptly and the breath exploded out of his lungs as he bounced once then slid to a stop.

"How dare you!" he coughed furiously as he rolled to his feet and opened his eyes to see who had dared attack him.
Several feet away, a tall figure wrapped in darkness stood watching him, its silhouette all but invisible if it weren't for the background of burning houses and hazy grey smoke behind it. The figure lifted its hand, adjusting the black fingerless gloves it wore with the other. Black half-gloves of a fighter.
All of a sudden he felt a cold stab of fear enter his heart. There was something familiar about this man... Then he growled in anger. He was mistaken. This was just a poor fool who was trying to be a hero. "Kangaskhan, take him!" He laughed. "Chew his bones, nice and slow."

Alre ady hissing in anger because of the attack to its master, the large, bipedal pokemon needed no second order. It gave an inhuman snarl and extended its sharp, bony claws before leaping towards the shadow. However, a rapid spin-kick stopped the charging pokemon's attack, the pokemon fainted. "Kangaskhan?" the man said in shock.
No man could be strong enough to do what the figure had just done.
No ordinary man... He continued to stare, dumbfounded, before a hard, booted foot smashed into his jaw and everything went black.

Puffing a large cloud of dark smoke, the huge charizard eyed the supply structures in hunger as even more raiders surrounded the area in a half-ring of hostile forces.
It snorted questioningly to its master in a rough, nasal tone. "No," the tall, bald woman answered with a slight chuckle.
"We want the money inside you fool." She looked over to one of the other raiders.
"You! Use your tauros to break the walls down. Then we'll have some fun." She chuckled deep in her throat as her sub-ordinate directed his bull pokemon to charge through.
A sudden cry from a pokemon distracted them. Turning instantly, they discovered a Kod scyther still sliding toward them along the dirt ground from the momentum of being thrown.
For a short moment there was silence.
Then pandemonium broke out over the raiders as all began shouting at once. "What the hell happened to it? someone cried out in horror.
From behind a burning building, a tall figure wrapped in a long, black hooded cloak abruptly stepped out into sight.
The cloak was flapping sinuously, slightly open in the hot wind, revealing a man's lean but muscular body, shrouded in darkness. His face was concealed in the deep shadows of the hooded cowl, leaving only bright, golden-brown eyes visible.
They seemed to glow in the dark - two points of flaring yellow light. Which narrowed threateningly.
That silenced the raiders.
A second later, the bald, woman raider stepped forward, her black eyes angry. "Arrogant isn't he? Think you're a Pokemon Master with that cloak?" she mocked. "Surround him!" The huge charizard, tauros, pinsirs, and their trainers walked around to slowly encircle the cloaked stranger.
The frightened towns-people scattered about the area watched in terrified silence, thoughts of escape forgotten.
Sam, Corinne, Wendy and Ray watched with them
"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" the woman raider asked scornfully. "Before you are roasted alive?" Her charizard snorted in anticipation, leaving rings of smoke to shine in the moonlight before they dissipated into the darkness.

The black-cloaked figure snapped his fingers. A tiny, shadowy form leaped out of the small, brown backpack he wore to land by his feet. "Pikachu... I choose you."

The voice was soft but deep - the order barely carrying to them so it could be heard. There was a dangerous quality to it that sent a feeling of apprehension down the raiders' necks.
Then they looked down at the cloaked stranger's pokemon. Next to its tall master it looked contrastingly small as it crouched, its head barely reaching the man's shin. It seemed to be an ordinary pikachu, an electric mouse with pointed ears and a long tail the shape of a lightning bolt. It crouched on all fours, jagged tail in the air.
She laughed out loud. "A pikachu? Charizard will still roast that puny thing into oblivion! Charizard, Flamethrower!"
The huge, red winged-dragon rose up to its full height of twenty feet and inhaled sharply. A powerful wind arose, the air ruffling the stranger's cloak and causing the pointed ears of the pikachu to sway back and forth.
Then the charizard leaned forward and exploded a huge tongue of bright red flame towards the little pokemon and its master. But suddenly the sound of electricity crackled in the night air and the fire was repelled by something.
A shield of black electrical energy.
It sparked and hissed violently as it deflected the flame harmlessly to the sides before winking out. "Pikachu. Lightning Vortex." The pikachu nodded once. Abruptly, the crackle of electricity returned and a dark eerie glow surrounded the small, strange pokemon.
The raiders stepped backwards, startled.
They had never seen the like of this attack before. A sharp wind began to kick up and rotate around the pikachu and its master.
Dust, leaves and debris from the destruction of the town's buildings began to stir and rise. Rocks and planks of wood lifted into the air.
The charizard began to slide forward despite its huge weight. It grunted in confusion, then fear as it began to slide faster. It flapped its wings to take off, but that was a mistake as it was only pulled into the powerful winds that much faster. The raiders themselves began to get inhaled, as well as everything around them that wasn't securely attached to the ground. The tauros squealed as it scrabbled backward, hooves digging into the dirt. However the wind was becoming much too strong.
"What the devil of an attack is this?" the charizard's trainer shouted in confusion as she tried to claw herself through the air and back to the ground.
It was useless.
The velocity of the pokemon-made tornado picked up speed and soon the town was just a revolving blur to the raiders and their pokemon as they spun around wildly. Then the pikachu screamed, "PIKA!" and a ring of destructive lightning exploded from the centre of the vortex - from the pikachu itself. A flash of darkest energy was seen and the raiders and their pokemon knew no more.

The cloaked figure and the pikachu stood in silence. Around them, the ring of raiders and their pokemon lay unconscious.
"Good work, Pikachu." The little electric mouse stood up on its hind legs. "Pii." It jumped back into the backpack, its small head poking out the top.
Several of the towns-people began to approach them wearily despite their instincts to just flee from a man who revealed himself as so dangerous.

Corinne spoke first. "T-That was most impressive." She looked at the pikachu staring curiously at him from its perch on the stranger's backpack and shivered.

How could such a small pokemon be that powerful? She shook her head and regarded the cloaked stranger again. "B-But, who are you?"
The stranger lifted his hand towards the hood covering his head and slowly removed it, settling it back behind his shoulders.
It revealed a handsome, young man's face, who seemed to be in his late twenties, although his golden-brown eyes seemed older than their time.

The night wind picked up again, blowing the smoke of the ruined city in the background. It ruffled the stranger's longish, black hair, causing it to fall half across his face and obscure part of his vision. He blew the lock of hair out of his eyes with an upturned lip and a gust of breath.
He answered them. "I am Ash. I am looking for the daughter of Giovania?

Sam felt a cold area in her heart awaken. She hid behind Ray discritly as Corinne and Ash conversed.
?I?m sorry but we can not help you. We do not know this Giovania or his daughter. Do you know her name??

Ash looked Corinne and stared into her eyes. ?Her name is Samantha?

