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Oh my! Celebifly has written a sequal becuase she said when IP got over a 1000 views, she would write this! Beware! She wrote more than half of it at 1-3 in the morning. So if anything doesn't make any sense, just tell me please. And it's not done. It's at 15 pages and I'm about half way through. I think. That's about it for a summer introduction. So I'll continue this in about a week. That'll be long enough for you guys to read this. Enjoy!

A lone girl strode on the snowy plains of an area called Montage. Several trees were swaying with in the wind, as well as her chestnut hair. Few debris stuck up from the snow.

?Something was here, and I?ll figure out what....? She muttered amongst herself.

Her high boots deepened the snow as she walked on. On her black belt were 5 full pokeballs and one empty great ball. It was in-between her black pants and purple sweater.

Her turquoise eyes spotted a shack a few yards ahead.

?Finally-civilization.? She smiled, trucking onwards.

When she arrived at the broken down house, she knocked gentle.

A rustling noise was heard from the inside, and the door cracked open.

?Whadda want?? A man said impolitely.

?Excuse me sir, but...can I ask you a few questions? I?m from the press.? She explained, pulling out a note book and pen from her pocket.

The man glared at her.
?Look hun. There has been several of your kind already disturbing mah peace. And I tell ?em all the same damn things ova? and ova? again-I know nothing of the IPI. Kay?? He went to shut the door, but the girl blocked it with her foot.

?Look-my name is Kyoumi Egred, and I promised my boss that I?d bring him back at least some information. Please....PLEASE let me ask you some questions.? She begged. ?I?ll make it worth your while, too.? She flash $$1,000 at him.

?Pfft, ya think moneh? means somethin? to mah?? She laughed, taking the money.

Kyoumi was lost at the mans actions, but she shrugged it off, walking inside.

The man sat down on a rocking chair as Kyoumi gave a quick look around at the shacks? insides. A bed, chair, fire place, table, kitchen, and a door most likely leading to the bathroom, or she hoped.

?Um....? She started, but the man interrupted her.

?Just sit on the bed, hun.? He told her, and she did without hesitation.

?Okah, first question; what is your name?? She asked.

?Ixidor Cabin.? Ixidor replied.
Kyoumi dotted down his name.

?Second question, how long have you been living here?? She asked.

?19 years.? He replied in a heart beat as if people asked him this everyday. He also seemed rather bored, for he was playing with a piece of loose string.

?Alright. So, 1 year before the city disappeared, right?? She asked back.

?No.? He said sarcastically.

Kyoumi now gave the glare. ?Sir, it?d be better if you?re not rude during this time segment.? She huffed.

?Sorry hun-it?s just that after the 3rd time I was barged in by da press, I kinda got sick of it.? Ixidor apologised.

?Also-please don?t call me hun. I find it rather, erm, creepy.? Kyoumi forced a smile.

?Alright hu-I mean Ms. Egred.?

Kyoumi lifted an eyebrow. ?Very well. Next question; have you ever seen any weird creatures living around here? Possible an IP??

?Oh yeah! All da time! In da matter of fact, I own some!? He said with a smile.

Kyoumi slammed the pen down. ?Sarcasm is not helping here sir! I asked you once nicely! Don?t make me ask you again.? She hissed.

?Sorry Miss, it?s just dat I don?t get regular company up here, so I forget how to be a good host, ya know?? He slumped back on his chair.

Kyoumi got up. ?Alright. Thanks for the, time.? She sighed, heading for the door. Before she opened it, she looked back at Ixidor. ?Why did you move up here??

Ixidor cracked his jaw. ?There?s somethin? I don?t get asked.? He smiled. ?Because, I like solitude. No one around, and no one will ever be around.? He smirked. ?Just me and my pokemon.?

?You....have pokemon?? She asked.

?Yup! Though since we?re-a all alone up-a here-I let ?em wonder around. You might see them. There-a should be a Dewgong, Stantler, Snorunt, Golbat, and Shelgon running about.? He explained.

?Thanks for the warning.? She grinned, walking out.

?Anytime hun!?

?Arg!? Kyoumi yelled from the other side of the door.

Putting the impolite man behind her, she wondered on.

?Might as well leave this ghost area....though, one would wonder why there was no building or anything left from 20 years ago...not even a storm could make a city disappear...? She thought aloud, when a noise struck her ears.

?Snorunt!? A Snorunt pipped at the girl.

Kyoumi turned around to see the little ice pokemon.

?Oh, hi there! You must Mr. Cabins! He told me about you.? She smiled.

?Sno, snorunt!? It smiled back.

?Do you like it up here?? She asked it.

?Runt! Sno, runt runt!? It replied in a weird fashion.

?Oooookah...don?t know what that meant....wait, why am I talking to a pokemon?? She blinked, as it started to run off. ?Wait! Where are you going?? She yelled, only soon to be passed by a Stantler. ?Hay! What?s the rush?? She suddenly felt a lot colder. ?Boy it?s getting windy...and colder, and very windy....ah crap!? She was in the middle of the beginning of a snow storm.


?Another knocker? Geeze, so much for being alone...? Ixidor sighed, opening the door. ?What? Oh, hey hun!? He was actually smiling to see the return of Kyoumi.

Kyoumi pushed by Ixidor. ?What did I say about calling me hun?? She snapped, brushing off snow.

?Sorry Miss. Just didn?t except you back so soon.?

