The Pre-Game Show
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Author:  Josiah [ Sat Jan 20, 2007 1:58 am ]
Post subject:  The Pre-Game Show

"Welcome to the Portal Panic pre-game show!!!" *Loud cheery theme music blared out of trillions upon trillions of TVs across the universe.* "As always, I'm your host, Hostly Hostington!!!" *Hostly strolled onto the screen, the lights reflecting blindingly off his perfectly straight teeth as he flashed a smile. Raising one of his form arms, he flicked playfully at his sleek blonde hair. Not that he needed to, there was enough gell in there to supply half the star system.*
"As you know, we're always working to make Portal Panic even more exciting for you, our viewers. There's lots of new twists this time around so you won't want to miss a single nanosecond! Just for starters, it's time to announce our first big surprise!" *Hostly's voice only grew louder.* "For the first time in Portal Panic history, there will be a team competing from an undeveloped planet! That's right, the members of this team will have never heard of Portal Panic! In fact, they don't even know that there's life in space! So how will they do? Will they rise to the occasion or fail miserably? Only time will tell! But for now, you'll get to watch on live TV as we choose the contestants for this incredible team! Let's switch now to our live coverage on a distant planet called Earth."

((Ok, the game has begun! Please post about yourself getting abducted. Once everyone has been abducted I'll jump back in and move things along. This is also your last chance to join the game before the start of Round 1. Once everyone has been abducted, new characters won't be able to join until Round 1 is finished.))

Author:  Celebifly [ Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:11 pm ]
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"Love you too." A girl smiled as she pressed her call end button on her cell phone. It was a clear crisp winter day, and this certain girl just ended a phone call with someone dear to her. She had just finished drivers ed. and it was getting dark quickly.
Taking in a breath of cool air, the girl pressured the snow beneath her feet.
"Wonder what's for dinner...." She mumbled aloud, scratching her ear.

"First contestant spotted."

"Huh?" The girl peered her eyes above the flakes of powder.

"Preparing for boarding.

The girl felt a strange feeling withen her bones. She saw a snow covered walkway, blinked, then a metalic crome room.
She stop moving, stumbling backwards, and hiccuped.
"....this is knew...." She coughed, feeling faint.

Author:  shauni [ Mon Jan 22, 2007 6:12 am ]
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Shauni sat idly at her computer desk, staring at the open word file that remained blank. She sighed and lent back in her chair and stretched, then lent forward again, resting her head on her desk.
"Inspiration...." she sighed.
Shauni was trying to write a report to her company’s managing director, a boring report about the progress of some software she was working on, but tonight she found herself unable to type anything.

"Second contestant spotted."

Shauni began to bang her head softly on the table.

"Preparing for boarding."

Shauni suddenly left like she was being lifted, but in a way she couldn’t describe. Her body felt weightless and weak. Suddenly, she found herself in another place entirely, not in her office any more. In the same position she was just sitting in, she now 'stood' with no support. Gravity took effect, and she suddenly found herself crashing face first into the floor.

Author:  Neo Zanther [ Tue Jan 23, 2007 12:01 pm ]
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Neo was laying on his bed in his dorm room. He had just woke up. He looked at the time and realized he'd overslept. "Man, 3pm already?" It was getting time to get ready for school. Neo didn't really feel like going but he really didn't have much of a choice in the matter. He was still wearing his normal clothing.

"Third contestant spotted."

"Am I hearing things?"

"Preparing for boarding."


Suddenly he felt like he was being lifted. Neo grabed for something to hold onto but all he grabed was his computer bag. It didn't help much. Soon he was laying down staring at a metal celling not his plastered one.

"This is not good. I don't need to be considered AWAL."

Author:  Nevermore [ Wed Jan 24, 2007 5:36 pm ]
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Jay dragged himself down the street, muttering names, words and insults in an annoyed tone.

“Stupid Mom and Dad, going away for the weekend and now I’m stuck at Aunt Deb’s, the crazy…”

He was going to his Aunt’s place to stay while his parents were going to a health resort for the holiday; he had only a moments notice before he could scoop up his DS, book, notebook and his phone before he was booted out of the door in a rather unpleasant way if he’d have given you the polite version.

“Still, least I got Mario K-“
“Fourth Contestant Spotted”
“Contestant… Wha?”

He looked hesitantly down the slate and grey street, hoping no-one was tricking him. Nope, no-one, he thought, probably all the bad thoughts of Deb’s place, he joked. He didn’t even have time to chuckle before another voice sounded.

“Preparing for boarding”
“Ok, no more late nights for -“

He blinked finding himself in a shiny, metal room, neon lights adding a touch of colour.


He immediately felt very dizzy, and to right himself, he tried to lean against a wall, but all he succeeded in doing was to whack his head against the hard metal surface. He was unconscious before he hit the floor.

Author:  Silver [ Thu Jan 25, 2007 4:43 pm ]
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"Yosh! Last episode of Ouran High School! Though Kat kinda already spoiled the ending... Well, I can always hope for another season with more HaruhixHikar- Oh God, this Shojo crap is poisoning my mind... Darn you, Kat! After this, I'm giving in and watching like 100 episodes ahead in Naruto..." Silver said as he scrolled through the youtube results for a non-Raw and non-FroP uploading of Ouran 26.
"Fifth contestant spotted."

