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 Post subject: The Pokemon Whisperer
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 10:01 pm 
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Welcome to the show - the Pokemon Whisperer! Poke Fanatic Crisim Hooper has devoted her life to helping pokemon, both stray and owned. Now, not only does she help the pokemon, but their masters as well.


Dear Pokemon Whisperer,
ok, my lucario evolved, and shortly after, I brought home poochyena pup. after a few days, my lucario got the impression that I was spending more time with the pooch then him. it thought that if it wasnt there anymore, then there would be no compition and lucario would get all my love.
From, Gar

Ok, for this episode, seeing as Gar wrote, that Lucario is the jealous seeking attention type. For this challenge I'm going to take along my Wigglytuff, Pummels, and my Mawile, Noir.
I arrive at the house to find a fence around the yard. I enter the house to find Gar holding the Poochyena pup in his hands.
I asked where the Lucario was, and he replied 'He's in the back.' As he continued to hold the poochyena.
Alright, I said, here's where I see the situation. When Lucario was a Riolu, he had all the attention in the world, and now that he evolved, you brought home this other pokemon into hiw world. That's the basics of it, isn't it?
Gar replied 'Yes.'
Well, now that this is all cleared, I would like to see this Lucario.
Gar showed me out back where a Lucario stood at the edge of the backyard. Gar Held the pup tightly as the Lucario glared at him.
Now don't be afraid. he can sense your fear. He knows that you're afraid that he'll attack you, but don't let him feed off of that fear. Don't let him be the master of you, let you be the master of him. I stared at the poochyena. Maybe for now we should keep the pup in the ball I suggested.
Gar nodded and returned the poochyena.
We approached Lucario, but he sneered us off.
So what nature is he? I asked
'Well, he should be jolly.' Gar took out his dex to double check.
Jolly, it raises his speed and lowers his special attack. And he loves sweet pokeblocks too. I told Gar. he must be the quick one when he wants too.
Gar nodded in response.
What I am going to do, I told Gar, is that I'm going to make it comfortable for Lucario to be around other Pokemon and you being around other pokemon. To start that I brought my Wiggytuff Pummels with me. I released the pink pokemon from the luxury ball.
'Tuff!' it peeped and Lucario gave a low growl.
See? I asked. He's trying to be territorial. Don't let that happen. Whenever he growls and he's not suppose to be intimidating, battle is OK, but if it's your own, you have to correct it. He has to learn to be a team player. Pet the Wigglytuff.
Gar slowly touched the head of Pummel's.
Pummels purred and Lucario growled some more.
Alright, don't give him any attention, let him know that you wanna pet the Wigglytuff.
Gar gave Lucario a sharp look and he calmed down.
Now, he had to recieve the attention he deserves for obeying. Now try approaching him.
Gar left Pummels and went over to the Lucario.
And don't let him frighten you. be the master!
Gar patted Lucario's head.
Good, now he knows that you acknowledge him when he is being treated good. he knows that you DO love him. Now I want to give Lucario a little more help. When he evolved, he became part steel. He probably is not use to this and is under stress because of it and used that stress to help his torment. I want him to get use to other steel pokemon so he knows that everything will be OK.
Gar nodded 'Ok, sounds good.'
I reached for another luxury ball and out popped my Mawile Noir. I let the two pokemon get to know each other, Noir showing off some steel moves such as harden. Lucario was much interested and calm. He looked over Gar now and then, as if he was making sure that he wanted Gar's approval. See that? I asked He was making sure that you do care. Now you may give him some affection. not too much though, you don't want to give him the idea he's the only one that matters. Now we must deal with the biggest problem of all; Lucario and Poochyena. You must call out the pup when I tell you too. By that time I had called back Noir to let Gar and Lucario get some alone time. Ok, now, when you introduce the pup, don't pick it up right away. Let Lucario sense that they are both equal.
Gar nodded and sent out the little poocyena. Lucario heistated, as though he expected Gar to instintly pick up the pup and lather it with love.
See that? He was confused. He expected you to show off your love to the pup, but you didn't, and that shows respect between you two. Now, you can approach Lucario and the poochyena at the same time and you'll show that you still love each other.
Gar walked up slowly and managed to pat each of the pokemon, both smiling.
'Wow! That's amazing! Lucario never did anything like this before! Thank you so much Crisim!'
Just remember to include Lucario in your life as much as possible for now on. Crisim, out!

If you like to be on the Pokemon Whisperer Show, please send a PM to Celebifly stating you want to be on the Pokemon Whisperer Show. Post your pokemon problem, and you can add as much or as little information, and we'll help you to the extent!

Note: if you don't like the outcome that Celebifly wrote for your story, don't lash it out. She wrote it, not you. You can write another ending if you like, but Celebifly is just doing this for fun. Have fun with it!


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