She huffed. ?Well-as you can tell, there?s a snow storm out there, and I can?t survive in one, and your shack is the only thing that close to a shelter out here in these deserted plains. So, may I stay here until the storm lets up?? She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

?I dunno....I mean....dis IS a place built for one...? She said, pointing the signal bed.

Kyoumi stared at him, and then the bed. ?I?ll take the floor.? She snapped.

Ixidor chuckled. ?Naw, I can?t do dat to a dame. I?ll-a take the rocking chair, ?kay?? He said.

Kyoumi now crossed his arms. ?Fine. But I?m allowed to keep a pokemon out to prote-?She didn?t bother finishing her sentence.

?I gets it. You don?t trust ol? Ixidor.? He sighed and shrugged. ?But I don?t-ta blame you. Being up here for 19 years....? He started.

?Don?t! Don? She now did the interrupting, sending out her Noctowl.

?Damn! It?s-a getting crowding in here!? Ixidor fell onto the rocking chair.

Kyoumi ignored him and hopped into his bed, while Noctowl kept a sharp on Ixidor.

?Good night Miss.? Ixidor whispered.

Kyoumi ignored him again.


It was around 2 am when Kyoumi sprang from her sheets. She looked to her right to see Ixidor drooling on himself, and to her left was her wide awake Noctowl.

?Sssshh..? She spoke softly to her pokemon. Noctowl nodded.

Kyoumi slipped out of bed, and headed to the other door.

?This better be a bathroom.? She mumbled, turning the knob. But it was locked.

?The hell?? She muttered, looking at Ixidor again. ?If this isn?t a bathroom-why would he lock a door if no one even lives close enough to rob him-a shack?? She yawned, barely awake.


Kyoumi shuffled in the bed as someone nudged her.

?Miss, miss.....hun?? A males voice spoke into her ear.

?Blaw?? She said, barely awake.

?The storms ova-? Kyoumi sprang upwards.

?Lovely!? She returned Noctowl, and got out of his bed.
?Want some breakfast?? he asked, heading for the kitchen.

?Um, sure?? She blinked, straitening her hair.

?Eggs and bacon and good ol? OJ.? He handed her a plate and cup. She sat back down onto the bed.

?Thanks...? She could hear her stomach rumbling. Taking tiny bites, she looked at Ixidor. ?What?s behind that door?? She asked.

Ixidor was a little silent. ?Just, some family stuff that I don?t like people getting into.? He explained.

?Oh...? She finished her breakfast, and handed him the plates. ?Well-I?ll be going now. For good.? She laughed.

Ixidor nodded. ?Have a good one Miss.?

She smiled, leaving the shack.


After a mile of walking, she rested on a dead log.

?My feet are KILLING me.? She yelled aloud.

Sitting down, a wild Spheal rolled in front of Kyoumi.

?Why, hello there....Mr. Cabin never mentioned you-so I guess you?re wild.? She smirked, taking out a pokeball.

?Spheal!? It clapped its flippers, bitting down and taking Kyoumi?s boot.

?HAY! Give that back!? She hopped on one foot, chasing the Spheal.

?Spheal!? it laughed, with the boot hanging out of its mouth, not slowing down.

?Is that how we?re playing eh? Well then-Go, Combusken!? She sent out a pokemon.

?Busken! Combusken!? The fighting bird pokemon cried.

?Use ember on that Spheal!? Kyoumi ordered.

?Busken!? Combusken flared out the attacking, hitting the Spheal head on.

?Spheal!? It cried, letting go of Kyoumi?s boot.

?Very good Combusken.? She returned her pokemon, then hopped after her boot.

?Stupid Spheal...? She hopped around, getting her boot back one. ?Thinking it?s-HAY!? She yelled, as the floor beneath her started to crack. ?Okah, okah, be very slow....?

Then the ground broke beneath her.


21 years ago

?Hi honey.? Sarah smiled at her new husband.

?Hey sugar muffin.? Kudo smiled back at his new wife.

Sarah hugged Kudo. ?How?s work treating you?? She kissed his cheek.

?Not bad....ever since we trained those new people, it?s been easier.? He put his paper and pen down onto his desk when there was a knock at the door. ?Come in!?

An overly huge man walked in.

?Hey Otis!? Sarah smiled.

?Hey ya, Sarah, we ?ave some, recent discoveries in da lab...? He looked at the floor.

Kudo raised an eyebrow. ?Was this a project that I?m familiar with?? He asked.

?Well, no.? Otis sighed.

Kudo glared at Otis as he got out of his chair. ?Please, tell me you weren?t fooling around with creationism.?

?You, might wanna see it...? Otis stared blankly at Kudo and Sarah.


?What is going on here?? Kudo stormed into the lab were many troubled scientist were running around.

?Sir! Ma?am! We finally did it! We created the ultimate IP! It?s jsut like a regular IP, but we can swap any feature and colour! It? IP, but advanced, it?s an IPA!? The man was with power.

Kudo stomped the floor. ?You WERE messing around with creationism!? He held onto the scientists lab coat. ?We tried it once and it failed....what made you think it would of worked this time?? He snapped.

The man only laughed. He was not all there...

?Um, honey...? Sarah was staring at a lab tube. ?You might want to take a look at this...?

?What?? His face went white, and his hair stayed pink.

In the tube was a perfect IPA. A pink sandshrew with snubble ears.

?I-I call it a snubshrew...isn?t she pretty?? He asked Kudo.

? gave them genders?? Kudo stared at the man.