"Well that's a funny thing for Tamaki to say... and isn't this a sub anyway?"

"Preparing for boarding."

"I swear, if whoever uploaded this messed with the sound-"

And with that, Silver found himself surrounded by other nerds. I mean, the other contestants.

Author:  Kaida [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:07 am ]
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"You did well today Kaida" Ben said as Kaida hoisted her bos carry case onto her shoulder.
"Really, did better last time though." Kaida replied
"You didn't get the table tennis ball then though... Anyway, why don't you try out for the archery contest coming up next month, theres quiet a bit of money in it for the winner's."
"Define 'winner's', ah, I'll think about it, cya's next week" Kaida said alking out of the bulding and towards the car park.

"Sixth contestant spotted."

"I thought I told him that I'd think about that".

"Preparing for boarding."

"Boarding? nani? Has Amookie been watching to much-"
Kaida stopped as she suddenly noticed that she as floating a foo off of the ground.

Suddenly she was, well she didn't kno here she was. All she could tell was she was in a room whith five other people, half of them on the floor.
"Toto, I don't think we're in Kanas anymore"

Author:  AmookieLlamaFace [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:11 pm ]
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Amookie trudged through the bush, occasionally stumbling over pebbles or decaying plant life in the fading light. "Dag nabbit!" She growled, slipping over a particuarly large boulder. Amookie quickly prevented a sore rear by catching hold of a young eucalypt before turning her focus skyward and shouting, "It's all your fault, you stupid cloud! Don't bother hiding! You know I can see you!" Her words greeted the silence with a swift kick to the groin before bouncing off the nearby hills. The offending cloud seemed to creep away from her glare. With a satisfied smirk, Amookie hitched her pack and contiued her stumbling journey towards the Archery center. Honestly, she thought, catching hold of her 1940's style espoinage hat as the wind threated to remove it, This is all Kaida's fault. If she hadn't conned me into meeting her I could be at home vegetating.

"Seventh contestant spotted."

"Squeeeeeeeeeeee! A Talking tree! How long I've waited for this moment! Hi, photosynthesising friend! " Amookie said, attempting to squeeze the life out of a wind-ravaged banksia.

"Preparing for boarding."

"Boarding? This tree is speaking Sci-fi! Live long and prosper, Mr Flibble!" The light around Amookie became blindingly dark. "Argh! Carnivorous tree! The was a greeting, damn it! Not an invitation to suck on my bones!"
To her surprise, Amookie found herself shouting at a group of people who looked as confused as herself. "Wha? Did the Banksia eat you as well?"

Author:  Josiah [ Sat Jan 27, 2007 12:28 am ]
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*The startled Earthlings barely had time to react before a brilliant orange light flared to life in the center of the room. It was a circle, and a rather flat one at that bearing barely an inch thick and about four feet tall. Since it was made of very bright sparkling light, it was impossible to see through it, not that it really mattered since all you'd see was the other side of a very boring metal room.*

"Attention contestants." *A voice filled the air. "Please step into the portal."

"Uh, sir..." *it was another voice this time.* "What if they don't want to go through the portal? This is a special case remember, they probably don't have any idea what's going on."

"That's a good point..." *There was a pause and the unmistakable sound of a someone working on a keyboard of some sort. When the voice spoke again it was lower and distracted, as if the speaker didn't realize that he had left the microphone on.* "Might have to threaten them... Let's see, what do beings on this planet dislike? I wish we had better files on them..." *There was another pause then the voice resumed, louder then before.* "If you don't go through the portal you will have to face the wrath of...bees. Yes, evil terrorist bees singing the Macarana." *They way he spoke the words, it was clear that he had no idea what they meant.*

((Ok, from now on feel free to react to things however you want and do what you want (within reason). I'll drop back in frequently to tell you what happens next, control the important NPCs, and move the plot along. I'll also describe any new areas you go to before you're free to explore them. For example, if and when you go through the portal I'll jump in and describe where you end up before you can post about what you do after that.))

Author:  Nevermore [ Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:46 am ]
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Jay opened his eyes, tired and slightly numb. His hearing came back to him in time in order to hear a girl to his left muttering about a Banksia, whatever that is, he thought.

" Ugh, where am I?"

He looked around and saw a few other people in the room, most of them much more concious than he was. They looked at him weirdly.

Oh Great, He thought, Now they all think I'm retarded.

"So...want to play Mario Kart?"

An orange light burnt his eyes, and for a moment he could see every detail of the other people, then the light was blinding and he could hardly look around without being blinded. A voice boomed into the room, as if there was a loudspeaker in every corner.

Attention contestants." *A voice filled the air. "Please step into the portal."

"Uh, sir..." *it was another voice this time.* "What if they don't want to go through the portal? This is a special case remember, they probably don't have any idea what's going on."