Sam froze and unknowingly squized Rays hand. He tured and looked at her. He could see her eyes fill up with fear. It was the first time he had seen her truly terrifed.
Corinne answered Ash, she decided to protect her new friends from this cold stranger ?there is none here by that name?

Wendy went to say something but Ray pulled her back. She looked at his face and saw his determind expresion. She then glanced at Sam and was amazed to see she was pertrifed. She contained herself and was silent. For now....

Ash looked at Corinne and then at the crowed. ?Very well.?
He looked into the crowed one last time but did not see Sam as Ray and Wendy now both hid her.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Chapter Eight: Dead Petals

Warm, healing light from the morning sun bathed itself over the half-destroyed City. Despite this the air was still freezing cold, causing the villagers to shiver slightly as they worked hard at repairing their homes. The raiders had caused such extensive damage that it would be some time before the town recovered if at all. But at times like these, people could only try.
The sound of hammers ringing on anvils reverberated loudly in the still air and the sawing of wood echoed among the destroyed buildings.
Ash sighed as he warmed one of his hands on the fire and sipped some tea from a mug in the other.
Leaning back on to the rough trunk of a tall tree, he combed the hair out of his eyes.
He closed his eyes. A giggle interrupted his internal monologue and he sighed again.
Would these kids ever leave him alone? He opened his eyes to observe the crowds of children, infants and teenagers alike as they scampered around his campsite at the edge of the raided town and the forest.
"Does that cloak mean it's true you're a Pokemon Master?"
"Why don't you have any more poke-balls?" "
Silly, he's only got one pokemon."
"How come you only have one pokemon?"
I've never heard of a Master with only one pokemon."
"Mister, why is your pikachu so powerful?"
He couldn't believe he had been this noisy as a kid.
He must have really been annoying. Pikachu, for his part, calmly munched on his apple as he stared into the campfire. "Pika-pii..."
Then a new voice spoke up. "I've heard about you?
It was Wendy who had been observing them from afar for some time but only now had come closer.
Ash ignored her, his whimsical mood darkening, and looked down to contemplate the bubbles in his tea.
"It is said that he was unbeatable and that he was once the top trainer. Until he joined Team Rocket."
The kids hearing this, fell to silence. They began to look at him fearfully. Some even began to step backward. "Then one day he disappeared..."
Ash put his mug down, picked up his long cloak and stood up.

It was time for him to leave. It was always time for him to leave. He looked up to find that all of the children had made their escape. However, one of the teenagers was still there. "Mister, I don't believe for one instant you were one of the evil Team Rocket," she said forcefully.
"No one who was one of them could be as heroic and handsome as you are..."
Wendy sucked in her breath. "You don't know who you're talking to..."
Ash just began to roll up his sleeping bag impassively.
"She is right. You do not know me."
He clenched his black-gloved fist and stared at it, his thoughts a thousand miles away.
"You do not know me at all."
Wendy looked and watched as Ash packed up his stuff. " So we met at last?"
Ash looked at her "Who are you anyway?"
Wendy looked saddened by his coment "You knew my mother."
Ash looked at her with deep and understanding eyes. The only warmth that radiated from his body.
"Misty?" he questied
Wendy smiled at him. "Nearly. Misty is my antie. My mother is her sister. Daisy"
"So your a water flower" he remarked as he looked away
"Its Johnson. She got married" she snapped back quickly
This remark made him look at her again "What do you want?"
She looked into his golden brown eyes and her soul melted "I want what you want. Samantha Rocket"
His eyes widened at the mer mention of this name "what do you know about her"
Wendy smiled sarcasticaly "i know you have been after her. The daughter of Giovania."
Ash nawoded his eyes "And what busness is that of a Water Flower?"
Wendy winked "i know where she is"
Ash now gave Wendy his full attention "Where is she?"
Wendy began to point towards Doncaster Gym and smerk "She is with Corinne. She is helping her to rebuild the gym. I would have mentioned it earlyer but it took me a little while to remeber who you actualy where"
Ash stood up and walked over to Wendy. his hight dwafed her "You know my interest but why do you want her?"
Wendy streched out as far as she could to talk to him face to face "Shes worth a lot to the right people"
Ash pulled away at this coment "Thats disgusting. I though you were supposed to be a relative of Misty. A true Water flower would never sell out someone else"
He brushed past her and began to walk towards what remained of the gym
Wendy followed a few steps behind him "She?ll run. You wont get near her. She trust me."
Ash stoppd and glanced back at her "I dont see why" he remarded "Your a witch"
Wendy began to stamp her feet "I'm no witch! I'm just...resorful"
Ash contuied to walk away from Wendy while she showted at him. He closed his eyes as he walked "I have finaly found you" he thought to himself.

Meanwhile Sam and Ray where helping Corinne remove debry from the arena.
"Guess I wont be batteling today" joked Sam but the joke was masking her real unseteleness. Ash was still around and it was making her nervus.
Corinne was silent as was Ray. Both of them wanted to ask Sam what was going on but neither of them dared.
As Sam was clearing a large area of rubble she show a shadow grow on the rock infront of her. The siloet of Ash began to emerge from a pin prick. She froze. She couldnt turn around. Also she could do was watch the shadow increase in size until she acctualy felt Ashies breath on her neck.
She closed her eyes and refused to face him.
"Turn around" he yelled at her. But she still was to scared to. Ray and Corinne at this point saw Ash standing right behind sam and rushed to her aid
"Leave her alone!" yelled Corinne
"You lied to me" he said to her in a starn and howowing voice. Suddnely all of Corinnes confidence had gone and she tured into a gibbering reck
"i...I...said l..leave her...a..alone..e"
Ash pushed her aside and moved on to his next obstical, Ray
"move" he comanded
Ray was a harder nut to crack "I will not move. Tell us your intentions towards her"
Both trainers now glared at each other
Ash pulled away from the staring first "Jirachi?" he asked in an alarming tone
Ray was a little shocked "What? What are you talking about?!?
Ash smiled a sacrachstic grin "You cant be. All signs point to it but is this to crazy even for you. Jirachi, you know it wont last"
Ray stepped back "Engouh of this. I don?t know what mind tricks you are playing but leave us alone"
He suddenly shuck his head "We are going of topic a little. "
Sam found the courage to turn around. The somber figure of Ash stood before her. his eyes wernt filled with hatred but he still scared her
Ash smiled "I have finaly found you. " He nelt down to Sams level and gently placed a hand on her shoulder
"I have looked for years. First in johoto, then Kanto, Hoeon and now Yokosan. And I finaly find you here"
"What do you want with me." she questioned
"I have come to tell you about your father." he went on
"I am affraid to tell you that.....Samantha...your.."
The frustration and fear made Sam explode "Just tell me"
"Your father is dead. " he blerted out, almost thankful for her outburst
Sam was cold for a moment while she processed this. A bitter part of her heart came into light
"I have no father" she said coldly
This shocked Ash and he didnt know what to say
Corinne nelt down and placed an arm around Sam while Ray stood in between Ash and Sam.
Ash looked the boy up and down "You have no idea who she is do you? And she has no idea who you are Jirachi. "
Ray glanced back at Sam who had now burst into tears and was being craddled by Corinne.
"I know she is my friend and I am hears. That is all I need to know" he replyed in a cold and stern voice