?Yeah! And...they learn normal attacks and they can evolve....only if you-? Kudo pushed the man backwards.

?This is not the laws of IP! You?re playing god here! This is...? Kudo couldn?t think anymore. ?They can evolve? That?s...? he sighed, looking back at the man. ?You are insane.?

The man laughed. ?If insaneness is intelligent, then yes I am! But no! Snubshrew doesn?t stop there....we already have five others in the back. Already moving around! You wanna see them?? He asked Kudo.

?No!? He snapped.

?....yes.? Sarah coughed.

?What?? Kudo stared at Sarah.

?I?m...curious...? She shrugged.

Kudo breathed deeply as she followed the scientist into the back.


Kyoumi awoke, rubbing her head.

?Where am I?? She looked around the frozen cave, slowly getting upwards.

?Ow....? She held her back, limping. ?That was some fall...? She then realised it was pitch black.

?Go, Noctowl and Combusken!? She sent to two pokemon.



?Noctowl, since you can see in the dark-go find a piece of wood.? She informed her feathered friend.

Noctowl returned in a short time.

?Combusken, light the piece of wood.? She instructed. He did so.

Now with light, Kyoumi looked around at the cave. Icicles hung from the ceiling, and from the ground.

?Must be a hidden cave...? She stated the obvious, looking at more of her surroundings.

Walking further into the cave, she noticed something odd, it was big, what ever it was. Something made of metal and plastic.

?What is this place...? She thought to herself, touching the huge metal object.

?Busken...? Combusken shivered, not liking this area.

?Don?t worry-I?m not going to touch anything....whoops.? She blinked, hitting a button by accident. Half the metal object lite up, showing off several large tubes, half of which were broken. ?This must be remains of IPI. Wait till boss hears about this.? She smiled, taking out her camera, and snapping a few shots.

Going down the row of tubes, she came across one that was rather dirty. Take her hand to it, she smudged her hand across it and gasped. Inside of it was a half houndour, half ekans. The tube real TEST 152: HOUNDKANS. It was a houndour body, but with the head, neck, and tail of the ekans, but it was all black.

?So this is an IP...? She took a picture of test 152. ?I?m so getting a raise for this.?

Combusken pulled on her pant leg. ?Combusk, ken?? it was getting rather scared.

?Ok, back into the ball for you.? Kyoumi sighed, returning her frightened pokemon.

After several more shots, she decided to venture on to see if she could spot any more Ips, but unfortunately for her, she didn?t. But, she did find stairs.

?Wonder where these lead too...? She mumbled, climbing the squeaky pieces of wood.

Finally reaching the top, she came to the door, but it was locked.

?Damn, just my luck.? She sighed, thinking that on the other side would hold moving IPs. But a piece of wood was barely hanging on, so out of her curiosity, she moved (more like yanked) it off, and peered threw her looking hole. She gasped again; it was Ixidor?s shack. ?He....he....? She didn?t bother finishing her sentence, because she saw him walk inside of his crappy home.

Slowly descending the stairs, out of her luck, she heard the door rustling.
/Crap!/ She thought, now running for a hiding place. She took shelter behind a snow bank.

Behind her, Ixidor was whistling while he walked. Coming down the stairs, his whistling stopped when he saw the lights where on. Puzzled, he walked over to metal object, but stopped at test 152, seeing that someone was ?cleaning about?. It didn?t take him long to put two and two together.

?So, it seems we ?ave a guest....? Ixidor slowly walked around the cave. ?And I, da host, tis unprepared for dis, yet again...? He chuckled as Kyoumi tried to stay as low as possible. ?Seems to me like someone didn?t want-a to leave my-a presents so soon.? He sharply looked behind an empty snow bank. (not Kyoumi?s) ?So we?ll play a game, huh? Marco....? He actually waiting for a response.

Kyoumi bit her lip. She did thrilling reports before, but nothing like this. She was all alone, and wished her camera man was here this time. But poor Ritsuki thought that a camera wasn?t necessary in a small interview. Boy, was she gonna give it to him.

Ixidor was slowly getting closer to where Kyoumi was, and she didn?t want that to happen. Looking at her surroundings, she saw something queer in the snow, how it indented inwards. Quietly clearing some away, she saw a hatch! Just her luck. Turning to see whether Ixidor was looking or not, she saw her advantage of escaping and took it. She jumped down the hatch, and dodged a bullet.


Sarah sat in bed, while Kudo stood at the doorway.

?Kudo, you have to admit that IPA?s are ingenious. This is something your father would want.? She explained.

?No, this is more of Dr. Casablino?s wanting. I don?t trust Cabin. He?s pushing this too far. The testings he did....these are real pokemon. Not artificial ones we create, where they have no soul to begin with. He?s actually hurting them.? Kudo sighed as Sarah stared at the floor.

Sarah gave a serious look at Kudo. ?I checked his research. The ability to not use a chamber, but eggs. Eggs! It?s like, a new generation of pokemon.....but I can see that this is getting both of us no where.? She got off of the bed.

?Where are you going?? Kudo asked.

?To the lab.? She coldly replied, going pass him.

Kudo grabbed her arm. ?I didn?t want to do this, but choose. Me, or that.? he stared into her grim eyes.

?Kudo....? Sarah spoke softly, wiping away a tear.


Kyoumi was in complete darkness, and only heard the noise of Ixidor above. Hoping he didn?t see the hatch she did, she held her breath for luck. The foot noises halted, and she breathed again.

