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Part 1: Into the world of pokemon

Where am I?

Am I dreaming this?

I feel a pleasant breeze?

I hear a voice from somewhere?

I wonder who it is.

?Um hello? Please wake up.? Said the figure standing beside her. ?Hmm?? Dazed, Heather tried to sit up, but her limbs where extremely sore. ?Who?s...there?? she mumbled. ?Ah! Good, you?re awake!? The figure said sounding relived.
?That?s a relief, I?d thought you might be?well?How are you feeling??
?Dizzy,? Heather replied with some effort.
As her vision cleared, she was surprised to see and Umbreon standing in front of her. At first she thought she was seeing things. Heather managed to push herself up into a sitting position. She rubbed her eyes and blinked a couple times.
Nope, he?s still there?but he could talk!? Heather was thoroughly confused. ?How did I get here? And who are you?? She asked.
?Well, I found you laying out in the forest so I brought you over here so you would be safe.?
Heather was fully awake now and felt much better. She streched and stood up?but something was wrong. Standing at her full height, she could just look the strange talking Umbreon in the face. Heather turned and looked around.
The two of them where in a small clearing surrounded by trees. There was a small pond, almost a puddle in the middle. Anxiously, Heather ran over to its edge. It was very shallow but she could just see her reflection. She fell backwards in shock. She was covered with black fur. I?m a Pokemon?! How did this happen? The Umbreon looked puzzled ?What?s the matter??
?What?s the matter?! I?m a Sneasel, that?s what?s the matter!? The Umbreon sat next to her ?You?re just noticing this now?? Heather stopped for a moment. Of course! To him, I just look like a normal Sneasel? She continued, a little calmer now ?Well, yes?you see, I?m not supposed to be a Pokemon. I?m a human really.? The Umbreon nodded. ?well that settles it. You are Heather aren?t you? I thought I recognized your voice.?
?Yes! I am,? Heather said ?And you are?An Umbreon?we were partners?? She tried to remember the time they spent together when she was a human. ?Yes! Now I remember you! We traveled together,? Heather was so happy to be reunited with her partner, she nearly forgot that she was a Sneasel.
?One last question,? Umbreon said ?Just to make sure you REALLY are Heather?What was the nickname you gave me when I met you?? He looked at her with a sly expression.
?Oh, that?s easy!? Heather leapt to her feet ?Shadow.?
?Correct. But if you are heather, how come you look like that?? Heather sighed ?I don?t know?In fact, I can?t really remember anything before now, other than you of course.?
?That?s strange...maybe-?
Suddenly, there was a rustling sound coming from the bushes behind them. A Butterfree tripped and fell into the clearing with them. Her wings had been sore from flying a long way, and she had to try running. Unfortunately, The Butterfree?s legs were short, and she kept stumbling and tripping and she was nearly out of breath. ?Please! You must help me!? Shadow sat beside her. ?It?s Okay, just take a deep breath and tell us what?s wrong.?
The Butterfree rested her weak legs and tried to calm down. ?My baby, my Caterpie, fell into a fissure, that opened in the forest! He can?t climb out by himself!? she said frantically.?That?s terrible!? Heather said.
?It gets worse. When I tried to go get him, wild Pokemon attacked me! They seemed to be enraged by the earthquakes.? Butterfree said having caught her breath. ?Well we can?t just do nothing.? Shadow turned and looked at Heather. ?What do you think?? Heather nodded in response.
?If you would lead us to him, we?ll save Caterpie for you.?

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