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Wow... and I thought the story 'bout my Growlithe is long... (greetings from! I roleplay there and wrote some stories about my character's Pokemon, so I thought I'd share... <a href='' target='_blank'>My Webpage</a> and for more on the trainers there's <a href='' target='_blank'>My other Webpage</a>. I know you don't care, but I didn't spend two and a half hours typing them to sit there and collect dust)

"Irregardless" and "Over exaggerated" are NEVER CORRECT EVER because they are redundant
Regardless means "without regard", and adding "ir" on the front actually makes it a double negative; exaggerate means "to overstate" so you're literally saying "over overstate."
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Thanks for your coments

Chapter 9: The ties that bind us

Ash smiled at him "You remind me of myself at that age. I guess you must have modelled him after someone. How many human boys have you known anyway. Your mannerisms are almost perfect. But your wasting your time. She is a rocket.?
Ray at this point was feed up of his insinuations and character assasination of his friends and himself
"The oragins of ones birth are erlivent" he yelled at him
This cut through Ash like a warm knife through butter. he had hurd this was a lesson he had tought
he moved backwards, taking a few steps away from Ray.
Sam suddnely began showting while crying "Wait! How do you know he is dead! What did you do to him you coward!"
Ray quickly tured around to see Sam collapes on the floor. Corinne held her on her lap as she began to cry softly, clinching something tight in her hand.
Ray ran over to her and both Corinne and Ray pulled her up to supported her. Sam droped what was held in her hand.
It was the badge from Giovanias old gym.
Ash saw the small metal badge glint at him in the sunlight. He walked over and placed his foot over it, half berrying it in the durt
Sam saw thsi and dived at his foot. She raped her arms around his leg and began to pull it.
Ash lost his balance and he fell into the dust below him with a painful thud.
Sam pulled herself up, badge in hand,
She placed it proudly on her jacket and suddenly began to hit Ash as hard as she could across his face
" killed him didnt you!" she yelled as tears contuied to fall from her face and land on Ash.
Ray and Corinne both ran over and tryed to pulled her of him but she rigorasly persude her attack and it took Ash to kick her of with his other foot.
Sam went flying back about 2 meter and landed on the ground aquardly. She lay in the durt and did not move.
Ash, Ray and Corinne all remained still.
Sam rolled over and sat up after about 30 seconds and looked deep into Ashies honey colourd eyes.
Tears welled up in hers but she still remained fixed on him.
Dropplets began to fall from the sky and rain soon consumed the heavens
The water quelled the last smoldering embers and steam flotted into the air.
Sam sat still staring. her tears now diloted by the rain water on her face, her eyes blood shot as if she were feteged
Ash stood up and glanced at Ray and Corinne who were still sitting next to him. Both of them relazing this quickly moved over and sided with Sam who didnt flinch went they placed there arms around her.
"Get out" she suddenly voiced
Ash looked coldly at her
"Get out" she said with twice as much muster
Ash looked at her one last time and turned away.
?We shure the same burden Sam.?
?What are you talikng about?? yelled Sam ?You know nothing about me or my family!?
?I am family? he yelled back
Sam was shocked silent
?Giovania was my father to?

Ash smiled and looked at the Johto League Trophy shining in his room. The Orange League Trophy lay beside it, both trophies were amazing and Ash could remember when he won them both. Ash suddenly jumped up and ran downstairs, wondering where everyone was,
'Mom?' he shouted, 'Pikachu? Misty? Brock? Tracy? May? Max?'
He ran outside, grabbing his league hat on the way, he ran all the way to Professor Oak's lab, he opened the door and realised that it was really dark,
'Anyone here? Hey why are all the lights out?' he turned a light on
'SURPRISE!!!' shouted everyone, his Mom, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Tracy, May, Max, Professor Oak and even Gary was there, 'To the new Hoean League champion, Ash Ketchum!'
'You did this all for me?' Ash cried, he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, 'Guys, you didn't have to do this!'
'We wanted to.' Misty said, the others nodded and so did a reluctant Gary,
'Yeah, Ash,' Gary said, 'I hate to admit it, but you did a really good job of raising your Pokemon.'
'Now let's party!' cried Brock, who dived straight for the food, the others followed his example, except for Professor Oak who grabbed a bottle of Cider from under the settee. An hour later, Professor Oak was drunkenly singing on the karaoke machine,
'That's it.' Gary said, his face red with embarrassment, 'I'm going to my room.'
Ash yawned,
'I think I'll go home now,' he said, 'I'm tired.'
Pikachu nodded and jumped on Ash's shoulder,
Ash nodded and left the building, he went back to his house, only to be covered by a mass of television reporters and fans
'Mr. Ketchum, can we have an interview, please?' one reporter shouted,
A few fans ran up to him,
'Ash, can we have your autograph, please?' they cried in unison,
Ash sweat dropped,
'Maybe tomorrow, I'm really tired.'
Two people ran up to Ash, they had bodyguard suits on, and they started to distract the crowds,
'Okay, nothing to see here!' one shouted,
'Give the Pokemon master some space!' the second one shouted. While the crowd were distracted, the two bodyguards pushed Ash into his house,
'Don't worry, Mr. Ketchum, they won't hassle you again.' the first one said, as the second one hit Ash in the back of his head.