?Next time, I?m bringing Ritsuki along with me....? She mumbled, sending out Noctowl.

?See if you find something I can light to illuminate this area.? She instructed her feathery bird.

?Noctowl.? It nodded, flapping off.

Kyoumi slanted against a of what she thought was a wall, waiting for her bird pokemon to come back. Instead lights flickered on. They were dim; but it was enough light for her to see.

?Good job.? She returned her pokemon, seeing her sights once again.

It seemed like a lab of some sort. But smaller. Broken glass and tube were scattered on the floor and tables. The air was think and muggy, with an ill-sorted taste. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary like the upstairs laboratory. Kyoumi wondered to a desk, blowing off the dust. After wiping her hand countless times on her pants, she uncovered a key, and automatically used it on the drawers. Since the first two were already opened, and only contained more dust, she used it on the third drawer. Finally getting threw the troubles of unlocking it, Kyoumi ripped open the draw, gazing at its treasures; a journal.

?Interesting...probably shouldn?t invade people?s privacy.? She sighed, picking it up, flipping it open.

After more dust clogged into her throat, she was able to see that the name of the journal was faded out, thought the index was legible.

?December 31st, I got a pair of socks, yadda, yadda, yadda, January 18th, some persons birthday, January 26th, I saw a wild Lapras, blah, blah, blah, ah, here we go. February 2nd.? Kyoumi smiled as she intruded this persons life. ?Today I decided to do some research in secret since Kudo would freak if he saw me advancing the IP research, even though he clearly stated he did not want to test on live pokemon. He will never understand sacrifices people have to make for science, like his father did. If he can?t appreciate advanced Ips, I guess that we damn, the rest of it is smudged...? Kyoumi whined, flipping to another page. ?April 14th. Kudo is getting wise to my tests. I am so close in creating perfect advanced Ips, that with this knowledge we will be able to create, um...porghs? No.....oh, there?s more. Even though we can?t create artificial advanced Ips, these ?IPAs? will be able to do so much more, such as evolve, learn pokemon moves, and be created by eggs. No more chambers for us. Yet they come in genders, they are all sterile. That would make things a lot less some good reading...? She sighed, flipping to the last page. ?June 20th. Today we finished everything we needed to do to create perfect IPA?s that can battle in tact while Kudo was out of town for business. Everything went well-except that IPAs cannot be captured in normal pokeballs. I guess we have to look further into that. Some IPAs were dazed and confused, and frightened. As if, as if what mysterious person?? Kyoumi yelled as the page was finished. ?Gah! I thought cliff hangers only happened in movies.? She huffed, putting the book in her bag.

?Guess that?s everything.? Kyoumi put her hands to her side. ?Everything, but what could be under that sheet....? She spun around to see a semi large object covered in a sheet. Shrugging, she pulled it off.

Before her stood a machine thing.

?Oh my! It?s....a machine thing!? She blinked, looking at it. ?Well, who ever made this left very clear notes on how to use it, as if it was made for dummies. Insert two pokeballs here (pokemon must be at same evolving rate) and press button. IPA will be made in no time. Well, isn?t that kinda, plot forcing-I mean, easy...who ever this person was, they were a genius!? Kyoumi smiled. ?I wonder if this still works...wait, what pokemon do I have that have the same evolve rate? Combusken, Noctowl, Seadra, Dugtrio, and Victreebel. Noctowl and a Victreebel? A flying plant...? Kyoumi laughed at the thought. Or a flying Dugtrio! Blasphemes! Or a Combusken Seadra, fighting, and water? Yeah....I?m starting to doubt this person.? She laughed, taking a person before getting ready to leave.

?Oh snap, what about Ixidor. He knows that I know too much. But he didn?t know about this area. I bet he?s gone already.? She shrugged, opening the hatch.

Climbing out, she swivelled her body, only to see a mans face.

??Ello hun.? Ixidor crossed his arms.

?Oh, um...? Kyoumi rolled onto the snow, away from him, getting upwards, and running. She only got a few steps in before something confronted her.

?Gyuuu!? A beast bleated. It was a Stantler at first glance, but it wasn?t levelling quit right. Mainly because its front flippers didn?t height compare to its hind legs. It was all brown, but has front flippers and a Dewgong tail.

Kyoumi took a few steps back. ?This is....this is...? She gulped.

?Terrifying? Unnatural? Unbelievable?? Ixidor threw some words at her.

?....incredible!? Kyoumi looked at the creature up and down.

Ixidor coughed on his air. ?WHAT!?!? He boomed. ?Aren?t you afraid of dat?? He asked sternly.

?I?m more afraid you actually...? she mumbled, taking a picture.

?NO PICTURES!? Ixidor snatched the camera from her, and broke it.

?Hay!? She shoved him. He shoved back. Harder.

?Look hun. If you think it?s incredible. Why don?t we battle?? He smiled, getting over on his creatures side.

?Alright. Go, Victreebel!? She tossed out her grass type pokemon.

?Alright Dewlter. Let?s show dis gal what IPAs are made of!? Ixidor smirked.

?Victreebel, use razor leaf!?

?Beeeeeeeellll!? Victreebell shot razor leafs at the Dewlter.

?Gyuuu.? Dewlter mumbled.

?You can take it. Dewlter. Use ice beam.? Ixidor smirked.

?Gyyuuu!? Dewlter shot opened its mouth, sending out the attack.

?Beeeeeellll!? Victreebell fainted instantly.

?But....but...? Kyoumi returned her pokemon. ?That was...?

