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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:07 pm 
<span style='color:blue'>One of my first stories, please bear with me...feel free to leave any comments or pointers...! ^.^</span>

The shortest and most straight forward summary i can think of....

Friendly, loving, caring, strong, and independent of their families, five girls strive to prove to others and most importantly, themselves that they can be better than others can ever expect and ever say about them. Together they formed a special bond that can never be broken?.or so they thought?? Little by little the background of each girl?s life would become clearer or mysterious, depending on your own abilities to understand what is hiding behind each word.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 12:47 pm 
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>PROLOGUE</span>

?Hey!? exclaimed Jun as she came into the classroom.

?Hi!!!? greeted Na, Wan, and Daow in unison.

Jun came over to the back row to where they were sitting at and asked, ?Did you guys see the 3 girls on the internet? They call themselves ?Skittles?. What they were wearing was so cool too!?

?No I didn?t,? said Wan sadly, ?remember my internet broke??

?Well I was surfing the net and then that picture came up,? explained Jun. She then went on explaining to Wan how the picture looked like ? what they were wearing, how many girls, etc.- not wanting Wan to feel left out.

?Was it the picture that u sent to me last night?? asked Daow and Na.

?Yea,? Jun answered.

?They look cool,? commented Daow.

?Did Ye see it too?? asked Wan. At the nod of Jun?s head,? No way! I?m the only one left out!? she sighed, ?Oh well.?

?I was thinking that since we didn?t have an official name,? started Jun, ?we can make one now.?

?Okay, ? said Na.

?Hold on,? said Wan. ?Let?s do this at lunch time so that we can all be together.?

?Right,? said Daow.

?..Lunch Time?..

?Hey Ye,? called out Wan, motioning her to come over to them. ?You already know about the Skittles thing right??

?Yea,? said Ye. ?What about??

?Well Jun was thinking of making an official name for us too,? explained Na.

?But then we didn?t want to do this without you,? Daow added.

?They?re Skittles right?? Jun asked. After a moment, ?What about Starburst??

?How about it guys?? Ye asked, while nodding her head slowly, clearly agreeing.

?Sure, why not?? said Daow

?Okay,? argreed Na.

?What about you Wan?? asked Jun.

?It?s like we are copying them,? Wan stated, ?but then okay. We aren?t exactly copying if you think about it. We don?t know why they chose Skittles, but I?m agreeing with Starburst because it actually have a good meaning.?

?As in?? asked Daow.

?Like Star is for 5 of us,? explained Wan.

?Oh, I get it!? exclaimed Ye in realization. ?Star?the 5 of us?Star?5 letters?5 points!?

?So agreed?? asked Jun for comfirmation.

?Yes!? answered the other 4 in unison.

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