When Ash woke up, he was in a black limousine, his hands were tied behind his back and Pikachu was in a cage, the two bodyguards pulled their suits off to reveal two white uniforms with a red 'R' on each of them,
'Team Rocket!' Ash cried, Pikachu looked at him,
'This is a change.' Ash said, 'You usually just steal Pokemon, why me as well?'
Jessie looked at him and laughed,
'Our boss wants to see you.'
Ash froze, he could remember the last time Giovanni wanted to see him, Ash was taken to their special gym and had to battle a lot of strong Pokemon, after the battle, Ash was taken to Giovanni's room. Giovanni had asked Ash a lot of questions, mostly about his family and his past.
'Why does your boss want to see me?' he asked, his voice cold. Neither Jessie, James or Meowth answered.
Jessie took Ash and took the rope off of his hands, then they walked into the massive building that was Team Rocket headquarters.
Jessie, James and Meowth took Ash into a small lift. Ash looked up and saw another Team Rocket member, he wore a white uniform like Jessie and James's,
'Ash,' the member started, 'I saw you on TV, you had an amazing battle, in fact, I want to be a great Pokemon trainer like you!'
'Thanks,' Ash said awkwardly, it was weird to have praise from a Team Rocket member.
'Mondo,' Jessie said angrily, 'stop trying to win affection, that's no way for a Team Rocket member to act like.'
'Sorry, ms. Jessie.' apologised Mondo,
The lift stopped and Jessie took Ash out,
'I'll stay here.' Meowth said. Mondo and James nodded. Jessie stared menacingly at the cowards, and took Ash through to the boss's room
'Welcome Ash,' Giovanni said, pointing to a chair in front of him, Ash reluctantly sat down. Giovanni continued, 'I saw your battle on the television, you have exceptional techniques for training your Pokemon, right?'
'Maybe.' Ash said
'Anyway, I decided that it is time.'
'Time?' Ash asked,
'Time for you to join Team Rocket.'
'Me join Team Rocket??' cried Ash. Giovanni nodded,
Jessie gasped, she had not expected this. The boss looked at her,
'Jessie,' he said, menacingly, 'take the Pikachu and leave.'
Jessie nodded and grabbed Pikachu, who was hissing violently. She left the room and Giovanni opened a cupboard.
'What do you know about your father?' he asked,
Ash froze again. In the last interview, the boss had asked him about his father, what was the boss's interest in Ash's family?
'Only that he was a great Pokemon trainer, and that he disappeared when I was younger.' Ash said,
Giovanni pulled a small folder out of the cupboard, it was a dark red folder with a gold lace around it. Giovanni handed Ash the folder,
'What's this?' Ash asked,
'Just open it.' Giovanni replied, he stepped back, and Ash looked at the folder. With shaking hands, Ash opened the folder. Inside, there was a photo of a baby and a man. The man was holding the baby in one arm and was stroking a Persian with his other. Ash choked and looked at the picture more closely, positive that he had made a mistake, but he hadn't, that was the picture alright. Ash felt like dying, his whole life he had thought that his father was a man who believed in good, but now the evidence was pointing that his father, was Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket,
'No,' he choked, 'this can't be true!' he looked up at the Giovanni, 'You can't be my father!'
'Ash, believe what you want,' Giovanni said, 'this is the proof and I'm telling you the truth.'
Ash slid to the floor and looked at the photo again, taking every detail in.
'No!' Ash shouted, defiantly, 'I don't believe you!'
Giovanni sighed, 'Take that photo to your mother.'

It was almost 10:00pm when Ash and Pikachu got back to Pallet Town, and it sounded like the party was still going on. Ash looked through the window of Professor. Oak's laboratory, everyone was asleep, except for Ash's mom who was cleaning the room. Ash walked in,
Ash's mom turned around,
'Ash,' she cried, 'what are you doing up this late. You should be in bed!'
'But mom_'
'No buts, mister, you march yourself right into bed right now.'
'But mom_'
'Ash what did I say?'
'MOM I NEED TO TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!' Ash screamed, tears running down his face. Misty looked at him with half open eyes,
'Ash, some of us have a pounding headache.' her eyes snapped open when she saw the tears on his face, 'Ash, what's wrong?' she asked, worried,
'Mom, I need to talk to you.' Ash said, pulling his mother into a different room. Ash took the picture from his back pocket and showed it to her, for the first few seconds, her face didn't change, then she smiled,
'Where did you find this? I haven't seen this picture in ages.'
'Is it me and dad?' asked Ash, defiantly.
'Of course it is!' Ash's mom said, looking at the picture again, 'I took this picture when you were about 5 months old.' she looked at her son, 'Where did you find this?'
Ash swallowed, if he let her know the truth, he could uproot past memories and his mother's happiness would be shattered for life,
'Someone gave it to me.' he lied, 'Someone who knew dad.'

When Ash got back to his house, he threw up, he could hardly believe that his father was the boss of Team Rocket. Pikachu had been left at the party with the others, as it knew nothing about what had happened at TRHQ. While his other Pokemon were in their Poke-balls. Ash turned around to see the limousine that had taken him to Team Rocket HQ before, now it was his decision, he could become a member of Team Rocket, or live a 'peaceful' life at home. Ash made his decision and entered his room, he packed a bag full of clothes and other things he'd need, and wrote a note for his mom,

I have decided to go on my own new Pokemon journeys, don't expect me to call, don't expect me to write. Don't expect me to contact you in anyway. Please take good care of Pikachu for me. Don't worry, I'm fine.
Love Ash

Ash left the note on the table, and left the house, he nodded to Jessie,
'Open the door. I'm going back.'
Jessie opened the door and Ash entered. James looked a little spooked,
'What are you doing back here?' he asked,
Ash looked up at James,
'I'm joining Team Rocket.' he said unemotionally. James looked surprised, it looked like Jessie hadn't told him,
'You're joining Team Rocket?' James said, unbelievingly. Ash nodded and looked out of the window, at the life he was leaving. It took them half an hour to get back to Team Rocket HQ. Ash knew the way to his father's office and overtook Jessie and James getting there. At the door, Ash took a deep breath and opened the door. Giovanni was there, waiting for him.
'So,' he said, 'you've finally accepted the truth.'
Ash nodded, his cap pulled down over his face. Giovanni smiled,
'You'll like working for Team Rocket. And one day you will lead Team Rocket, as I do.'
Ash nodded, not taking anything in. Giovanni handed Ash a small bag, inside, there was a small white Team Rocket uniform. With much difficulty, Ash finally got the uniform on.
'You'll be a great member.' Giovanni said, 'Just like when I first became a member.'
Giovanni pulled out a folder, with a picture on the front. The picture was of two twelve-year-olds and a Pokemon. Ash recognised them immediately,
'Is that Jessie, James and Meowth?' he asked, surprised by how innocent they looked. Giovanni nodded,
'You'll be partnered with these three.' he said and then shuddered,
'You're kidding?' Ash gasped. Giovanni shook his head,
'I'll start you off with these three, and then you will go up when you have proven your worth. These three seem to have trouble with a pesky brat and his Pikachu, I hope that you can sort the problems out.' Ash smiled and sweat dropped. Giovanni didn't know that his son was the 'brat' with the Pikachu.
'Alright then.' He said, 'I'll join Jessie and James.'

Jessie looked at the door,
'They've been in there for ages!'
James looked up at her,
'So?' he asked, 'Why do you care?'
'I want to know what's going on in there.'
The door creaked open and Ash walked out. Jessie and James's mouths opened wide and their eyes bulged out. Ash was wearing a Team Rocket uniform.
Giovanni looked menacingly at them and they straightened up.
'Jessie. James.' Giovanni started, 'You will teach Ash the ropes.'
The two rockets gaped again.
'You mean, you're partnering us wit him?' Meowth cried
Giovanni nodded. Ash looked up at Giovanni and sighed.
'Let's go then, Ash.' Jessie said. She grabbed Ash's arm and pulled him downstairs. James and Meowth followed. Giovanni watched them go and sighed himself. He just hoped that this would work.

