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 Post subject: Re: Flying People
PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:36 pm 
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Scrip for school play i know theres tons of problems with it but i have to have someway i could get it on here and print it off at school. Please enjoy!
ChristmaThes Times

(The stage is dark and there is noise heard on satge,Tish and Gorage are on the left long with kako as Aliee walks out onto stage)

Aliee: Kako? Kako where are you?(Aliee looks out at the audience and then around some more,kako snecks out on the left unseen and noise is heard) Hey kako?! Stupid lights. (Aliee claps hands and lights come on) Much better. (Aliee looks over and sees kako) Kako what are you doing? (she walks over to kako who appears to be hiding something offstage)

Kako:Noooootttting (kako appears to hide something as Aliee trys to see pass her)

Aliee:(Aliee hears something moveing around in a bag offstage) Kako is it a puppy?(gives kako stern look) I told you,you can't keep a puppy.

Kako:but-but its not a puppy. (gives Aliee innocent smile and Aliee puts hands on hips and looks more sternly)

Aliee:Oh really then why is your backback moveing? (Theres a loud thud and then you hear Georage and Tish yelling help) Ka-kako what did you mean when you said it wasn't a puppy??(theres more noise and Aliee and Kako step back as Georage and Tish fall out onto stage Gorage kicks backpack off foot,as Tish gasp for air.)

Kako:Hey I thought Elfs coulden't untie knots?

Aliee:Kako what are you talking about?These aren't Elfs.....................(Aliee looks at them then at kako)Are they?

Tish:Ofcouse we are!

Georage: We don't have pointing ears for noting. (Georage and Tish stand up)(Aliee and kako step back tword midde of stage and Georage and Tish fallow)

Tish:And we are not just any Elfs!

Georage:Thats right we are B.P.W.E!

Aliee:Whats that?

Tish: Its Best present wrapper there ever was!

Gearage: Thats right! (gorage and tish join back to back and do victory pose)

(Kako nuggels Aliee wispearing)

kako:Hey hey maybe it stands for,baby peaguins with eyebrows? (kako laughs and Aliee gives her a what in the world look)

Aliee:Wait so you two are Elfs?

Georage and Tish: YAP!

Aliee:Then why don't you look like elfs?

Tish:hold me back 25!(geroage holds tish back as he goes to get Aliee)



Aliee:No I mean whats the 25 for?

Geoarge:Its means I guaraduated 25 in my class.(still holding tish back)

kako:out of how many?

Georage: 12.(Aliees gets joke kako dosen't at all)


Tish:she likes to brag I was 26th (says proudly)(aliee inores them and looks at kako)

Aliee:Kako why are they here?I mean how did you catch them and stuff?

Kako:oh thats a funny story you see-

Aliee:Never mind,kako how do we lose them?

Kako:But I don't want to lose them,and i'll take care of them so they don't run away like my pet rock. (Aliee puts arm around kako and walks her to font of stage and Georage and Tish lisen in in backround)

Aliee:Kako lets have a heart to heart.

Kako:But I don't hear any sappy music......

Aliee:Not the point,you see elfs or no elfs there people to so we have to seen them home o-k? They have faimlys that are going to miss them so lets do the right thing. (Aliee smiles and kako smile and share a shappy moment)

kako:O-k Aliee your right! (they hug while george and tish watch and smile happily)
(then Aliee gets funny face and pauses)

Aliee:Wait..(she wispears to kako and georage and tish lisen in)kako there elfs right?

Kako:B.P.W.E elfs.

Aliee:whatever whatever,point is santa needs them right?you know to deliver presents?

Kako:i suppose so.(Shugs)

Aliee:if we hold them for randsom....


Aliee:Wait just hear me out kako(tish and gorege get angery looks and then gorege points tish to off stage and they start tip toeing over to eage of stage) If we keep them inteal santa gets here we could get you tons of pupups!!!I MEAN LOTS!!! 20 of them!!! (kako eyes get big)


Aliee:and all the bubble gum candy cains you can eat.