?Incredible?? Ixidor put words into her mouth. ?Oh, did I forget to mention that IPAs are twice, even four times stronger than normal pokemon? That?s why I love my fathers work from the beginning. The power he created...? Ixidor filled himself with good memories.

Kyoumi was still in shock. ?So...since you destroyed my camera, I have no hard evidence that I was ever here? Right? Ehehehehe....? She slowly tried to slip away.

?Not to fast hun.? Ixidor grabbed her arm. ?You know-and you can bring people. And there?s not way that I?m destroying fathers work just to hide it....not again...? He stared at her with serious eyes.

Kyoumis? face lost all colour. ? destroyed Ucctown?? She was frozen in place. Only her mouth could work. ?It was all you??

?Well, some-a credit to mah fatha. He helped design some IPAs.? Ixidor shrugged.

?Wait....hold up. If you created so many IPAs. What happened to them?? She asked.

?Well, since we can?t create proper IPA balls, and we, ah, destroyed the city, you know-survival of da strongest. Helps toughen dem.? he laughed.

?That?s....that?s horrible!? Kyoumi shrieked.

?Oh come on. You?re a reporter. You?re suppose to suppress your feelings in situations like this.? Ixidor was nearly breathing down her neck.

Kyoumi was getting disgusted by Ixidors actions. ?Remember when I said I was more scared of you than these creatures? I stand by my comment.? She huffed.

Ixidor grunted, shoving her to the ground.

?Ah!? Kyoumi landed with a thud, and two pokeballs rolled off her belt, and down the hatch. ?My pokemon!? She tried to grab them, but it was too late.

?Pfft, dey ain?t gonna help you now hun.? Ixidor stood over her. ?Man, out of all deh reporters, none were as noisy as you, ya know. But, helps me ?cause now I have a specimen for project 600.? He kneeled beside her.

?What....what is that?? Kyoumi asked out of fear.

?IPM. Short for Impossible Pokemon Morph.? He grinned. ?And I know da perfect pokemon for you tah combine with. Or you like tah choose, hun?? He up roared in laughter.

Kyoumi was frozen in place.


Remember those two pokeballs? It was only a few paragraphs ago. Well, lady luck would have it, they rolled and bounced in such a matter that they managed to perfectly place in the machine thing. And a loose icicle hit the button. Very weird....but true.

The machine started up, absorbing the two pokemon into the machine thing. The screen barely flashed, showing the infinitive options of how to create your IPA. A voice weakly spoke. If someone was around to hear it, it would be able to be heard to say ?default IPA design activating?. The machine thing gave of small noises, as if it didn?t want to be heard.


?Alright den hun, what would you prefer? I have limited pokemon on me. Dewgong or Golbat? Both would look love-erly with you.? Ixidor held two pokeballs out.

Kyoumi finally regained her ability to talk. ?Why me? Why create pokemorphs? You?re insane!? She yelled out, taking in deep breaths after that.

Ixidor recoiled his balls (gave me a cheap laugh. Nya!) and sighed. ?Oh hun...never before have I found someone who has great interest in mah work dat would volunteer themselves by staying da extra day.?

?You mean, one who knew too much.? Kyoumi said dully.

?Yeah, basically.? he laughed.

Kyoumi shivered.

?And, as for pokemorphs, dem would be more powerful dan any legendary. Too bad dat science has unable fer us to make legendary morphs ?cause of dem gender less-ness. O well. But yeah! Pokemorphs will be da new generation of fighting! Just think! All because of dere! And No! I ain?t insane! Just a misunderstood genius!? He slammed his fist into the snow.

/For a genius, he uses grotesque grammar./ She thought, still trying to regain feeling in her legs. For an odd reason, she was still scared stiff.

?Now...? He reached into his pocket for something, and Kyoumi?s eyes widen in fear.

Kyoumi couldn?t move, but it didn?t matter. Something happened.

?Gyuuuu!? Dewlter bellowed.

?Wha?? Ixidor looked up, only to be knocked out by his own airborne pokemon.

Kyoumi looked over the cursing and in pain Ixidor to see something she had never seen before

?Hruuuu.? A giant, unknown thing expanded its wings.

?! Get off of me! Ya fat IPA!? Ixidor snarled, trying to push off the dizzy Dewlter. He couldn?t view the new creation from the angle he was pinned down into.

Kyoumi continued to stare at the thing. ? pokemon? Is, was, is my pokemon?? She still couldn?t believe her eyes.

The figure that hovered in front of her was a Ariados, but it was a different colour. Brown. And it had Noctowl wings and its underbelly pattern.

?Hruuu!? It roared again.

Kyoumi regained feeling in her legs and jumped up. She looked over her shoulder and saw Ixidor managing to slither out of his IPA. Without thinking, she ran for the stairs, not knowing whether that thing was coming or not. It did follow, and she didn?t care. It was hers. She knew it.

The door shut and locked, leaving Ixidor and his IPA behind.

?Da hell? How did SHE get an IPA?? He yelled, kicking random objects and swearing.


Kyoumi just ran. She ran out f the shack, into the tundra, and beyond. The thing still following her. She didn?t think, only ran. Though, all things have to end. She grew tired after sometime and collapsed onto the snow. The thing landed beside her and rested its wings.

Kyoumi snapped her head up at the thing. ?So...this is what my Ariados and Noctowl became of....interesting...? She caught her breath, sitting upwards in the snow.