It was 11:00pm when Ash and his new partners got back to Pallet Town. Ash sneaked back and picked up his note. It hadn't been moved, so no-one had read it. He ripped it up into a hundred different pieces and threw it in the bin. Ash quickly got into his original clothes, just as the door opened and the others came in. Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Tracy, May, Max and his mom.
'Ash,' his mom started, 'I thought you were going to sleep.'
Ash sweat dropped,
'I am now.' he ran up the stairs, leaving the others bewildered. About midnight, Ash got out of bed and looked to see if the others were sleeping. They were. Good. Ash had made plans to sneak into Professor Oak's lab and 'borrow' a few Pokemon. He sneaked downstairs and met Jessie and James outside, Meowth was sleeping.
'Lets go.' Ash whispered, after explaining the plan to the two rockets.

'Oh no!' cried Professor Oak, the next morning.
'What is it?' asked Brock, as Ash walked to them.
'About 10 Pokemon are missing!' cried the Professor,
'That's terrible.' cried Misty, horrified.
'Why don't we check the security camera?' asked Tracy, turning a small TV on. Ash sweat dropped,
'What security camera?' he asked,
'The security camera we installed a few weeks ago.' the professor replied. Ash quietly slipped out of the lab as the others watched the screen. A small picture of a young boy came onto the screen. The young boy started looking at the poke-balls and then grabbed them.
'It can't be!' cried Tracy, 'Can it?'
'It's Ash!!!!!!!' they all cried, simultaneously. They all ran outside, except for Tracy, who was still gaping at the screen.

'What's wrong, Ash?' asked Jessie.
'They caught us!' Ash said, gasping for breath, 'There was a security camera.'
'Hold it right there!' shouted a voice. Ash, Jessie and James turned around. Misty, Brock, May, Max, Professor Oak and Ash's mom looked at them. Ash, Jessie, James and Meowth started to say the new motto that they had revised for Ash's arrival into their team.

Ash: Prepare for trouble
Meowth: Make it double
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,
James: To unite all people's within our nation,
Ash: To denounce the evils of truth and love,
Meowth: To extend our reach to the stars above,
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Ash: Ash!
Meowth: ?Day don?t talk trash
Jessie and James: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Ash: So surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth: Meowth, that's right!

'Ash, what's going on?' asked Ash's mom.
'I think its obvious.' Jessie said, irritation in her voice, 'Ash is one of us now.'
Ash smiled evilly, as the others gasped.
Ash looked down at Pikachu,
'Come on Pikachu, buddy, lets go!'
Pikachu looked uneasy,
'Pika?' it whispered,
'Come on,' Ash said, getting annoyed that Pikachu wasn't obeying his commands,
'Pikachu, come on! Let's go.' Pikachu looked up at Brock and Misty, and then back at Ash and Team Rocket.
'Pikachu, you don't have to do what he says.' Misty said,
'Stay out of this red-head.' growled Ash.
'Staryu go!' Misty shouted, sending out the five-pointed Pokemon.

'Staryu, air-tackle!' Staryu lunged for team Rocket
'Pikachu, thunderbolt!' Ash shouted. Pikachu reluctanly sparked up and nocked the Staryu out,
'5, 4, 3, 2, 1!' Ash shouted, 'Go Fearow!' he said, sending out his father's Pokemon, Pikachu looked shocked as Ash and Team Rocket jumped up onto Fearow's back, pikachu being dragged on by Ash.
?When did Ash get a Fearow?' asked Brock, surprised.
Meowth suddenly lunged from a bush into Ash's arms.
'Fearow,' Ash shouted, 'fly now!', and they were gone like a speeding bullet.

Ash's sudden disappearance, and change to Team Rocket sparked across the world. Anyone who had met or battled Ash flocked to Pallet Town to help search for him, believing he had been brainwashed.

Ash sat down in his room at Team Rocket HQ, watching another news bulletin about his 'disappearance'.
'How do you do it?' asked Jessie, awed. Ash looked at her,
'What do you mean?' he asked,
'Not even the whole of Team Rocket could make this much spark in two months, and you've done it two weeks. How?'
Ash flushed,
'I guess its because I've made such an impact on the world. I am a Pokemon master, aren't I?'
Jessie nodded. The door opened and Giovanni came in.
'Jessie, out. I want to talk to Ash alone.'
Jessie nodded and left the room. Ash stood up and bowed to his father,
'What is it?' he asked,
'I think its time to let the whole of Team Rocket in on our little secret.'
Ash looked nervous,
'If they knew, they'd be acting weird around me. And I just got them to like me.'
Giovanni sighed,
'Ash, you're going to become the leader of Team Rocket, the members can't like you. They have to fear you.'
Ash reluctantly agreed, and the ceremony was set up.

Ever since Ash had disappeared, everyone at Pallet Town changed, Mrs. Ketchum hadn't slept since the day Ash had gone and she hardly ate. Misty, Brock, May and Max were worried beyond belief. Professor Oak was changed too, but Tracy didn't seem affected by the change,
'I'm sure he'll come back, just don't worry.' he would tell everyone. One day, when they were all in Professor Oak's lab, Mrs. Ketchum just snapped,
'I can't take this anymore!' she screamed, 'They must've found him by now!!!'
Professor. Oak and Mimie tried to calm her down.

Tracy looked out the window and froze, his backpack was vibrating, that could only mean one thing. The others looked at him as he pulled out a black mobile phone. His face changed as he took the call,
'Yes, this is Tracy Sketchit here.' pause, 'Yes, I've heard about it.' a startled look, 'Right now?' pause 'Are you sure?' pause 'Can I get out of this one!' a scared look, 'Ok then.' he put the mobile away.
'I really gotta go.' he said, apologising, 'Official Pokemon Watchers business.'
'But Tracy, didn't you tell them that you can't go?' asked Misty,
'Yes.' he said, 'They've heard about the incident, but I really can't scrounge out of this, I'm really sorry.'
'Alright then.' Mrs. Ketchum said, sniffling, 'I guess if its work, its work.'
'Thanks.' Tracy said, leaving Professor. Oak's lab, when he was on the outskirts of Pallet Town, he started cursing, really loud
'I honestly don't believe this!' he said taking his disguise off to reveal a black Team Rocket uniform, 'I gotta go watch some dumb rookie become a full pledged member.' He sent out Scyther and jumped on its back, then they flew to Team Rocket HQ.When he got there, he returned Scyther and sent out Marril.