"That's a good point..." *There was a pause and the unmistakable sound of a someone working on a keyboard of some sort. When the voice spoke again it was lower and distracted, as if the speaker didn't realize that he had left the microphone on.* "Might have to threaten them... Let's see, what do beings on this planet dislike? I wish we had better files on them..." *There was another pause then the voice resumed, louder then before.* "If you don't go through the portal you will have to face the wrath of...bees. Yes, evil terrorist bees singing the Macarana." *They way he spoke the words, it was clear that he had no idea what they meant.*

He looked around and noticed all the others were looking just as dumbfounded as he was earlier.

Looks like I'm not the only retarded one here...

Author:  Celebifly [ Sat Jan 27, 2007 10:14 am ]
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Rachelle was the first to arrive, so she happened to see everyones boarding. Though too many thoughts of home and what would happen when her family found out that she went missing.

"Step into the portal." Said a voice.

The girl swiveled her body to look at the swirling orange portal.
Okah....been abducted, it seems like aliens, since no one this rich would want to pull something like this off... She thought.

The host went on about the threat.

That's one pretty weak threat, but it sounds like he wants us to go into the portal. Maybe this is a test or something, like, our only way to get off without a fight is threw this, erm, orange thing. Well - who knows what strange, futuristic weapondry they have here... Rachelle calmed her nerves, and casually stepped threw the looking glas-I mean portal.

Author:  Kaida [ Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:22 pm ]
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An orange light appeard out of nowhere, causing Kaida to hiss and cover her eyes. Rule number one, never put a bright light in a room with light-reflective walls she thought.

"Attention contestants." *A voice filled the air. "Please step into the portal."

Since Kaida had been "abducted" only one ofther person had joined the group, and that was Amookie, her older half-sister. Kaida walked over to Amookie and hit her over the head. "You weren't eaten by a banksia, if there were any carniverous trees around the archery field I would know." She said. The looked up as the voice continued with a threat.

"I don't think he kno what bees, or the macarina are. Wouldn't mind seeing it though' Kaida thought as one of the people in the room went through the protal. That may be our only way out.

Author:  Josiah [ Sun Jan 28, 2007 1:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

*As each member of the group stepped into the portal they felt an odd disorienting sensation and were blinded by the brilliant orange light. We they could see again, they found themselves in a large stadium like room. In the center was a stage. Two large brightly colored wheels were built into the wall above the stage and above them was a gigantic screen on which the words "Portal Panic" were flashing. Around the stage were rows after rows of rasied seats, grouped behind counters of some sort, each with a word on them, many of which appeared to the Earthlings to be no more than random combinations of letters. While some of the seats were empty, others were filled with a diverse and utterly bizarre collection of creatures, the likes of which none of the confused Earthlings had ever seen before.*

"Ah, you must be the Earth team." *A voice said as soon as the first person stepped out of the portal. The creature that spoke was tall, thin, and a rather striking shade of mauve. He held a large complicated looking device in his right hand and was tapping on its surface with his left, all eight fingers moving extremely fast.* "Welcome to Portal Panic, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadaa, and all that. Your area is directly to your right on the fifth row."

*Following his gaze, the group could see an empty group of seats that looked like all the others except that the letters on the counter spelled out "Earth" albiet in a very strange font.*

"Please takes your seats, the show will begin shortly." *The alien turned and walked away before anyone could say a word.*

Author:  Kaida [ Tue Jan 30, 2007 7:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

I guess I'm not gonna get out of here anway, Kaida thought as she took a breath befor alking hrough the portal... thing.

"Uh... okay" Kaida said as the alien told them to take a seat and inicated towards an empty row of chairs.
She walked to one of the chairs, trying her best not to look at the many different species of aliens that were already seated. Okay stay calm, oh goodness I hope Amooki doesn't hug any of them... Then again I'm in spce, with aliens... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Kaida thought as she sat down, grinning to herself.

Author:  Josiah [ Sat Feb 03, 2007 3:56 pm ]
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*Suddenly lights lit up all across the stage as cheery and very annoying music began to blare.* "It's time for Portal Panic!!!" *the voice, smooth, loud, and exited, came from an alien who had just walked onto the stage. He was tall, about six feet tall, with four arms, slick blonde hair, and a purple plaid suit. The large screen above the stage displayed a huge image of his every move.* "I'm your host Hostly Hostington and it's time for another exciting game of the most popular show in the universe!!! We've got a lot of big surprises ahead so let's get moving. As you know, competing teams will be sent through portals to a variety of different areas. Their goal is to find their area's escape portal as quickly as possible! How they do that is entirely up to them. But we don't want to send them off empty handed so it's time to spin The Wheels of Fate to grant each contestant their item and power for the first round." *the spotlights focused on large number wheels behind Hostly.* "Let's have our special guests, the Earth team, have the first spin. Now don't be shy! Come on up to the stage and take turns spinning the wheels!"

*The lights turned onto the confused Earthlings as the stadium grew quiet.*

((Everyone needs to go up and spin both The Wheel of Stuff and The Wheel of Powers. Roll a 100 sided die twice at then post about your character spinning the wheels and what numbers (your die rolls) each wheel stopped on and I'll give you your item and power. Oncer everyone has spun the wheels we'll be just about ready to start Round 1.))

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