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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:47 am 
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‘Twilight Convergence” is my first attempt at a cross over fiction. Here are the characters I am going to use, just in case you don't know who they are.

Characters in this story. May contain spoilers to the anime, so be warned.

Name: Sumiregawa Nenene
Anime: R.O.D: The TV
Nickname (Japanese): Nene-Nee
Nickname (English): Big sis Nenene
Age: 23
Voice Actor - Japanese: Satsuki Yukino
Voice Actor - English: Wendy Tomson

Nenene is a famous author who lives in a flat in Tokyo. She can be a little cranky especially when writing and likes to appear tough, but when people get to know her she relaxes somewhat.
Her father is a computer programmer and was head hunted by a big company in America so Nenene’s mother and father moved over there. Nenene was already writing at this point and decided to stay because she felt more comfortable writing in Japan.

Debuting at thirteen with her first novel “You Know Me”. Nenene quickly became a well known author. Nenene’s most resent novel, ‘Twilight Liberation Zone’ was being made into a movie by a Hong Kong movie studio, however she hasn’t written for four to five years ago.

Name: Reki
Anime: Haibane Renmei
Nickname (Japanese): None
Nickname (English): Here name means 'Little Stones'
Age: 7 Haibane years
Voice Actor - Unknown
Voice Actor - English: Unknown

Bio: Reki is the unofficial leader of Old Home. She's both the mother and the father figure. She paints in her spare time. Although she's always smiling, her dreams are always troubled.
She keeps Old Home going and looks after the kids and any newcomers.

History: She spent seven years at Oldhome. She suffered under a cure called 'Sin Bound'. Her feathers would turn black. She eventualy overcame her curse with the help of another Haibane named Rakka, and flew over the wall to the outside world.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:48 am 
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‘Twilight Convergence”
By Shauni-san

Day One: You Know Me

"As you can see general, the holographic cloning procedure has been completed. From a single photograph our computers can create a physical duplication of the subject. Furthermore, with enough video footage of the chosen subject, we can reproduce personality traits perfectly with a degree of error to 0.2%."

The conference room remained silent for a few seconds as the four British secret service generals looked on, emotionless at Izzard Kennedy. He nervously pulled on his collar as he began to sweat slightly. Izzard was a rather short man and was intimated by the muscle clad generals that were staring back at him. His spiky, earth brown hair began to sag as the sweat made its way all over his body. His honey colored eyes darted from on general to the next, begging for there response to his presentation.

General Guy Kewney lent forward after a further 30 seconds. The man was huge in stature, his toned body clearly visible, even under his blue blazer and of whiter shirt. The man grinned at Izzard. A shifty, greasy grin, fit for a jackal. His chocolate brown complexion gleamed blue with the color of the projector light.
"So what your saying is, we can recreate anyone if we have enough video footage of them?" he asked, a condescending tone in his voice.

Izzard almost yelped in surprise. The general’s voice was so deep and loud, it could probably level a building if he just raised his voice.

Izzard shuck his head hesitantly "N-not exactly. You see, the computer interoperates personality traits from surveillance footage. The subject needs to be under observation for a long time, and without there knowledge if the clone is going to be a perfect match..."

General Guy frowned, which caused Izzard to sweat even more, and then backtrack.
" could recreate people like the princess of Wales, or Winston could be possible to practically recreate historical figures...if it’s from the later part of the 20th century....and they were in the public eye and media. We could fill in any missing behavior patterns from....historical records....if you really wanted to recreate someone from history"

Izzard had a horrible feeling deep down in his gut. He had created this holographic cloning machine in order to make perfect espionage agents. They could take on the form of key figures within enemy governments. Perfect, instantaneous 'moles'. Even if they were discovered, they were only hard light holograms. They could always make another clone. It seemed to Izzard however, that the generals before him were thinking of using this machine for something far more sinister.

Izzard gulped, and tried to physical push this thought out of his mind. If he didn't do what the British government wanted, he would be as good as dead.

General Guy stood up and began to leave the room, the other generals followed suit. Before he left, he turned around, glaring at Izzard.

This time, Izzard let out a yelp as the general began to speck.
"I want to see what this machine of yours is fully cable of. I want you to create a clone of a fiction character before the end of the weak. I don't care who it is. It can be Wonder Woman for all I care. We want to see if we can create agents worthy of Marvel."

General Guy smiled "We originally hoped we could create clones of 'super hero's'. Imagine if the British Empire had Spiderman or the Hulk as solders."