'Member 279: Tracy Sketchit here to watch the ceremony,' he told the guard, bringing out his ID card. The guard nodded,
'I've never seen the boss flustered over any rookie before,' he told Tracy, 'be careful.' Tracy nodded and entered. Marril whimpered and followed him. All the Rockets had their first Pokemon with them when they watched the ceremonies, it was a Rocket tradition. Tracy took his seat and waited for the ceremony to begin, he didn't have to wait long. Giovanni walked onto the stage and began his speech,
'As most of you know, we have had a special guest with us the past two weeks. He has been training hard, and is ready to become a full pledged rocket, like most of you here today. This guest is an exceptional Pokemon trainer, and a friend to everyone.'
Tracy swallowed, that sounded a lot like Ash. Giovanni continued,
'With further a due, let me introduce the new Rocket to our humble society, Ash Ketchum!'
Tracy spluttered and looked up. Ash walked through the curtains, in a black Team Rocket uniform and bowed to the crowd. The crowd clapped for Ash. Tracy felt sick, and felt like he was dreaming. One of the Rockets looked at him,
'Why aren't you clapping?' he asked, menacingly,
'Because I'm going to be sick!' Tracy said, he jumped up and ran out of the hall. Marril followed him.

Tracy looked up at the ceiling in the toilet cubicle. A door opened and a familiar voice shouted,
'Are you okay?'
Tracy swallowed, it was Ash!!!!!! He called out in a deep voice,
'Uh yeah I'm fine.'
'Who's there?' asked another voice, the boss! Tracy opened the door and smiled nervously,
'Tracy?' Ash gaped,
'Hi Ash_' Tracy said, nervously.
'Tracy Sketchit.' groaned Giovanni, 'I should have guessed it.' he looked at Ash, 'Do you know Tracy?' he asked,
'Yes,' Ash replied, 'he used to travel with me when we were in the Orange League.'
Giovanni snapped his fingers,
'Of course,' he cried and turned to Tracy, 'you were trying to do your assigned mission to capture Professor Oak's Pokemon. So you joined Ash here because you knew that you could closer to Professor Oak and achieving your mission. Right?'
Tracy nodded, feeling sick again.
'COOL!' screamed Ash, he turned to Tracy, 'That was your mission, wow! I'd love to do that!!!!'
'Okay Ash,' Giovanni said, 'you can be Tracy's partner and work with him to capture Professor Oak's Pokemon. Your first true mission.'
'WHAT?!' screamed Tracy getting up, 'Sir, I can do this mission on my own, I don't need help.'
Giovanni glanced at Tracy, menacingly,
'Maybe I do need some help.' Tracy said, stepping back.
'Then its settled!' Giovanni cried, 'You two are official partners!'

Ash and Tracy had their disguises back on, and were heading back to Pallet Town.
'This is gonna be so cool!' Ash said for the 15 millionth time that day. He was really getting on Tracy's nerves.
'Look you, you might be my partner, but listen and listen good. Don't come anywhere near me when I'm working, got it?'
Ash nodded,
'Sure!' he cried.

It was reaching 6:00am, when they got back to Pallet Town,
'Hello?' Ash cried,
'Ash?' Mrs. Ketchum lunged down the stairs and grabbed her son, 'Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you.'
Ash looked up at her,
'I don't know.' he said, giving her the excuse that his father had made up, 'The last thing I remember before Tracy waking me up was a Hypno.'
'I said he was brainwashed.' Misty said, lunging down the stairs and into Ash's arms.
'Tracy, where did you find him?' asked Brock
'I was coming back from Pokemon Watchers HQ and I found him unconscious, drowning in a lake near Viridian City.' Tracy lied,
'Oh, dear gosh!' screamed Mrs. Ketchum, making sure that Ash was fine, 'Are you okay?'
'Yes, I'm fine.' Ash said, 'I'm just fine.'

Ash looked at the two photos once more. The one of him, his father, and his mother all those years ago, and the one that had been taken a few days ago. Ash was in his rookie Team Rocket uniform, his father just behind him and Persian.
'Ash?' Misty whispered. Ash jumped and the pictures fell out of his hands and sprawled on the bed, he grabbed them quickly and shoved them under his pillow.
'What is it, Misty?' he asked,
'You seemed distant and you hardly touched your food at dinnertime, is anything wrong?'
He shook his head,
'Nah, I'm fine.'
Misty turned around, and then looked at him again,
'What were those pieces of paper you were looking at?' she asked,
'Just pictures.' Ash lied,
'Pictures of what?' Misty asked,
'It's nothing!!' Ash screamed 'Why do you go into my personal life anyway?'
'Ash, you've been missing for about 3 weeks. Brainwashed into Team Rocket!'
'I know.' Ash whispered 'I know.'
'Then tell me what's wrong.'
'I_I can't_'
'Is it to do with Team Rocket?' she asked
'N_no_of course not_' he choked out and laid down in his bed, 'Goodnight Misty,' he closed his eyes,
'Goodnight.' Misty said back.

Later that night, when Misty knew that Ash was sleeping, she carefully lifted the pillow up and pulled out the pictures. She looked at them and her jaw dropped,
'What does this mean?' she thought to herself, as she ran out of his room.

Ash ran down the stairs, and found angry faces looking at him,
'What?' he asked innocently, 'What have I done now?'
Misty pulled out the two pictures,
'Recognise these, Ash?'
Ash choked and reached for them,
'Where did you get these?' he spluttered,
'Under your pillow.' Misty said. Brock and professor Oak looked at him angrily, while his mother looked at him with worry,
'There is a really good explanation for this_' Ash said, backing away to the door, 'And I wish I could think of one.'
Tracy looked away,
'I can explain,' Ash choked, reaching for the door handle,
'Go on then,' Misty said, 'Explain yourself, explain why you went missing for three weeks and came back with some stupid story about a Hypno and then we find these.'
Ash grabbed the handle and opened the door. He ran out screaming
'IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!!!!!!'
That was the last they would hear from him.

Ash made his way to his bedroom in the headquarters. He opened the door and fell exhausted onto his bed. The door clicked shut, and then opened again.
Ash cringed and opened his eyes,
'Father_' he whispered, his eyes prickling with tears. He turned around and he faced the bed. His tears wet the duvet and Giovanni could hear his sobs,
'They found you out_didn't they?'
This just made Ash sob even more. Giovanni smirked, even though his son was in distress,
'Forget about them, Ash, and we'll start your training.'
Ash looked up at him,
'Training?' he asked,
'I need a successor, and I chose you.'
Ash choked,
'Wha-? I can't lead Team Rocket!'
'Ash, you're shouting.'
'I don't care!' screamed Ash. He could see his fathers' smirk, 'Y- You planned this all along_didn't you?'
'That's not important, Ash,' Giovanni yelled, his voice raising all the time,
'You did all of this just so I would lead Team Rocket,' Ash yelled, 'Well, you know what, you can STUFF your proposition where the sun don't shine!'
Giovanni's jaw dropped,
'You heard exactly what I said!' Ash screamed, 'Stuff you, and your proposition and the whole fricking organisation!'
Ash opened the door and ran down the corridor. He kept running all the way down the steps and out of the door. He ran all the way into the forest and kept running??