Aliee:YEAH! (they turn around but elf are almost off stage) HEY!!(Aliee and kako give chase as elfs run back stage with them chaseing them they all run back out and around then you hear “HOHOHOHOHO” and kako runs off on stage looking up)

kako:ALIEE LOOK LOOK!!!(kako jumps up and down and Aliee runs out)

Aliee:I think they got away,kako why are you yell-(kako points Aliees head up and they pretend to see santa)holy chest nuts.......

kako:Aliee look 24 and 25 are with him (from behind curtains you hear tish yell “Marry Cristmas to all and to all” and you hear gerorage yell “24 look out for that tree!”) (you hear them yell then ague as they fly away and voices fade)

Aliee:kako...(puts hand on kakos shouldder) I'm going inside pouring me a glass of hot coco and going to bed and i'm going to say this was all a dream.....(aliee looks at kako nods and walks off and kako looks at audince then back where Aliee is and yells)
kako:LIER YOUR CHECKING MY STOCKING FOR CANDY!!!GET BACK HERE!!!(points and runs off stage then we all come out and say marry cristmass)

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 Post subject: Re: Flying People
PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:52 pm 
Random Trainer
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Scrip for school play

Tin man=Eric
Rubber Chicken=as himself

(The play starts with kelsey walking out on stage from a rock consert she seems down and sits in a chair.)

Kelsey:(sighs)If only I could go somewhere else,someplace magical. Then I could get the best of both words. (sing the underline part) (she then notices a rubber chicken siting on her table and picks it up)

chicken: Hey you want the best of both words?

Kelsey:Oh yes todoe!

Chicken:my names not todoe its Frank.

Kelsey: What a cute little doggy you are!

Chicken: Just say you get the best of both words again jeez.

Kelsey: You get the best of both words. (sing this part)(she then begains to spin around and around as she is talaported to another world)(she falls down and rubs her head as she gets up) I don't think were in my big pink RV anymore...... (she looks around)

Chicken: Really? What clued you in?

Kelsey:Clue!!!Oh are we going to play a game??? (she seems very happy)

Chicken:Put me down. (she puts him down and he runs off stage yellig “I'm free!!!”)

Kelsey:Oh no todoe come back! (she watches him run away) Now what do I do???
(she looks down at the ground sadly then a scarecow walks on stage and bumps into her)

Casey: Oh my goodness i'm sorry miss. (he says steping back)

Kelsey:Thats o-k.....(she looks confused as scarecow looks at his hands) Is there something wrong?

Casey:Could of sworn I was black yesterday......I think I lost my color....

Kelsey:maybe its under your hat! (she says pointing at hat)

Casey:hey maybe your right!(he takes hat off and legos fall out)

Kelsey:Oh wow were you rainbow before?!

Casey:No these are just from my other side of the faimly (he spins around and goes “OW!” then looks at her waiting for her to praise him for a cool move)Well.....

Kelsey:Well what?

Casey:What did you think of my cool dance move?

Kelsey:it stunk(she says smileing)

Casey:oh.....(he holds head down)

Kelsey:but I know who can give you a new dance move!

Casey:really!?(he says happily)

Kelsey:Yeah the wizard of cause!!!

Casey: What makes you say that?

Kelsey:the little voices told me to and that you should stay away from fire cause I could burn you!

Casey:Hey I bet the wizard could find your home!

Kelsey:Hey how did you know I was lost?

Casey:Easy!(he knocks on her head)see no body home!

Kelsey and casey:HURRAY! (they begain to skip off but don't get far before bumping into a guy crying on the ground)

Kelsey:whats wrong?(she ask shakeing his shouldder) (Eric gets up with his hands making the fourm of a broken heart)

Eric:Baby baby baby my hearts gone crazy crazy crazy its broken in two(he holds head down)

Casey:Poor robot he needs a heart!

Eric:I'm not a robot i'm Justin tin can.

Casey:Hey if your heart is broken come with us!

Eric:Why are you trash collectors!? You can't take me you hear me!

Casey:No no we are on our way to see the wizard hes going to get me a new dance more(casey does moon walk and waits to see what eric says and then realizes hes not going to say anything and then knocks on kelseys head)and find her a new home

Eric:Then I'll come! (they all join arms and go to skip when they hear laughing)

Aliee:One fish two fish red fish blue fish (she says evily then jumps out from nowhere) ahahahahhahahahahhahah!!!!