Izzard lifted his arm and shrieked, cowering back in surprise.
"Y-you can’t be series! You want me to bring...cartoons to life?!" he yelled.
The General shouted as loud as a bull elephant "THAT'S AN ORDER!" he yelled, before slamming the door. The pain of glass set into the wood work shattered. Izzard fell to the floor, his ear drums burst.

"What subject have you chosen?" asked a small, red haired woman that stood behind Izzard.

The woman's blazing main of hair was kept under control by a tightly bound pigtail. Her ocean blue eyes flashed with excitement. It was clear to anyone that viewed the fresh faced honors student she was excited to levels only youngsters could display.

"Nenene Sumiregawa" spoke Izzard.

The flamed haired youngster stood onto the tips of her toes, and rested her head over Izzard's shoulder, looking at the computer screen in front of him.

A Japanese anime style drawing of a brown haired woman with glasses that did nothing to hid beautiful, sparkling green eyes looked back at her.
"Nenene Sumira-what?" asked the youngster, trying her best and failing to prance the foreign name.
Izzard turned to her and laughed.
"It’s probably best you don't try and pronounce her entire name on the first attempt Margaret." Izzard spoke. His face turned from one of concentration, to childish joy when he spoke to her.
Margaret lent back, pouting. "Why did you have to pick a cartoon character from an anime? I would have killed to met Peter Parker!" she spoke, sounding a little spoilt.
Izzards smile grew, and he scratched the back of his head. "Cartoons from Europe and America are all well and good Margaret, but I personally feel only Japanese animations capture personality. I wanted the test the system for all its factors. Nenene was a well developed anime character, and the series R.O.D the TV ran long enough for the computer to get a 99.9% accuracy rating on her personality. She really is the best candidate. The general suggested this particular anime on his ‘wish list’ because of the supernatural ablates of some of the characters, but I thought it was safest all around if we tested it on one of the characters that couldn’t kill us with a scarp of paper."

Izzard then blushed, before turning away from Margaret
"And I've always wanted to met an author as passionate as she is portrayed"
Margaret frowned and walked over to Izzard, poking him several times in the back of the head with her finger. "You shameless bookworm."


"Nenene Sumiregawa, age 23. Author. Japanese. Is this correct Nenene?" asked Izzard as he reviewed his documents attached to his clip board.

“How do you know who I am?” spoke the Asian woman. Her face held firmly onto the visage of extreme irritation. The woman had light brown hair, which if it caught the light just right, looked almost golden. She was currently clad in a hospital gown. She opened her eyes at look at her 'interrogator' again.

Izzard stared into the pools of emerald green, mesmerized at how detailed and perfect they were.
"Truly...fascinating..." he spoke aloud, lost in thought.

Nenene was very irritated. She had woken up about an hour ago, not knowing were she was. The last thing she remembered, she was sitting in her Japanese’s apartment with a few of her friends. Now she found herself in what could only be described as a holding cell, being asked all sorts of stupid questions by this British idiot.

Izzard looked down at his notes. "Okay Nenene. We need to give you a physical examination to confirm installation was successful.

Nenene frowned. In Japan, it was considered very rude to refer to a stranger by there first name, and he had not used any honorifics. Anger got the better of the author, and she stood up, slamming her hands down on the table in front of her.

"First of all, you will refer to me as Sumiregawa Nenene-sensai. Secondly, you will tell me EXACTLY were I am AND what the heck you've DONE to me!"

She dug her nails into the wood of the table. Nenene had a very hot temper, but after her experience recently with the British Library, she wasn't going to sit around and wait to be experimented on.

Izzard flailed back in surprise, almost falling out of his chair.
"Dear me! I am so sorry Miss Sumiregawa!" he spoke.

Nenene remained standing, but her rage faded back into irritation.

Izzard composed himself and picked up the notes he had just dropped.
"Nenene Sumiregawa, age 23. Author, Japanese. This is who you are...but all of it is a lie"
Nenene frowned, but remained silent. Best to get all of the information before she asked the man to 'sit down' in the same manner she had asked her last English kidnapper to do, before she punched his lights out.

"You are currently being held at the British Scientific institution in the city of Liverpool. This facility is a classified military institution. We develop weapons and surveillance technology here."

Nenene sat down, crossing her arms "That doesn't explain why I'M here"
Izzard shuck his head "Yes it does. My department has recently developed a machine that can recreate anyone’s form and personality from video footage. Miss Sumuregawa, you are the first product of this process."

Nenene's eyes widened. "I'm...I’m a clone...?" She began to shake a little "Are...are you saying I’m a result of your genetic engineering...I don’t believe you."