"I didnt kill anyone. I hured while I was on the road he had dispanded Team Rocket and had started a family, so I went looking for him? Ash said while he face Sam
"I finally cought up with him. He was on mount Chimeny in Hoeon. Looked like he had been there a while. Do you know what he was doing of all things? He was training pokemon."
Sam losed her glare
"He had raised several pokemon. One of which was a powerful Nidoqueen.

I went up to him and demanded he explain why he had abanded yet another family. Your family. He told me to leave."
Sam no longer glared and now lissened intently at tales of a father.
"He said that he was sorry that he had messed my life up. He said he had decided to try again, but he began to mess your life up to. He said he thought it might have been easier on you if you never had to deal with him.."
Ash stopped for a moment and picked up some ash from the ground
"What happened" Sam insisted
Ash looked at her and threw the ash into the air. "While we were talking the volcane suddenly erupted. There where some ?New Team Magma? grunts messing with a weird device. Some kid was battleing the reformed group. She fell and sliped. I went over to assit her. I'm not sure what Giovania did next but when I looked over he was batteling the new leader of team Magmar. Her name was Lavita"
Ash rubbed his hands on his cloke to clean the remaing dust off
"I manged to pull the girl away from the flames but Giovania wasnt so lucky. Lavita had pushed Giovania after she had lost there battle and he now held on for dear life. I ran over to help him. I told him to grab my arm but he would not. he told me as he dangled over the casum. 'Tell Samantha I love her. And that I'm sorry. And know that I am sorry to you to son. I have made a mess of everything I have ever touched. I don?t deserve to live.'"
Sam was silent
"And then....he let go and fell....Giovania...fell. He wouldnt let me help him...he just...let go"
Sam held on to Rays shirt. In return he tightened his grip around her
"So...why do you hate him still?" she questened with a meak tone in her voice. She was starting to lose it because of all the screaming
Ash looked at her and couldnt look past her resemberlence to there father
"He did a lot of bad things kid. That includeds to both of us. He couldn?t even face his sins, instead he hid from them "
Pikachu manovered itself onto Ashies head
Ash looked up at it .
"people change" remarked Wendy who had just arrived over the hill
Ash looked at her and turned away
"and some will always be the same, svipers" she contuied


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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Ok, I can tell now you're basing this off the anime. Personally, I can't see Ash joining Team Rocket even temporarily but hey, it's your story and it's interesting even if it is a bit hard to believe.


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It is explained later why he joined team rocket. It was to get back at his mother for not telling him the truth. There is a whole chapter later with him and misty explaining it. Also the ff is based on the whole pokemon world, anima, manga and games.

Chapter Ten: The porn of the Profit

Sam didnt know if she refered to Giovania, herself or Ash so she held back on being offended
"Who do you speack of. Yourself" remarded Ash in a sarcastic demeor that caught everyone of guard
Wendy stamped her foot "For course I mean every Rocket you fool!" pointing at Ash and then Sam
Sam was a little shocked but not suprised by her comment. She got the same things said all over Kanto and Johoto
"What??" yelled Ray "are you serus? Sam is rasing pokemon for you! For free! Shes not like what you say at all!"
Wendy shruged her shoulders "So she raises pokemon. big deal. beat shes just like her old man."
Ash looked at her. She winked at him and he quickly looked away, disgusted by her
"The apple never falls far from the tree" remarked Wendy as she came closer to Ash who looked naziated by her mer presence
Sam was still cold and trying to take in everyting. She didnt care about Wendy at the moment. She didnt question why her tune had suddenly changed, but Ray did
"Whats thsi? You dont even know what we are talking about!" he yelled at her from Sams side
"Yes I do" remarked Wendy "o sammy..i'm so sorry! Your daddy fell into a volcano. is that about right? I just hured the whole story from over this hill. And you know what. It?s the best news ive had all day! Front page news!"
sam looked at her, her eyes dead and cold. Ray was horried by the sight of them. He shuck Sam as hard as he could but she had reclused somewhere depp inside of her. Where there was no pain.
Wendy blinked and held an expression of confusion "Dont tell me you CARE that the baddest rocket of them all is dead?"
Sam spoke as if to no one. As if it where an internal monalog "Hes still my dad......."
Wendy walked over to Ash and insisted on hanging on his arm
"What do you want!" yelled Ray at Wendy
"I want here! The public in Johoto would LOVE to get there teeth into her!"
"What are you??" questioned Corinne with disgust
"What am I? I am a reporter for The Daily Profit"
Corinne and Ray both looked at her confused "Your like what? 11"
Wendy placed here hands on her hips while Ash came and stood behind Sam, he placed an object on her lap. It was a gray pokeball "I was his" he whispared
Sam looked at the object he had just handed to her. She studyed it as the others agrueed around her. It was a metalic gray and inscribed with a Golden ?G?. Giovanias insignia.
Sam raped it quicly in her arms out of sight. Ash stood up and placed a hand on Sams shoulder, much to Rays disaray.
?She has been reporting on your every move Sam. That?s how I found you. She has published EVERYTHING you have said and done since Eccleston town. ?
Wendy began to smile ?Oww! You gave it away! I wanted to tell them!?
Ash glared at her ?She was selling you out.?
?How could you? Sam asked sorfty as she craddled the ball
?That?s not the worst part.? Ash contuied ?She has been making you out in a bad light.?
?What do you mean??? yelled Ray
Wendy smilled again and threw her arms in the air ?No one wants to hear about a goody goody! I ?exacturated? a little!?
?She wrote you stole an oddish and slowpoke from her, and that Corinne stole a cataipe from some bug collecter and sold it to Ray?
All three trainers yelled together ?What????
?You gave me the oddish to raise FOR you! And the solwpoke was payment for that!!?
?That catapie was being mistreated! You saw it yourself!?
?Corinne gave it to me to look after!?
Ash crossed his arms ?Dasiey did the same to me?
Wendy looked at Ash ?My Mom did you good and proper! After what you did to Misty, you desereved it!?
Sam stood up, still holding the ball in her hands, held up close to her heart?
?Daisey and Misty waterflower of Celadon??
Wendy smerked ?Yes. You were refused from the gym if I remember rightly.?
Sam looked down ashamed. Ash saw this and became furisus
?that is enough. I know that I hurt Misty, but that is no reason for you to hurt my sister as well. Daisy got her revenge when she relveled by blood concetion with Giovani and accused me of fixing the leage. I lost my masters title and was band from competing in the leage ever again. But Sam, she hasn?t hurt anyone. Your only doing this to get back at me?
Wendy glared at Ash
?What happened to the waterflower line?? Ash yelled back
?You did!? yelled Wendy
?Ever since you came along my family has been torn apart. Misty would not forgive herself after you disapered. She blamed in on herself. Daisy, my mom, left being a gym leader to trace you down. And she did that. Didn?t she!?
Ash looked away "If I hadnt been in enough trouble with everyone, she came along and made in ten times worse. When she found out my bloodline she sold the story to The Daily Profit. The paper accused me of fixing the leage. The public outcry was so great the leage used me as a scapgoat to save face. I was banned from training pokemon profesinaly for life."
Sam stood next to her brother and placed a hand around his arm. He looked down at her. Her eyes tearful and gleaming with colour. She closed her eyes and looked at the floor. Pushing her head into Ashies arm.
"Thank you. Now i'm not alone" she said as she placed both her arms him in a tight hug. Ash didnt know what to do at first. But a warm part of his hart that had been longing for the same as Sam opened and he smiled as he tightly hugged her back.
Ray, Wendy and Corinne looked at this display and reacted diffenently
Corinne smiled and thought the situation was wondeful
Ray was a little unsure and nevrus
Wendy wa almost horrifed
She began screaming "NO! You dont get to be happy!! You never get to be happy!!"
She pulled a pokeball from her bag and relesed its content
"Go! Gyrados!" she yelled as the huge snake pokemon took form from the gleaming red light.

