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Is this fanfic good?
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:24 am 

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A Blonde boy, about 15 years old, wondered through the storming desert.. With nothing but his blue jeans on, his hair was untied and fell to his shoulders.
Gasping, he fell to the sand, and he had finnaly found what he was looking for... The Dark Stone.

He was slowly losing conciousness, when he saw a sight to be seen. The sand formed a globe around his body, and was taking off from the ground.
He watched in fright as the stone was washed away by sand...

1 year later....

The sun shone on the dirt path infront of a tall building, with a pokeball enprinted on its two front glass doors. Infront of the building stood a boy, with long blue hair, that went up to his neck, and some covered his eyes, a white button up shirt, and brown pants with some flip flops on.

"All right Ku-No, your so close.." He Muttered to himself. "Once You get your license we will be able to go to Hoenn.."
"Cool" A voice said behind him. "Ku-no, I'm going to Hoenn too." The boy turned around and saw a short boy, with blond hair, wearing a black shirt with the pokeball emblem on it, and wearing black pants.

"RICH!" Ku-no exclaimed with a smile. "Wow, Funny we'd see each other here!"
"I know, right?" They walked together talking, and as they entered the building the were approached by a tall bald man, wearing some nice glasses( 8) ) and a black over coat.
"Hello boys," He said, quietly. " Good to see you again."
"Sensai?" Rich and Ku-No said at once."Wow!!Are you our tester?"

"You know the rules, Sensai can not be Tester." He said with a giant smile. "So, hows my eggs going? Have they hatched yet?"
"Mine has" Rich exclaimed, pulling out a pokeball. "GO! Come on out, Sneasel!!!"

A Sneasel as black as coal, with feathers as red as blood, And it let out a battle cry, then began to jump about the lobby, through the plants, on the couch, until Rich recalled it. " Heheh... its.. Hyper..."

"What about you, Ku-no?" Sensai asked, Intregued. "Has it hatched yet?"
"Yep! COME OUT DODOU!" Ku-no yelled realesing the pokemon that he had encaptured in its ball. A small two headed ostrich came out to its ball, and hid between its masters knees. "Ehehe, Its shy..."

"Ok, then follow me to the testing room, where Mr.Kyozoaki will test you." Sensai told them.

They walked down to the hall between the pokemart and the pokecenter, and took a left at the 3rd blue door.
entering they saw rows and rows of desks, descending and getting thinner until they reached the bottom, where a stage resided.
On that stage there was a stand with a microphone, and almost evrey desk was filled, Ku-no and Rich were taken to 2 empty desks.

A man Came and stood to the microphone and asked if evreyone was ready.
A giant yes filled the room. The test took a while, and Rich got to leave early becuase he was finished.

By the time Ku-no Turned his test in, he was escorted to the pokecenter, where it took serveral minutes for the brunett at the front desk of the pokecenter to look over his test, then she went into the back room, and came back with a pokedex(Pokemon License), A Red square, with a blue button and a small portion that would pop up, it was increadibly thin.

She handed Ku-no the pokedex, then asked him something. "Hey, you got a perfect score, would you like to pick a starting pokemon? We just got a new breed... How bout it?"

"Uh... Now?" Ku-No asked. " Will I get it now?"
"No.... Oh well.." She said, sighing. " I'll give it to someone else." She walked off into the back room.
"WAIT!" Ku-No yelled. "Have you seen another boy thats really short?Im sharing a dorm with him!"
She came back out, with a key in her hand. " Your dorm number is 5439..Good luck finding it..."She handed him the key, and told him which floor it was.

Ku-no walked to the elavator, and slowly but surely finally found his room.
As he unlocked the door, he noticed a strange pokemon walking around the halls.
"Hey little fella'!" He said putting his hands on his knees. "You lost?"
The pokemon, a monkey with fire flittering on its hands and an innocent face, looked at him.
Then It started shooting fire at him.

"AAAAAAAH OOH MY GAWD!" Ku-No screamed, unlocking and running in the room, where Sneasel hopped around and Rich lay on the bed.
As he was closing the door, the monkey ran into the room.
Calling out dodou, Sneasel and dodou double teamed the pokemon, and overcame it with sneasels claws and dodous feet and beak.

"What do we do?" Ku-no asked Rich. "It's wild, how did it get into the building...?"
"I got an idea... Keep it in the room... and it might calm down.." Rich said, sitting up.
"Go over and pet it.. Your the pokemon wounds expert... They have pokeballs and potions in the bags they left for us in the room..."
Rich thought to himself..

"Catch it."

To be Continued....
yay Im happy!
If you want to be in this comic PM me.
Hey there are going to be pokemon from D/P in this comic, if you want to know which ones, here it is.

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