?Hruu.? The IPA smiled and nodded.

?I guess I have to name you....calling you a thing doesn?t seem right...? Her memory reflected how Ixidor called his thing a Dewlter. ?Half Dewgong, half Stantler.? She murmured. ?So, a proper name for you....Noctdos.? She came up with. Noctdos smiled in agreement.

?Well...I wonder...? She grabbed for her empty great ball, tossing it at Noctdos. It just bounced off without even budging open. ?So, I guess normal pokeballs don?t work against IPAs...? She picked up the pokeball. ?So I guess you?re stuck out here then. Oh well. You seem to take down that Dewlter with ease. Must take one to own one.? She laughed at her moaner joke.

Noctdos just gave a hiss. Not at Kyoumi, but at something else.

?What is it Noctdos?? Kyoumi stood up. Something was walking in the distance. Not something, some[one.


?How could dat girl made an IPA? That could hurt my Dewlter!? Ixidor was pacing in his lab, bitting his nails. ?It blows mah mind! She must of somehow hacked into my data. No, she knew all an alien! Gah!? He kicked a pile of junk.

?Gyuuu!? Dewlter shrieked.

?I KNOW! She?s like, Mystery Women! Gaah...should of tied ?er up the first day I met ?er....gah. And besides, should would of looked much better as a Golbat morph. Stupid IPA showing up at a bad time...? He growled, cursing some more.

?Gyuu.? Dewlter yammered.

?Maybe....maybe...I don?t know! This is all confusion! Curse her! No...I have to find ?er and ask the girl where she got that IPA...yeah...yeah! That?s it! Come on Dewlter!? Ixidor snapped his fingers as he ran for the door. It was locked, but of course, he knocked it down threw anger with ease.


Dead yet?


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COOOOL! That pwned! Especially because these are more like FMA Chimeras than Impossible Creatures, which means I have a better idea what's going on! You've even got the Human Chimera factor in there... I was afraid she was gonna turn into a Ninalexander wanna-be. Or worse, a Chimera!Tucker wanna-be *shudders*

Now hurry up and post the rest.

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Not bad, aside from the corney plot devices. But it could have used some proof reading.


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“So, what brings you to the Montage region?” Kyoumi asked the cloaked figure. They were both sitting on opposite rocks.

The girl smiled, drawing down her hood. Red hair tied back in a pony tail was flipped out from the back.
“It’s hard to explain, but mostly for business. You? I was actually surprised to see anyone else up here.”

Kyoumi sighed.
“Just like you, business.”

The girl looked at Kyoumi, then Noctdos.

“So, I’ve been meaning to ask, where did you obtain this extraordinary creature?” She left her rock to pet the creature on its head.

“Hrruuu.” It purred.

Kyoumi bit her lip.
“That’s a really, um...” She didn’t know what to say. She cheeks redden.

The girl laughed.
“It’s quite alright.” She rose from Noctdos. “I must be off anyway.” She pulled her hood back up and began to decent.

“But-” Before Kyoumi could reveal the trouble she was in, the mysterious girl was gone. “Well, that was weird.” Kyoumi sighed, then saw Noctdos was pushing something shiny around. “Hay, what do you got there...” She picked up the item.

It appeared to be a pokeball at first, but it was gray and white, with the initials IP on it.

“I wonder if the girl dropped this.” She looked around to see if she could still the cloaked woman, but there was no luck. “Dang, I’ll never find her.” Kyoumi sighed.

“But I ‘ave finally found you.” A creepy voice trailed down Kyoumi’s neck..

Kyoumi’s eyes burst open with fear as she turned around to see who she was not looking for. Ixidor.
“You!” She gasped, stepping back.

As if instinctive, Noctdos flew in front of Kyoumi and growled, protecting her.

Ixidor chuckled to himself.
“Well, looks like your IPA isn’t as dumb as it looks. Unfortunately, that’s not going to stop me from taking you.” Behind him was his Dewlter, and another IPA.

“Roooo!” The mighty beast roared.

“What is that?” Kyoumi stared at the huge purple creature.

“Why, this is my newest IPA. I had to be prepared since my Dewlter wasn’t as strong as the creature you have just created. I like to call him Salabat.” Ixidor gleamed.

Kyoumi stepped back again.
“Alright Noctdos, you have to be strong and help take those two creatures down...” Noctdos gave a nod.

“Hmmm. Let’s see how strong your IPA really is. Dewlter, aura beam. Salabat, dragon breath.” The two creatures attacks erupted from them.

“DODGE!” Kyoumi yelled. Noctdos flew to evade the aura beam, but got nicked by the dragon breath. “Hang in there! Use....quick attack on the Dewlter?” She didn’t really know its real attacks.

Noctdos flew at immense speed to knock the Dewlter onto the ground, but it was still up.

“You have to try harder than that! Dewlter, aura beam! Salabat, another dragon claw!”

Noctdos did its best to avoid the aura beam, but the Dragon claw hit it hard, sending it going to the ground.

“Noctdos!” Kyoumi yelled. Even though she only had her IPA for a short amount of time, she had grown a great bond with it.

“Hrruuuu!” it moaned, trying to stay up.

“Ahahahaha!” Ixidor was laughing with victory. His arms jolted threw the air, upwards. “Now, Salabat, snag dat dame!”

“Nya!” Kyoumi dropped the new ball she found in order to free her hand to protect herself.

If Kyoumi had not closed her eyes, she could of seen the blinding light that Ixidor, Salabat, and Dewlter experience.