The gyrados screeched it anger at Ash and Sam who still held each other. Both looking stragight at the gyrados. No fear in there eyes.
"As long as your here" Ash said to Sam, but not looking away from the Gyrados
"I know. Together we can fight" she replyed, also not looking away
Pikachu jumped of Ashies head and Holahoop appered next to it from the red light. Boh pokemon looked at the gyrados. Pikachu began to growl fruisuly at it. The small oddish was petrified of the gyrados and the pikachu and ran back to Sam, hidding behind her leg.
Sam sweat droped
"Come on Holahoop. Pikachu needs your help! Prove yourself to Wendy! Show her what a great pokemon she has abanded !"
The oddish looked at Wendy. Wendy tured away from its glance. this upset oddish
"I dont want that perthetic pokemon!" Wendy yelled "When I found out you where in Eccleston City from my sorces I came up with a plan to make you trust me. I cought a Seedot when I found out that fool was after one. i trailed you and timed the trade so that you would see it. I didnt even know I was getting an oddish until that bliethering idiot Clayton showed me."
Holahoop began to well up with tears.
"So why did you have the sun stone? And why did you give me Doc?"
Wendy jerked foward and stood next to gyrados
"The slowpoke was bribery. The sun stone was supposed to be too. If you didnt take the pokemon i would have offered the stone, but then I found out it was oddish. It seemed a very good excuse to tage along. 'o I want a bellosum SO much'. It was perfect. then when you took oddish. i had the perfect excuse to follow you!"
Oddish suddenly jumped forward from behind Sams leg and growled at Wendy "odd odish!!"
Sam was upset at what she had said but it quickly passed as she realised oddish wanted to fight
Wendy cakcled at the sight of the small grass pokemon standing before the huge snake
"You dont stand a chance!" she yelled "This is Auntie Mistys pokemon!"
Ash stepped forward, as did pikachu "Leave this to me. This pokemon is well trained"
Sam pulled him back "I want to fight to"
Holahoop complement her statement with a ferm "oddddddishhh!"
Ash looked at his sister, she was as determed as ever
"..... Very well" she replyed
Sam smiled at him sorty as oddish danced around at her feet
"Enough of this!" yelled Wendy, interupting there moment "Use Hyper Beam!"
The gyrados began to power up its most powerfull attack as Ash and Sam watched
"Pikachu! Use Static Fire!"
"Hola! Use Solor beam!"
Both the pokemon began to run towards the gyrados. Pikachus cheeks began to spark as Hola's leaves shone as they absored sunlight. The gyrados fired its attack.
both pokemon avoiding the beam by running in different directions. Pikachu to the left. Hola to the right.
"NOW!" both Rockets yelled together.
"PPPPPKKKKCHUUUUUUUU!" yelled Pikachu as sparks flow out of his hole body
"oddissssssh!" yelled Hola as she relesed the enregy of the sun from the top of her head.
Both the attacks hit gyrados in the same place at the same time. The comined attack sent Gyrados flying into the air. He landed on what remaded of the gym, focing the structure to colaps under its weight.
"my gym!!" yelled Corinne as dust flew into the air from the structure
Wendy was silent and held an expression of profound shock. "Re-return" she yelled supirsed
Corinne began yelling at Wendy "Get out of my town NOW!"
Wendy looked once more at Ash and Sam "This isnt over!" she yelled at them.
She tured tail and ran as fast as she could away from gym, away from Doncaster.
No one gave chace. They were all just a little bit to bemused by the whole experence. They all stood looking at each other.
Corinne staring at the rubble that was her gym.

Knight soon fell.
Ray, Sam, Ash and Corinne had be clearing rubble from the arena.
Finally a work grew the Mayor had called arrived. The clean up operation began.
Ray and Sam had packed there bags and where ready to go. they where unsure if Ash would come with them
"Are you coming with me" she asked him softly
Ash smiled at her "No. Not now. You have your own journey and own friends to make. When you are a pokemon master I will find you again."
Sam smiled "Will we battle? i would like that dearly"
"Then we will. When you become the champoion"
Sam smiled modistly "You mean IF"
Ash smiled back at her, placing a hand on her shoulder "No, I mean WHEN"
Pikachu jumped on Ashies shoulder, and with one last look at Sam he yelled
"dont open the ball until you get to Prescot town. I dont know whats in it. Take care of yourself....sister.
he disappred back into the shadows from where he came.

As Ray and Sam where leaving when Corinne ran up behind them
"Sam!" she yelled "Take this badge."
She handed her the badge "It is the Essence badge"
Sam looked at her "I cant take this. i didnt beat you"
Corinne smiled "I know, but you did something much more special. please take it"
Sam took the badge from Corinnes hand and placed it on her jacket, next to the Earth Badge
"Thank you."
"Hay! Why dont you come with us?" Yelled Ray "You dont have a gym right now!"
Corinne smiled softly at ray "I cant leave now. I am needed."
Ray was a little sad but he understood, she couldnt leave when Doncaster needed her the most
Ray and Corinne hugged and Sam ran over and hugged both of them
"Take care!" Corinne yelled while waving from the edge of the town
"Look after kanon!"
"I will Corinne!"
"I'll be back for a proper match!" yelled Sam jumping up and down
"I know you will!" yelled Corinne, also jumping
They contuied to wave to each other until they were just a speck on the harzon.
Corinne retured to her gym. She would never breath a word of any of what she had witnessed. She was better than thant...
She began to pick peaches of rubble of the floor of the gym. Workmen came and helped her....


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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My eyes hurt from all the reading, and I've only finished the first part! Holy Fudge Crackers, you wrote a book!

"Irregardless" and "Over exaggerated" are NEVER CORRECT EVER because they are redundant
Regardless means "without regard", and adding "ir" on the front actually makes it a double negative; exaggerate means "to overstate" so you're literally saying "over overstate."
Example: I can not exaggerate the importance of this fact enough, regardless of how often people ignore it.

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