(Everyone jumps back and she laughs again then yells out RAWR! And they all jump back some more)

Eric:Oh no its the wicked witch of the rhyming!!!

Aliee:Scarecrow going to go ,tin man in trash can(she points to them then at kelsey)girl to far from home soon to be on her own (she goes to attack and then hears singing and looks around)

(Derek walks in with eyes close and seems to be worshing his hair he has a sigh that says “M&M” on it)

Derek:I'm no afraid! (he sings and does pose hiting the wtich causeing her to fall over and pass out) (he then opens eyes and sees everyone and screams)AHHHHHH!!!

Everyone else:AHHHHH!!!

Derek:AHHHHH!!! I was only kidding I am afraid so very afraid!! PLEASE DON”T EAT ME!!!(he gets down and ducks for cover)

Kelsey:Were not going to eat you.

Eric:we on our way to the wizard.

Casey:looks like you could use some courage.

(Derek looks up)

Derek:Well y-yeah I could.

Kelsey:Then come with us!

Derek:Alright but I have to warn you a burst into song every now and then.

Eric:Thats o-k all I can do is sing.

(They step over the witch who looks up after there gone and rus off stage)(they skip around stage and then disspear behind left side of the curtains.)

Casey:Were here!

Eric:On baby baby baby i'm so happy happy happy!

Kelsey:I'm going back to my world!

Derek:That door looks like it might attack. (Eric and Kelsey sing only)

(They all step out from behind curtain)

Kelsey:were inside now wheres the wizard?

Derek:m-maybe on bathroom break?

Casey:maybe the wizard is over there(does dance move then loud voice is heard)

kako:Who dares come before the all mighty wizard???

Derek:AHHHHHH! (he hides behind Kelsey)

Eric:oh baby baby baby(he sings serprised)

Casey:Were here to.....what are we doing again?

Kelsey: we need a lot of stuff wizard! Get out here now! (she yells)

Kako:I just have one queshions for you........(everyone lisens)Are you ready kids!?


(kako jumps out and dances)kako:who lives in a green sparkly city? The wizard of cause!(sings and then looks at everyone.) So whats the problem?


kako:don't tell me,tin can needs a heart lion needs courage,little girl needs to get home and scarecow needs brain?


Kako:oh well then sorry last group was just like that so whats really the problem?

Kelsey:i need to go home

Derek: I need to be someone brave

Casey:I need new dance moves

Eric:my heart is broken

(Aliee steps out from no were)

Aliee:I need a new job (she looks at them)hey being a witch has no dental care

Derek:AH WITCH!!!(he throws water on her) (she screams and starts to melt)

Aliee:Noooooo I was going to give you all keyrings!

Casey:to a car?

Aliee:what?no! Just the kindrings!(she lays there dead)

Kako:ew......(she steps over witch)o-k lets see what I can do.

(she walks over to eric and hands him some glue)
Kako:crazy glue fixes everything(she glues his hand together so they make a heart)

Eric:oh baby baby baby i'm fixed!

(kako walks over to Derek)

Kako:Just flip your sigh around(she flips sigh around and it says CN)

Derek: I'm cartoon network!!!

kako:no your chuck norrise.


Kako:aren't you going to thank me?

Derek: I don't thank you,your thank you thanks me.

(is quite for a moment then I go over to casey)

Kako:you need to do this(does kako dance)

Casey:OW!(he spins around happily)(then I walk over to Kelsey)

kako:and you need to just hit your neckless 3 times with the side of your hand,and says the words really badly


Kako:oh o-k then. I mean what do I know i'm only a trained wizard who went to hogwarts but whatever get home yourself.

Kelsey:i'm just kidding(she does it and starts to spin and then everyone freezes)(kako steps over witch and clears thoart)

kako:everyone was happy for at lest five minutes after there wish,expect the witch ofcourse. Anyways Dorthy went home and started her own t.v show and changed her name. Its now called the Opal Wimpy show she makes 5 cent a hour. The scarecow went on to be a dance in teal he fell of stage into a bunch of childern and fled the country to Canda. Tin can was happy with his new heart inteal he went swimming and the crazy glue came undone he to went home to Canda. As for the lion his sigh got flip during a freak scarecow consert and he was never the same. And as for me I now work as a story teller to gifted childern. The End.

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