“What da ‘ell?” Ixidor screeched as he blocked the light with his arm.

“Wha?” Kyoumi rose her head and eyes upwards to see a black outline of a great beast.

“Purrraaraa!” It hollered.

Before the two humans and two IPA’s, stood a keen brute. Two angelic wings were stretched out to maximum length, with its head up high, and eyes focussed on the enemy. Its muscles burst from its brown rock shell, as it gave another cry.


“What....what....what?” Kyoumi was in daze. She had no idea what had immerged from the a strange ball.

Ixidor took a step back as his mind engulfed the sceptical in front of him.

“It looks like a, like a Tyranitar an’ Pidgeot combo...” he spoke softly.

“Tyranita and Pidgeot? Well, it’s a Tyranigeot then.” She acted fast, hoping the new creature would obey her. “Attack those IPA’s! Use, wing attack?” She guessed at an attack.

Tyranigeot snorted as its rugged wings glowed with force. Its body moved swiftly as it struck both of its IPA’s down.

“What...what power. And, that ball...” He faced the grey ball with his eyes. He had never seen anything like that before, Where could of this girl got a hold of that kind of technology. But he had to think about the fight first.
“Salabat, dragon breath. Dewlter, ice beam!”
The two IPA’s let out their attacks, but the Tyranigeot was too athletic for them. It dodge the attacks and used wing attack once more, KO’ing both of them.

Ixidor was in shock. “That’s....impossible!”

Kyoumi moved her hair away from her face. “I thought that too, but that was before I encountered these creatures.” She advanced at Ixidor.

Ixidor stepped backwards, knowing that he had no chance to stop her now.


The cloaked girl walked down the creaky stairway into the abandoned laboratory.

“So many memories...” She sighed, staring at the broken machinery. “So many...”

Her steps halted as she reached the last step. She pulled back her hood as her red hair was revealed.

“I still can’t believe we did this.” She sighed.

Show fell from the ceiling. She could hear the commotion above. A smile pressed against her face.

“Looks like you haven’t worked on improving anything yet. Wonder if my secret room is still around.” She paced the floor.

“Oh Ixidor. You were never that smart. If it wasn’t for me, you would still be producing IPA’s that couldn’t live outside of the tubes.” She crossed her arms. “Oh, Kudo....”


Kyoumi advanced on Ixidor. Hatred burned in her eyes, but, they were doused with the fear she finally saw in Ixidors.
I never knew I could see the weakness in a man that had this much power before... She stopped. She had power to destroy him, but, something was stopping her.

“You were very evil Ixidor. You wanted to tamper with my DNA. And you attacked me with these creatures! With confidence! And now that I have more power over you, you’re as fragile as a school girl with braces!” She snapped

“Huarararrra!” Tyranigeot cried.

Ixidor got up. “What did you say miss?”

Kyoumi gulped. She felt fear stinging at her muscles. “Uh....” Then it hit her. He had the power again. “Tyranigeot...” She started, but was interrupted.

“What? What will ya do? Hurt me? Destroy me? Leave me be? Look, I weren’t evil. All I ‘ever do was make dese things dat you are now usin’. And maybe I wanted to make you into an experiment, but hey, I kinda get bored up here all by myself since the city disappeared...” He shrugged. “So, what are ya gonna do? Huh?”

Kyoumi stood there for a second. “I’m going to destroy your lab. Yes, that way, you’ll be nothing. Nothing!” She turned her back and began to run to his lab. Tyranigeot followed her.

“HEY! YOU CAN’T DO DAT!” He ran right after her, trying to tackle her, but she moved fast.
Kyoumi knew that destroying the lab was a perfect plan. Even though the science to morph two creatures together was ingenious, it was something this world wasn’t ready for. And Ixidor was quite mad from isolation, and who knows what a mad scientist could accomplish. And the thought of a human pokemon hybrid was catastrophic. He was creating things that should never be.


The girl starting opening the trap door when a heap of commotion toppled above her.

“Get away!”

“You can’t do dat to my lab!”


She backed up as the three fell down the stairs, facing each other.

“The Montage region once was alive, but it’s now dead. And why is that? Is it because of these, these things?” She pointed to Tyrangeot.

Ixidor was dea silent.

“Yes.” The female voice perked up.

Both Kyoumi and Ixidor jumped when the strange voice invaded their ears.

“You!” The both said at the same time. “You know here?” They repeated.

She sighed. “Well, let me explain just to clear the air. Kyoumi, my name is Sarah. Yes, I’m the one that worked with Mr. Naom and Mr. Casablino. And I worked with Ixidor as well.” She sighed.

Ixidor crossed his arms. “So, you came back. After all of dese years. Let me guess, you’re da one dat figured out how to contain an IPA in a pokeball.” He huffed.

Sarah ignored him. “Look, Kyoumi, do you want to know what happened or what?” She asked.

Kyoumi was shocked. “Finally! I can finally receive the interview I’ve been longing for after all of these days!” She grabbed her notebook.

“Wait, you have to answer my question first. When did you discover the technology for the balls? And what about Kudo?” he started to walk towards Sarah.

“Ixidor! You knew the relationship between Kudo and I!” She slammed down her foot.
“But leaving the day before the accident! What about that?” He yelled back at her. Kyoumi felt like a fly between two swatters.

Sarah huffed. “That day was not tied in with me!”

“Oh, right!” He laughed “Leaving hundreds of the smartest scientists to their doom. And why Sarah? Why?”

