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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'> Chapter 1: The start of the Adventure</span>

"Well now that we have this ship, where do you suspect what direction we should go?" asked Garet after they had left Lalivero.
"Well since we have no idea where Lemuria I suggest maybe some of the villages along the coast might have something out of their lore or books discribing how to find the place." said Issac.
"Well, Babi just happen to give me this map of the coast and part of the sea that he had brought with him when he had left Lemuria. We could begin to study it and make a plan from it." Mia said.
"Hey, just when did he give you that?" asked Garet after Mia pulled out the map from her robe.
"Just after you guys had left the house I was given this map. Guess they figured a women wouldn't actually look at it and not just set sail and get lost." "
Hey, just what did that mean?"
"Oh nothing. Just remembering how it did take us awhile to get from place to place sometimes cause someone got us lost and wouldn't ask for directions."

"Will you guys just please look at the map. I'm getting tired of just holding the ship steady and would like to get going and look for Lemuria and Sheba. That's what we were told to do with this ship." said Ivan abit impaciently.

While Mia and Garet looked over the map and Ivan held the ship in a steady course Issac looked out to sea. He was reflecting the events of the past year. The new friends he meet, the Lighthouses, and all the places they had seen. And now what layed ahead. They were to find Lemuria and Sheba but also had to go after Felix and stop him from lighting the two remaining Lighthouses. And who knows where they currently were. A piece of land had broken off just south of the Venus Lighthouse and it was supected that they might be on it. And who knows where that chunck of land may turn up. But now they just had to decide on where to go. Finally Garet and Mia had reached an agreement. "Hey Issac hose about this town. It's called Champa. It's a decent distance away but maybe we might pass a ship or a small town along the way and try to get some info."

"Sounds too to me. I have no real objections. So how about it Ivan. Lets head off to Champa."

"Finally. Ok, what way should I head to?"

After an hour of sailing Garet posed a very good question. "Do you think there are monsters at sea?"

"Probably. Since there are monsters on land with Earth, Wind, and Fire abilites there should be water in the mix. We did enounter monsters on the lake. And you all know how much fun that was. It seemed like there was no end til that last monster. And probably around the coast we would get some flying monsters since they could travel out abit from land. So ya I say there are."

"Well, thanks for that long opinion on my question. But even with the lake, we enountered them sooner then now. I just do wonder if there are any out here."

"Just remember, the lake was much smaller then the ocean. So the population would be spred out abit more."

"Well, just that I'm bored right now."

"Bored? We've only been out to sea for half a day and your bored? You wern't bored when we were traveling for days on end on land."

"But there were at least things to look at on land. All I see here is the bit of coastling and vast amount of water as far as the eye can see." Just then the boat rocked. "What was that?" Soon some water monsters jumped from the water onto the deck. "Ask and you shall receive I guess."

"Ya, just had to open your mouth. Anyway less talking and more fighing these monsters." said Mia as she pulled out here weapon and begins to strike the cloest one to her. Soon Garet and Issac joined in. Ivan stayed near the orb and keep the boat going. We would join them if needed to be but decided to at least keep moving to there next destination. Soon the battle was over.

"Bored now?" asked Mia. "Nope." said Garet. After kicking the monsters off the ship the keeping heading Northeast and then according to the map, North.

For the rest of the the day, nothing else much happened. They explored the ship. It was vast to say the least. There was enough room for a decent crew and then some. They found enough supplies to last them for at least 2 years. They were placed in special boxes that only a Water Adept could open and explained why the contents were as good as they were for being submerged under water for over 100 years. Then after a small meal, the headed off to bed.


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Good a coolz like a princess... Good luck with the fan fic!

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