Izzard looked confused for a moment, then smiled "Oh, I am sorry Miss Sumiregawa. I didn't explain this very well."
His grin disappeared as he noticed the fear come into Nenene's face, and the color drain from her checks.

"The life you thought you had, never existed as a real experience. You were created, as was your world. In essence, you were a character and the world around you a story. We brought you to life. You are, in fact, only 2 hours and 34 minutes old."

Nenene's color had fully faded at this point, and her shaking had become noticeable.

“Make that 2 hours and 35 minutes.”
Izzard stood up and called to the other medical staff members who had been observing the interview from the corner of the room.
"Please take the subject to a holding room for now, we will continue this later."

Nenene came to her senses, dismissing the information for the more pressing concern of defending herself, but she was too late. One of the scientists had already injected her with a sleeping drug. She quickly lost her fight to the dark, and retreated into the unconsciousness.


"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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 Post subject: Day Two: The Bird.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:52 am 
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Day Two: The Bird.

Nenene sat on the bed in her holding cell. She had only just started to come around from the drug Izzard's staff had administered to her about 3 hours ago.

She sat as still as she could. Every movement she made left her feeling car sick. She rubbed her stomach softly, trying to get rid of the pain.
"Urg....I wish I could remember the party..." she sarcastically said to no one in particular.

She placed both hands by her sides to steady herself while she took in her surroundings. She was in a featureless prison cell, with no window and a single door with a peep hole.

She had to squint her eyes in order to focus. "Damn those British freaks...they took my glasses" she complained.

She attempted to stand but, but feel back down again when her lefts wouldn't oblige her.
"Ahh...." she cried in frustration.
She looked towards the door. "I know it’s allotted to ask in a lifetime....but Yomiko...I'm counting on you to get me out of this mess...."
She paused, then she frowned "...again."


General Guy and his acquaintances sat around the conference room table, all staring blankly at Izzard.

"As you can see, the subject is identical to the original you requested." Izzard said. The comment had started out full of pride, but it had quickly evaporated mid sentence as he had spotted the throbbing vain on General Guys neck.

"Let me get this straight...we give you 200 different recommendations for subject selection....and you chose to create a writer?" she asked. His voice level, but his face full of furry,

Izzard 'eep' and took two steps back.
" gave me list of animations I could take subject maters from. I chose one from the never specified which person.-"
The general stood up and began to roar like a lion before Izzard could finish.
"We expected an IJin or a paper master! Why on EARTH did you pick the geek!!?"
Suddenly Izzard was yelling, though shivering uncontrollably.
"She is a wonderful and talented author! My team my have been in danger is we created a super power user! How would we have contained someone who could walk threw walls, or a person who can make paper stronger than steel?!"
Izzard and the general were looking square on at each other, neither one wanting to back down on this issue.
The general smiled and lent back. Izzard, in returned, now held a bemused look.
"Very well Izzard. The next subject I can be your selection as well. But make sure it has SOME supernatural features."
The generals all stood up and left the conference room. Izzard held the same expression for a full 20 minutes until what had just happened was process.

"Please, confirm your name and age." Asked Izzard, while again he revised his notes.
"Reki...I don't really know my age...but I was a haibane for 7 years."
Izzard nodded. He then looked up at the young woman in front of him.
She was almost a foot taller than Izzard, and her hair was as black as coal. Her eyes were a dark hazel. The woman twitched nervously. It was obvious to Izzard, which had recently given up the habit that this young woman was in desperate need for nicotine.
Reki wouln't have looked so usual if you had passed her in the street. She had a kind face and a soft, even complexion. What did make her stand out were the two, small wings that protruded from her back. Both were charcoal grey and wonderfully maintained. If this was not odd enough, the young lady before him was also sporting a halo. It somehow floated above her head majestically, glowing a soft yellow which gave a nice shine to her hair.

" this...over the wall? Is this...what I've suffered for....just this...?" she looked around the room, gently at first, the frantically. She looked back at Izzard.
"Where...where is Kuramori?!" she asked in desperation.
Izzard didn’t really know what to say to the winged abomination before him. Taking into consideration Nenene's response, he decided to lie.
"She's....not here...but you need to go threw a few tests here before you can really move on."
Reki looked unsure for a moment...but the prospect of seeing Kuramori after all those long years was to much for her to ignore. She nodded, and allowed herself to be subjected to there testing. If it meant getting to see Kuramori faster, she wouldn’t reset.

Izzard sighed and scuffled his notes. To his horror, supernatural features WERE cloned from these characters....



"Shauni fell down a drainage ditch and died. That was the end of her pokemon journey. "--Shauni

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