Sarah glared at Ixidor. “I left because I couldn’t take it anymore. The feud between you and Kudo was too much for me! So I left to work on the IPA’s at home. Nobody was getting anywhere to sustain the life for them but me, and I was waiting till the world was ready. And I realised the world will never be ready for this evolution created by *cough* men.”

“And kept all of dat knowledge for yerself? Bull! You burned da place down cause you’re a crazy chick!”

Sarah slapped him. “Shut your mouth!” She turned to Kyoumi “And can’t tell anyone about these creatures. IP’s were overwhelming enough. And, I saw those rough notes for those human pokemon hybrids....” She went silent.

Kyoumi shivered.

Ixidor grunted. “Why must we protect the world from dese things?” he pointed to Tyrangeot. “Dere amazing! Dink of da power and money we could of ‘ad! But had to be greedy and save all of da information for yerself.” He snorted. “At least I could dink of making human hybrids!”

Sarah blushed. “There are some things that should never be learned on this earth. Pokemon DNA, as amazing as it is, being able to conjoin with other pokemon without creating a monster that we have to kill (-FMA chimera speaking the first words ‘kill me’-). But a human part pokemon? What about the evolution law? We broke that in IPA, but a human can’t evolve! We’ll just destroy human lives! And I don’t want to do that!”

“Anymore.” He added.

“I SAID QUIET!” Sarah yelled on top of her lungs.

“Can I say something?” Kyoumi pipped up.

“What?” Sarah snapped.

“Is there any need for me? I believe I have gotten enough information, yet not enough, but, I feel like this story shouldn’t be covered. Oh, but can I add some things that I’ve learned over these days? IPA’s are definitely cool, but, complex. We don’t need them. Ixidor, you’re a freak. Learn to speak right. And human hybrids, it’s not going to work. Sarah, thank you for Tyrangeot, you can have him back. I like my normal pokemon. Oh, and I hope the things work out between the two of you. Don’t worry - no one will know what happened down here.” She smiled, tossing the IP ball at Sarah before she left.

Sarah and Ixidor stared at each other.

“So how can we settle this?” She asked Ixidor.

“Well, we shouldn’t waste da technology. Maybe we can start of what you’re gonna do with dat beast of yours.” He pointed at Tyrangeot.


Sarah smirked as she returned it. “Look, I had nothing to do with the fire and chaos. It was a weird coincidence.” She leaned against a dusty tube.

Ixidor cracked his knuckles. “Well, certainly made you look bad.”

She nodded.

“Well, what brought you back ‘ere?” He asked boldly.

She turned her head. “I wanted to see what happened to this place over the years, and, well, wondered if anyone stayed behind. Didn’t surprise me to find a reporter and you here.” She laughed. “You were literally married to your work.”

He made a face. “So were you. Hay, what ever happened to Kudo anyway?”

Her face turned pale.


“I, don’t know.” She spoke softly.

“You don’t know?” he echoed.

“We lost contact when I left.” She went silent.

He laughed at her.

“I would of never left you. Heck, I’m still ‘ere!” Ixidor opened his arms.

Sarah made a rude gesture towards him.

“I’m destroying this lab, and you can’t stop me. I can’t let you work anymore.” She started to unpack explosions from her bag.

Ixidor went in for a tackle, but he stopped himself. “Very well. I can’t stop you. Even though I still dink you caused da last fire, I might as well finally let you finish work unfinished work. Let me just pack first.” He went to his shack.


Kyoumi walked on the padded snow. Her emotions were quite mixed from this experience, but she knew she had to keep her mouth shut. She wanted to keep the Tyrangeot secretly, but, it rightfully belonged to Sarah.

“I just hope my next assignment doesn’t have to deal with mad scientists and becoming half pokemon.” She laughed as a pack of Stantler passed her.


Sarah placed the last of the explosions in the lab. She sighed, it was going to be really had to destroy stuff she helped build.

“We better get out of here. We have 5 minutes to get to safe distance.” She spoke softly.

“Yeah.” The guy agreed.

“You can really hide well, you know.” She laughed. “They never found you once.”

“Hay, what can I say?” he asked.

“Well, say what ever you want. Now I must finish what you started.”

“I told you, Ixidor really pissed me off and I had to get rid of the competition. Unfortunately, it got out of hand...” he sighed.

“We went through that a thousand times already. Just, don’t forget the put your hood on this time. Even pokemon are uncomfortable seeing you.” She nudged him.

“Why did I have to have the ears?”

“Be lucky I didn’t add the tail.” She sent out the pidgeot and the two climbed aboard.

“Right. Well, time to go.”

He nodded as the pidgeot flew off.

Far in the air, he turned to her.

“How come you denied the existence for human hybrids?”

“Well, mainly because then everyone wants to be part pokemon, and then humans will end up being slaves off battle, and wars will break out of the freak nature of being part pokemon. Being something ungodly. All I can see is war and sadness.” She admitted.

“Then, why me? Why did you make me part pokemon?”

“Because hunny.” She hugged him. “I had to do it, just to prove I could. And you didn’t object once either. Just to outsmart Ixidor. Right?”

“Yeah, guess your right Sarah. And because I love you.”

“Love you too Kudo.”

Behind them was a faint explosion.

(THE END! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT’S FINALLY OVER If it doesn’t make sense at all, I‘m sorry, but I HAD to finish it! Alas! It’s done!

Oh - And kudo was part Skitty if you were wondering.)


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