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 Post subject: Little short story
PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 10:13 pm 
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((Hello world! Seeing as every time I post something here, it is remarkably successful and gets so many comments, I thought I'd post a short story I finished this morning (well, technically... finished it around midnight). I don't know what came over me, it's not the type of stuff I usually write, but I showed it to a friend and they seemed to like it, so I guess it's acceptable to be here! Even though it doesn't even have a name! I should get one of those! And, who knows, maybe I'll get a comment this time (Yeah, keep dreaming. I thought I told you to SHUT IT!)! Oh, and PS, there' s a little -- thing... the part below it is still part of the story. It's not too long, really, I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to read... and... leave a comment? Eh, can't say I didn't try.))

“Now, Lenz’s Law states that the induced emf resulting from a changing magnetic flux creates a current that goes… uhm… Shoot, was it clockwise or counterclockwise?”

With a groan, Anne searched through her mess of papers until she found the one she was looking for. Her fingers traced the words on the page until she found where she had messily scrawled “Lenz’s Law” in the margin of the page.

“The current goes so that it opposes the flux change… right,” she mumbled to herself. “Stupid, stupid.”

Sighing, she absentmindedly shoved the paper back into a binder as she went through equations in her head. Magnification equals the height of the image over the height of the object, or the negative of the distance of the object over the distance of its image…

“Almost, but not quite.”

Anne jumped in her seat. She hadn’t heard anyone approach. Startled, she looked up to see Joss, a boy in her grade who she had known since elementary school. Mistaking the reason for her blank stare, Joss said, “It’s the distance of the image over the distance of the object. You were… muttering to yourself again.”

Anne merely nodded. The idea that he shouldn’t be here vaguely occurred to her, but she didn’t think it was too important.

“Uhm, thanks,” she finally managed to say as she scribbled down m = -di/do and circled it a couple times. There was a significant amount of silence that followed as Anne sleepily looked over at the tall, blue-eyed boy, but then she went back to examining the sea of papers surrounding her.

“Hey. Stop worrying.” Anne was mildly shocked that he was still there, and she looked up again. “You know it all. You’ll be fine.”

Anne shook her head. “You heard me earlier—I messed up an equation. Can’t do that tomorrow or I’ll be in trouble.”

“It’s because you’re tired. Tomorrow, after you’ve gotten some sleep, everything will be clear for you. You know it all.”

Again, she shook her head. “No, I’ve still got things to go over… don’t need sleep, more important to go over the information.”

“Look, if you treat yourself like that, you’ll turn into a zombie.” She waved a hand dismissively.

“I’ll be fine.” She attempted to resume her studies when he sat on her desk and closed the textbook in front of her. She stood up, angrily.

“Hey! I’m trying to—” Whatever she had been about to say was cut short as Joss leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers.

For a moment, Anne just stood there in complete and utter shock. Then, the world came back to her, and she pulled away. She looked over at Joss, not even attempting to hide the surprise on her face. He responded with a smug grin.

“I… I thought…” He kissed her on the forehead.

“Don’t think. You’ve done too much thinking.”

She paused again. Still, something in the back of her mind was telling her that there was something wrong with this, but she pushed it away. A smile played at the corner of her lips as she looked up at him again.

“You’re right,” she replied, “I have.” She leaned forward and kissed him, allowing the papers in her hand to fall to the ground, forgotten.


The following morning, Alexi, realizing that she had lent Anne some of her notes, decided to swing by the other girl’s room before she went to her first class.

“Anne?” she called as she opened the door—there was no need for a key, it was always open—to Anne’s room. She immediately noticed that the brown-haired girl had her head on her desk, fast asleep.

Must’ve fallen asleep studying again, Alexi thought to herself as she crossed the room. Ah well. I don’t wanna wake her up, I’m sure she’ll understand if I just snag my notes.

As she searched through the small mountain of papers for her notes, Alexi noticed a small object in Anne’s hand. Careful not to disturb the sleeping figure, Alexi leaned over to examine it more closely.

It wasn’t long before she recognized the item. After all, Anne wore it every single day. It was the locket her high school boyfriend had given her before they went off to their respective colleges. Inside of it was a miniature picture of him standing next to Anne (towering over her would be more accurate—the height difference was laughable). The two were smiling, and even at that small size Alexi could see his blue eyes twinkling with happiness.

Alexi let out a small sigh. They looked so happy together. However, he now went to college on the opposite side of the country. The last time the two saw one another was at the airport six months ago, and they hadn’t spoken since.

The beep of a new text shocked Alexi out of her stupor. Time to stop spacing out and get what you came here for, she thought to herself as she quickly located the notes. With a short “Goodbye!” to the still-sleeping Anne, Alexi took the papers and dashed off.

Mere moments after Alexi left, a small smile crossed the features of the sleeping girl. Her hand closed on the locket as she slowly became lost in her dreams.

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 Post subject: Re: Little short story
PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 1:43 am 
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From a quick read, it looks pretty good, for a short story. Might want to work in some descriptions of the room and characters though.


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